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Nehanda Radio Citizen Reports: 27 May 2013

Fleecing Ingutsheni Mental Hospital

“Morning, have you ever heard of a hospital that has 4 directors but does not have any income? At Ingutsheni (Mental Hospital) in Zimbabwe, political appointees are fleecing the institution while the basic mental health drugs are not bought.

They ‘d rather pay for their internet, fuel, phones and groceries than buy drugs for patients.”

Ingutsheni Mental Hospital


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Mudzi villagers forced to Zanu PF rally

“A ZANU PF rally is about to kick off at 1400hrs at Chifamba Primary School, Mudzi. ZANU PF youth are driving everyone, including teachers and students to the rally. Instructions have been issued to primary & secondary school headmasters that they close school for the day.

I am very angry as I send you this text as politicians are disrupting school for personal gain.”


Violence and intimidation in Mwenezi and Harare South

“Sibangaliso Chikanda a Zanu PF criminal in Mwenezi is moving around threatening MDC people. Meanwhile ZANU PF attacked MDC supporters in Harare South.” From Promise Mkwananzi (MDC-T Youth Assembly Secretary General).


Racism at the work place in South Africa

“I’m a young Zimbabwean guy working as a duty manager at a 4 star hotel in South Africa. Late last year I trained this white dude who was from some college and now he is a supervisor. Last week I picked up a pay slip and only to find out it was the payslip of this white dude I trained.

My problem is the white dude is my junior and I’m the one who trained him but he is getting paid more than I’m getting. What’s the meaning of this?


Chinese Abuse

“I work at a Chinese company (Xinyu Mining Company, in Halifax Road, Gweru) vanotipa mari chero musi wavada and vanotirova futi.”

Corrupt Police Officers at Avondale Roadblock

“Avondale traffic police yanetsa pamarobots epana Belfast vanenge vachibata mota dzinopinda mared robots but corruption varikuinyanya. Vanopihwa mari vachiviga mumahedge sometimes vanongoti titengerei airtime.”


Schools closed in Hwedza

“Venue: Gumbonzvanda High in Hwedza. Our shops were closed, our kids missed lessons up to 10am as all teachers were there as well. Nyaya yacho kugadzira register revanhu ve MDC kuti tizovazive kana taruza maelections. Plus kungotyisidzirwa maelections andinonokera zvemhondi idzi ndazvitadza.”


Situation at ZBC pathetic

“I am a Technician @ ZBC and the situation is pathetic in terms of equipment and standards, its now more of Museyamwa run and I am ashamed to be associated with that company. As we speak, I haven’t received my March and April salaries while the management is basking in thousands and buying themselves posh cars.

The situation is hurting so much such that I wish election day comes sooner so I can vote out these Traitors that have shortchanged me and the masses our right to information. How can a grown man fail to run a company that has a monopoly in the whole country and fail to pay employees ?

How can they fail ? Its impossible to fail to sell something that only u have in the market. As we speak, Employees from other departments are going door to door collecting licencing fees. At the end of the day they get $10. People are going because they are broke.”


Abuse of students on attachment

“Students on attachment are being abused across Zimbabwe. Recently my daughter who is doing Tourism and Hospitality at MSU (Midlands State University) is doing her work related learning at a popular wedding garden in Gweru.

She sent me some pictures of her moulding bricks. Zvinonzwisa shungu kuona mwana wako akazara madhaka. Then what do you say about this. Students are given tasks which do not have anything to do with their programmes. In addition to that, they work odd hours, imagine from 7.45 to 5PM.”


NUST student appeals for help

“Good Day. I am a young man aged 25 based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I failed to complete my studies because of a lack of funds. I was doing my final year at NUST (National University of Science and Technology) and doing a degree in Accounting. I would be glad if anyone can help.

I am in need of about US$1800 so that I can complete my studies. I am prepared to do some part time jobs to raise that amount before end of August so that I can resume my studies the coming academic year. I am calling upon all individuals and the corporate world who are willing to help not to hesitate.”

National University of Science and Technology (Nust)
National University of Science and Technology (Nust)


Lets Have Free and Fair Elections

Hie there. I am proud to be a Zimbabwean. Now that the contitution has been signed into law we are indeed geared for the elections. These watershed elections must be held on a level playing field. The opposition parties must campaign freely especially in the rural areas.

In Goromonzi some fanatic Zanu PF supporters were cohesing people to regester to vote especially those from Johanne Marange and Masowe echishanu sects. thank you.”


National Tested Seeds Kwekwe

“There is a company called National Tested Seeds in Kwekwe which sells day old chicks. They book their chicks in advance 4 one week. But u will be able to get chicks after 4 weeks. Chembere ndirikuchema ne uwori urikuitika pa company iyi.”


