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Fake T.B. Joshua ‘branch’ exposed in Harare

HARARE- People suspected of running a fake branch of T.B Joshua’s Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Harare allegedly fled the country on Tuesday. The alleged culprits are a white man identified as Eric and understood to be of Dutch origins and Shaleen Manhiri.

In a statement on T.B Joshua’s blog and Emmanuel TV this week the prophet disowned the branch housed in Harare
In a statement on T.B Joshua’s blog and Emmanuel TV this week the prophet disowned the branch housed in Harare

This followed a statement on T.B Joshua’s blog and Emmanuel TV this week where the prophet disowned the branch housed at number 42 Goodrington, Sunridge. They used to operate from 7 Arts at Avondale Shopping Centre before moving to Sunridge where they are operating from a house that is understood to belong to Shaleen’s parents.

Faced with hostile victims, the two are understood to have flown to South Africa although they claimed that they would be travelling to Nigeria today to meet T.B Joshua over the matter.

Yesterday people, who felt cheated, besieged the Sunridge office demanding refunds of between US$1 700 and US$2 200 they were made to pay to visit T.B. Joshua at his Nigeria base.

Apparently the “Harare office” facilitated the travelling of Zimbabweans to Nigerian and those intending to travel were also made to surrender their passports. Some claimed to have been waiting since last year in January.

H-Metro yesterday witnessed numerous people who were demanding explanations following the statement disowning the Harare branch. Some of the allegations against the “Harare branch” were that they were charging US$50 to those who wanted anointed water, a T.B. Joshua CD and sticker.

While the statement from the Synagogue made it clear that the anointed water is NOT for sale, Zimbabweans were being told that it costs US$100 to get the water, two CD’s, two stickers when in Nigeria.

Also at the “Harare branch”, a picture frame of T.B. Joshua sells for US$50 for an A4 size and US$80 for those measuring 8×12. While mineral water being sold for US$1 is not part of the anointed water, there are concerns that most people have been buying the water believing it to be from T.B. Joshua.

With Eric and Shaleen not available to deal with the angry people yesterday, the task was left for Sithembeni Nyanzira who was however, clearly overwhelmed by a combination of phone calls and visits. She was forced to switch off the phone as she could not take further abuse from angry ‘members’.

She told people that the statement by the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations was not a true reflection of T.B. Joshua as he was ‘in the dark’ about events in Harare. Sithembeni claimed that Zimbabwean pastors from unnamed local churches were the ones ‘bribing’ the SCOAN communications department.

“There are pastors here who think they are losing followers because of us and they have come up with a plan to stop us from operating.

“The prophet is not even aware of these developments. People in the (SCOAN) email department are the one manipulating the messages. That’s why Eric and Shaleen are travelling to Nigeria tomorrow to clear the air with the prophet.

“What is happening is not a surprise because it was even prophesised that we would face such trials. There are people out there who also want to be the local agents for T.B. Joshua and they are doing all they can to see us out,” she said.

Those who were anxious to know about Sunday’s service were advised to check with Sithembeni on Saturday.

“Call on Saturday to check if we will a service on Sunday as we are awaiting the outcome of the meeting in Nigeria between prophet and our representatives.”

Sources said yesterday people who attend the “Harare branch” services on Sundays start by hearing testimonies from those who would have ‘bought’ the ‘anointed’. The members then watch the live broadcast of T.B. Joshua’s service from Nigeria.

As T.B. Joshua finishes the main service and attends to individual members in need of prayer, the “Harare branch” members will then get the US$50 anointed water, which often runs out.

H-Metro heard one such testimony yesterday from one lady who was there to confirm the genuinity of the SCOAN “Harare branch”, the anointed water and stickers. She claimed that her car burst a front tyre but avoided a tragic accident.

“Makamboonepi mota inobursta front tyre at 120km/hr igomira pasina kana anokuvara…”

She believes the sticker and anointed water saved lives on the day and she was not blaming the two for causing the mishap in the first place. H Metro