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Villagers flee Jabulani Sibanda death threats

By Tawanda Mangoma

The controversial Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association national chairperson Jabulani Sibanda threatened to execute all those who go against the Zanu PF leadership in Masvingo province at Gozho primary under Chief Mapanzure where he is lecturing about the liberation struggle.

Jabulani Sibanda
Nut Case: Jabulani Sibanda

Sibanda who is continuously talking about death penalties for those who are not supporting the former ruling party Zanu PF, has forced many villagers loyal to the rival MDC party, to flee for their lives, memories of relatives lost in 2008 still fresh.

Sibanda clearly stated that what villagers saw in the 2008 presidential runoff is just a piece of what is to come in preparation of the anticipated elections.

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“We will do whatsoever it takes to keep the country from being in the hands of sell outs. What you saw in 2008 is going to come in, in a more magnified way. Blood will flow and all who continue side lining Zanu PF it’s high time you prepare for death,” Sibanda ranted

In response to these words which he repeatedly preached at meetings at Gozho primary school and Sipambi business centre , villagers felt that peace in their rural communities was about to vanish and many joined relatives who had come for the long Easter holiday to go back to the safety of the urban centres.

In an interview with Nehanda Radio one of the villagers Justin Mugarapanyama lambasted the war veteran leader’s ways of trying to buy loyalty in a more fierce and forceful way.

“Sibanda and his Zanu PF are trying to in force fear in us. We once witnessed the evil deeds of Zanu PF when we lost relatives, livestock and much of our property when they launched attacks on MDC supporters. Nothing was done to protect us and in response to his words we have no choice but only to leave in protection of our dear lives,” Mugarapanyama said.

“War veterans were once a respected group due to their contribution in the attainment of our country’s independence.  Now they are destroying what they have built and it seems as if we are now living under the colonial era where everything you have to do should be in line with what the superiors want. We don’t want this and this must stop,” he added.

Children aged 12 were also force marched to attend this event which Sibanda said was an education seminar about the past and the future. Business was brought to a standstill as everyone was summoned to attend the class.

Sibanda has been operating in the province since late last year, terrorising the Gutu, Zaka, and Bikita districts. He is concentrating his activities in the province in response to the massive blow which Zanu PF received as the MDC-T won 15 parliamentary seats in the March 2008 elections.