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Peter Moyo under fire for Minienhle remarks

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

HARARE – Peter Moyo was caught offside after he took a dig at his father’s widow, Minienhle Mukweli, during the launch of his debut album held at ZimCafe Hotel and Conference Centre last week. 

Peter Moyo

The excited Moyo or “Young Igwe” to his fans, attacked the poor widow saying she was no longer part of the family and was free to date anyone she wished.

“Minienhle haasisiri munhu wekwa Dhewa, saka ndinoshamisika kana media muchienda muchinomuvhunza nezvevekwaMoyo. Handiti akati anoda kubuda mumba nemwana wake (She is no longer part of us, and I don’t understand why the media hunt her down to comment on Moyo’s family matters. She opted out together with her child),” he said much to the chagrin of the huge crowd.

But the “Young Igwe”, who is in the habit of calling his mother by her first name, proved to all and sundry that he still needs to learn a thing or two about stage etiquette.

Instead of behaving like a grown-up and responsible man, he made a mess of the opportunity and shocked many when he admitted to being a womaniser.

“I am very grateful for your advice and I think this womanising problem can only be solved by real prophets – who are able to cleanse me,” he said.

Alick Macheso offers a hand of condolence to Tongai Moyo's widow, Miniehle
Alick Macheso offers a hand of condolence to Tongai Moyo’s widow, Miniehle two years ago.

Some of the promoters who attended the launch said they were embarrassed by Young Igwe’s utterances.

“There are some things you should and shouldn’t say in public. This was a clear example of what not to say to people. Why can’t he leave the widow alone? This is not good,” one promoter who requested anonymity said.

“I think he is not serious. In fact, he does not realise how much damage he has caused by openly disowning the widow. They should not have allowed him to speak,” another promoter said.

One of his fans, Taurai Makombe, said: “Uku ndokurasika kwemufana uyu (the youngster has lost his mind). He did the same thing at the funeral in Sesombe. When is he going to learn?”

Since the “Young Igwe” took over the leadership of Utakataka Express after the death of his father two years ago, he has made headlines over escapades with women.

The new album, “Mushinga Mukuru”, was launched amid pomp and fanfare. It is, however, too early to rate the album since it acts as a gap filler from what fans used to listen to during the days of Dhewa and what he is now doing. The Herald