South Africa to deport Zimbabweans after elections?

The info I have gathered is that the South African Home Affairs will descend heavily on all Zimbabweans living n South Africa straight after elections. They will be saying we did our part now Zimbabwe is now a good country so go back to your country.

I tell u they will be massive deportations immediately after the elections. So my advice to all right thinking Zimbabweans living in South Africa, please go and register and send this old nationalist party to where it belongs.


Kapfupi fails to pay band members

“Expose Kapfupi atadza kubhadhara ma members aakadzinga basa”



“Tatambura netwumapurisa twekuEpworth pahome industry. Twunomuka husiku kuzoita tall gate everyday. Apa twuma voluntary worker.”

Diaspora Vote

“Zimbabwean politicians have those in diaspora down -denying them taking part in determining the future of the country through exercising their only right to vote. This is not an individual party responsibility but rather national. Being away doesn’t take away my Zimbabweanness.”

Rise in Maternity Fees

“Women’s lives are in danger in this country with some Government hospitals like Mpilo now charging as much as $600 for maternity.”

Corruption at Avondale roadblock

Mapurisa epa Avondale traffic anetsa paHatcliffe turnoff nehuori huripachena hwawanoita. Mupurisa anenge akabata book anonyora number dzemota kana uchinge vamupa mari yehuori.


Police smashing windscreens

“Ko nhai zvinoitwa sei mapurisa akakurovera screen yemota uchida kutaura vanhu,apo unenge uine private car.”


ZBC fail to broadcast start of Champions League final

“The Zimbabwe broadcast television zvayinoita zvakadhakwa shuwa vangatadza kutipa final yeUefa champions in tym vachida kungotiratidza their late,thats disgusting kuti politics yakucontroler kwese nekumatv.

Every person weZanu akafa chero imbwa yake vanototi zvionekwe nenyika its disgusting, we thank them 4 fighting for our country not to control everything.”


“Pane munhu ari kusvibisa MDC-T kuno kuMberengwa. Luwelin Sibanda anova Secretary General we Midlands province ari kufamba nemota ye Jomic achi campainer kuno. Anoudza vanhu achiti akapiwa mota nava Tsvangirai.

Nezuro chaiye aiva pa rally paMabika Business Centre nemota ye jomic ine number dzinoti  cxy4948.”


Bata Shoe Company

“Just like Zanu PF, Bata Shoe Company has destroyed the life of many people. Imagine being a Manager with a basic salary of $160.”


Mistreatment of Zimbabweans in South Africa

“Why is it we as Zimbabweans who stay here in South Africa we are always mistreated, threatened with xenophobic attacks when Zimbabwe goes through political crisis or anything that involve politics.

If you can to to Marabastaad Home Affairs Zimbabweans are only given one month Asylum and people who are applying for work permits are being delayed. Where is this leading us since we are all Africans?”

Operation Murambatsvina in Kwekwe

“Mukwekwe maita murambasvina yematuckshop arikubhunyiwa ose macaravan.”

Election Date Confusion

Major political parties are causing us to live in the conditions we once experienced that is 2007-9, particularly ZANU PF. We wonder why they keep on talking and causing confusion with this election date anouncement.

Yatova noise, we wonder why they cant just sit down and agree on a date they will anounce and we will go and vote than scaring and disrupting the nomalcy of business through their own political differences and arguments motivated towards their own benefits.

All the businesmen are shutting down their business in fear of looting like what happened in the last elections era, dai matibatsira nekusakakavadzana tauriranai mutipe madate tivhotere vatinoda than kuita noise yemadate, mhirizhonga yavanoti havadi vanhu vangazoirega sei iyo zanu yacho yatoitanga pakukakavadzana nemadate. Lets vote wisely in our next elections.

Ziscosteel Saga

Vaduwe batsirai vanhu vezisco vafa nemakwai hakuna mari yavari kuwana kubasa, vana vakawanda havasi kuenda kuchikoro,nzara yanyanya mudzimba. Vanhu vorarama nekuchera marasha here vezanu makatarisa, hongu havana mp asionai nyaya yezisco vanhu vofa here muchiona.

Angola to Namibia by bike

Picture by Citizen Reporter
Picture by Citizen Reporter

“This bike is used to transport goods to ANGOLA from northern NAMIBIA. There is a great famine in south ANGOLA. Each bike can carry up to 450kg of food stuff.”

