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ZiFM radio station rocked by sex scandal

By Nigel Pfunde and Nyasha Kada

HARARE – Radio station ZiFM has been rocked by allegations of a sex scandal involving veteran presenter Kimble Rogers and a fellow female employee in the marketing department (name withheld). 

Rogers however scoffed at the allegations and said they were driven by malice.

Kimble Rogers
Kimble Rogers

“Well I am not familiar with such an incident, what I know is that I took some days off because I had to attend a funeral. All the other stories you are hearing are not true, I simply applied for leave,” he said.

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According to a source, the Supa Mandiwanzira owned station has suspended Rogers for allegedly sexually harassing a colleague. It is alleged that Rogers was ‘tempted to touch’ and he pulled the colleague’s bra strap without her consent.

“Well, Kimble pulled his colleague’s bra strap. He did not fondle her breasts because she resisted and reported the matter to management,” revealed our source. This action, it is alleged, riled the colleague who reported the incident to management.

His slot has since been taken over by Delani Makhalima amid revelations that part time presenters snubbed the slot as it gave them more workload. However, despite his spirited denial, sources from within the station insisted that management decided to suspend Rogers as investigations are underway.