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Makosi launches clothing line

Former UK cardiac nurse turned Big Brother celebrity Makosi Musambasi from Zimbabwe has launched a new clothing line Kingdom Kouture with her first ever collection ‘Jungle Fever’ set to be unveiled before Christmas in South Africa. 

Speaking to Nehanda Radio on Tuesday, Makosi who recently published her book “Self Love: The Ultimate Choice” said it was her love for fashion and fabrics in secondary school which had inspired her to enter the cut throat fashion industry.

“Fashion and fabrics is the only subject I had an A in with my O levels and the rest were B’s. I designed my own prom dress at 17 and my sister and cousin went on to model in beauty pageants with the same dress and won.

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“Most of my dresses I have made. Kingdom Kouture was born three years ago but this collection ‘Jungle Fever’ is my first ever public collection. Africa has to be the most colourful continent on earth and Wear Africa (the entire collection) by Kingdom Kouture is born to showcase Africa to the rest of the world.

We understand each dress with retail around US$120 a piece.

Those interested in the clothing line can email [email protected]

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