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Wife drops charges against gun-toting MP

By Everson Mushava

HARARE – Cathrine Munjayi, wife of Zanu PF Mazowe West legislator Richard Chirongwe, has withdrawn charges against her gun-toting husband due to pressure from the party and her interest in saving their marriage.

Members of the Zanu PF Women's League
Members of the Zanu PF Women's League

Munjayi, 36, told the Daily News yesterday that she withdrew the charges against her husband at Marlborough Police Station on Tuesday last week. But she said senior party officials had approached her to withdraw the matter.

“I withdrew the charges last week on Tuesday chiefly because I still love my husband and secondly, to avoid embarrassing my party,” said Munjayi.

The legislator was facing charges of contravening Section 186, (a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act). The matter was recorded at Marlborough Police Station under case number RRB1173495 on January 3.

Chirongwe threatened to shoot his wife with a gun accusing her of engaging in an extra marital affair after he found her with a male passenger policemen in her car at Ashbrittle Shopping Centre in Marlborough.

The legislator was not satisfied with the explanation that the passenger was a policeman from Mazowe Police Station whom she had given a lift and threatened to shoot her.

According to sources, Munjayi is said to have received a lot of pressure from Zanu PF to withdraw the charges to prevent embarrassing the former ruling party. Munjayi is a Zanu PF district chairlady.

Sources told the Daily News that Chirongwe had been sending emissaries to the Munjayi family to plead with her to withdraw the charges.

It is further alleged that the MP was angry with his wife and accused her of having links with the MDC and for leaking the story to an independent newspaper. According to police reports, Chirongwe and Munjayi are currently on separation.

Munjayi is reportedly staying at the family farm in Concession with Chirongwe’s children from his previous marriage but the legislator is pushing her out of the family farm.

The farm is said to be previously owned by Hortico Produce, a private firm and Chirongwe took it during the land reform programme championed by his party since 2000.

Efforts to contact Chirongwe were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered. Daily News