Response to Psychology Maziwisa

One frustrated and bored dude has this to say in response to Psychology Maziwisa’s compaign on Facebook;

” Psycho unobhaiza pa33yrs chakagonekwa kuvaka mafish pond mumaroad,kutora minda ichirimwa uswa nefodya,kutiwunzira zvinhu zvakaora kubva kuChina, kumhedura vamwe maoko,nharo nekuvharisa makambani kuti vazhinji vashaye zvekuita. Zvino mamwe makore amurikuda apa ndeekuti muchiita sei zvasara? Inzwaiwo tsitsi kudenga munonomama”

MDC in South Africa

Hi. Can yu post this for me on behalf of other Zimbabweans in South Africa. A lot of us aspire to be mdc-t members. I mean registered members but the party representatives here are ignorant or I don’t know what they think. Its been almost 4 years now we try to contact them on the procedure but they just ignore.

I heard of late vanotoda kupihwa mari. But kana ave ma rally that’s when they expect all zims to attend. There these leaders I have personally contacted and gave me a cold sholder several times. Isabel Makhosi Moyo in Gauteng and Nhamo in KZN. We have no interests in holding positions if thats what they think.

We just wana join the revolution to overthrow zanu pf ne vote in the coming election. But if yu cum across people like these really they are pure obstacles and discouraging machines. Who knows maybe they are zanu insiders. Link us with those who can help zims in SA to be MDC members. Thanks.

Zanu PF closing shops in Gokwe

Vanhu vari kuvhariswa mashops kana pane musangano weZANU PF. You are forced to do so. Isu vemashops towanepi mari ivo vachidayi. Zvikuru pa Tchoda nepaTsungai nepaMusadzi. Kuno kuGokwe North

Thank you for promoting Citizen Journalism

I would like to thank you for your noble efforts in promoting citizen journalism in Zimbabwe. I am humbled to note that citizens utilising Nehanda Radio to the maximum to articulate pertinent and pressing views about their motherland.

Cases of corruption, especially in the police force and other areas of the pubic service and wider economy are being exposed, i also humbly salute you for exposing the evil ZANU PF tactics of creating super citizens regarded as untouchable by the law, whilst trampling on the rights of ordinary citizens.

Please keep up the good work, continous exposure of undemocratic intentions on the political field will sensitise the people of Zimbabwe and the international community on the situation on the ground, they can then make a sound and unbiased judgement.

Exposure will also save the people of Zimbabwe from a repetition of the orgies of violence of 2008. Thank you. Ndatenda, siyabonga. Keep up the good work.

Semester marriages at Midlands State University

Semester marriages have charecterised midlands state university due to lack of accommodation.

Appeal for help

I’m a guy aged 20, i completed my ‘A’ levels in 2011 with 12 point s(Business Sudies, Geography, Accounting). I’m asking for those willing to help me acquire a scholarship/funds for university studies.

I have tried temporary teaching to raise my funds but since I’m the first born i had to pay school fees for my siblings since my parents are struggling to meet their financial obligations especially due to my mother’s medicals.

Unfortunately,I failed to acquire temporary teaching this time as they said we should pave way for others who havent got the chance. Pliz help. The money im left with wont even pay fees for first semester!

Lets defend ourselves against Zanu PF thugs

Can’t we all come together as a nation and fight back Zanu PF hooligans those that kill people because of their freedom of choice?????????? Tobatana we create our own youths specifically meant for that because honestly we are tired of this government that has failed to deliver to the people no change at all just a fall and deterioration of standards in our lovely nation!

Zanu PF bribing students with beer

Zanu PF is politicising all universities. Last time it was at Midlands State University. They promised some poor minded students to buy them beer if they vote for Zanu PF in the forthcoming elections….what is beer for at a poorly developed college?

Slavery in Zimbabwe

It is sad to realize that after 33 years of independence, slavery is still existing in most industries around the nation, and thus destroying the ongoing process of rebuilding the economic status and political institutions of our beloved Zimbabwe.

The so called foreign investiment particularly chines people are exploiting resources whilst getting free labour from our fellow poor zimbaweans. I am talking this in respond to the evil acts against social democracy, human rights and constitutional rights as well as fair labour practise is concerned, zvirikuitwa nema china munyika yedu yevana vevhu.

One of the famous water bottling company in Harare(ZLG) is one of the good examples where unfair labour practice is experienced. I may want to ask my fellow Zimbabweans, where are these chinese people get the power to abuse our constitutional laws without being penalised even the mater is reported to law enforcement institutions. To be honest with you guys the situation at ZLG is a precise indication that we are not masters of our own resources.

