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Whizz-kid (15) scores distinctions at UZ

By Michael Chingarande

University of Zimbabwe whizz-kid Maud Chifamba, who became the youngest student at 14 the college last year, continues to dazzle. The 15-year-old prodigy became the youngest student at university in Zimbabwe after scoring 12 points in her A level exams.

Maud Chifamba
Maud Chifamba

According to the Forbes magazine, Maud is the youngest and one of the most powerful women in Africa because of her amazing intellectual levels. She has obtained two distinctions, two 2.1 and one 2.2 in her first semester subjects. The bright teenager is studying towards an accounts degree.

In a rare interview yesterday, Maud said she feels she is capable of impressing and would continue to break records in the academic field. She feels she is settled at the UZ and is raring to tackle anything that comes her way.

“During my first days at the institution, I felt uneasy being the youngest and the centre of attraction. Now I feel secure and I am prepared to face any challenge that comes my way. I wish and pray that nothing will stop me and I look forward to achieving a first class,” she said.

The determined Maud puts her efforts to study and has embarked on a dedicated reading routine lasting several hours a day.

“I am happy studying at this institution because everyone treats me like their little sister, both female and male students, and they help me when I need assistance.

“I study during the night and one thing that has motivated me to become a hard worker is the environment I was raised in. I had to push myself to work for me and also for my brothers,” she said.

Maud said she is aiming at becoming an inspiration in the world of business. She hopes to run her own company one day in the future.

“It takes hard work to reach the top and that has motivated me to set a target in my life to be an inspiration in the world of business and run my own company which will dominate the world.”

Born in humble surroundings, the young genius has become an inspiration not only to Zimbabwe but to the whole world. Maud was born on November 19, 1997 in the Hunters resettlement areas of Chegutu. She, however, lost her father when she was five years old.

Gifted with natural intelligence, Maud’s promising future was apparent from an early age. Her remarkable aptitude impressed her primary school teachers who decided to move her up from Grade 3 to Grade 6. She took her Grade Seven examinations at nine years and had six units.

Without financial support, Maud studied on her own and completed her Ordinary Level in just two years.

She scored 12 points in her Advanced Level examinations at 14 years of age. This did not shake the world but has also inspired her young brother Mukundi who is set to write his O Level examinations this year.

Her intelligence has earned her support through scholarships and stationery from various corporates and charity. UZ Dean of Students Mr Munyaradzi Madambi described Maud as a polite young girl.

“We are happy to be working with such a miracle. We are motivated by her because she is warm and polite not only to us but to everyone she socialises with and talks to.”

Zimbabwe has an adult literacy rate of 92 percent and is the highest in Africa, according to the Unicef.