How at this can you find workers not allowed to join worker’s unions and form workers committe? Why employees can work the whole year without geting off days and leave days, whilst vasingabhadharwe madays avafanirwa kunge variku leave. How can you have a night shift of 15 hrs with out sleeping runing from sunday 17:00hrs untill sunday 10:00hrs whils geting $9 as a salary of a normal shift.

Vashandi vanorohwa pabasa kana kudzingwa pasina chavanopiwa. I want u to ask the following people why ate they doing such things kunevamwe vanhu vaganda dema saivo only for the sake of protecting their self interests in the expenses of majority. The ZLG human resource manager Fortune Bwoni with the following cell no:07778319992; 0733806756. Uyu murume is being used by these Chinese people to abuse his fellow Zimbabweans.

Anogara achiudza vashandi kuti hamuzive kuti vanhu ava vakauyisswa nani muno zvakare kana anenge aona kuti they are not complying with the laws of zimbabwe go and report kwaunoda but hamufe makawinner. The mater was once raised to the National Employment Council of Zimbabwe for soft drinks but corupption within the institution was a big challenge to the ZLG employees. This is a sad situation may u please help.

Gokwe Residents feel cheated

The residents of Gokwe town council feel cheated by the council. We were made to pay for stands that were never allocated to us since December last year, when the council allocated stands to hundreds of applicants in Njelele residential.

To our surprise a single stand nø is allocated to 5 clients all who paid for the stand in full. We hope the housing officer Mr Sithole who prefers to work in the streets than in office and Mr Chiketa who has now opened his office under a tree at old rank put their office in order to power the disgruntled home seekers take the law in their hands, Nehanda call the council on 0592297/2243.

Saviour Kasukuwere vote buying in Mt Darwin

Mt Darwin South Constituency, MP Savior Kasukuwere is planning to lend women money to start projects. The maximum amount is $50. The million dollar question is that what type of business requires that sort of capital?

Can ‘aliens’ now apply for passports?

Since new constitution yakasainwa can we apply for passports we aliens?

Mbare Musika closed by force for ‘Heroes’ burial

Nhasi mbare musika ,siya so yange yakavharwa vanhu vachienda kunoviga gamba forcifully

Rugare Gumbo slept at Kanengoni burial

I just read Rugare Gumbo slept during Kanengoni’s burial. Kanengoni was part of the security detachment which detained some Zanu dissents in 1977 at Chimoio including Rugare Gumbo, Hamadziripi, Now police chief Chihuru(chocha) zbc boss Muchechetere, And his own brother Alexandra Kanengoni, Elias Hondo, Dzino, dzinashe machingura just to name a few of the original Zanla – Zipa high commanders.

Zanu PF taking advantage of the vulnerable in Mudzi

Marakufa Ward! Mudzi, villagers who were recently given £20 under the govt- unicef grant for Harmonised Social Net for Vulnerable and poor households, were asked and strongly warned by the local leadership, to submit their names, and if ever there is votes for opposition they are the first suspects, for they received money yava singazivi kuti yabhepi, incidently Mudzi is one of the poorest districts and very drought prone.

Zanu PF forced Mudzi rally flops

ZANU PF activist, little known Richard Kennel Marodza, tried in vain to instil fear in the people of Mudzi at a rally held today at Chifamba Primary School. You could see from the people who were there that they attended just for the sake of it, and were not even listening to his hogwash.

Maboleni High School in Lower Gweru

Well done Nehanda for this platiform. May you kindly forward this article to the following officials : PED Midlands Mai Gudo, DEO Gweru Mr Mpofu and Minister David Coltart, who seem not to be aware of what is happening at Maboleni High School in Lower Gweru.

Although one or two are fully aware but are ignoring while our kids are greatly being disadvantaged by the occurancies at this school. As a parent i am not happy when the school hires mabooza to accompany our kids for sporting,whom will parents sue when kids are abused.

The authorities ignored the hysteria that even occurred in the presence of district officials.Irrespective of the ministrial policy on mother language a number of Shona students were asked to drop Shona in form four and start Ndebele which practically is impossible.

Teachers are abused to the extend that no meaningful learning is taking place.Pupils are abused both physically and verbally but Mr Coltart’s zero tolerance on abuse is just but gospel without implementation.

What worries us as parents is that the ministry decided to appoint a head who had known scandals in education which he eloped by leaving service and had problems where he went,before being blessed to ruin our community via suppressing the learning of our kids.

Those having alternatives have since moved their kids,physical checking will prove a massive drop in enrolment.We need a stronger educational base for our kids pliz

No water in Chipinge

Chipinge residents especially ZBS Gaza residents hav stretched to almost 10 years with no water kunyaya line rekuma wattle but council is forcing us to pay bills what for???

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