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Africa forward, never backward: Bishop Kusema

AFRICA FORWARD NEVER BACKWARD: The Days of Eschatological Apostasy Revealed

By Bishop WG. Kusema

At a small village on the banks of Odzi River, 32 kilometres West of the city of Mutare, (just off the main Harare-Mutare road), a humble prophetess, Mrs Manhanga, received a prophetic oracle from the LORD Jehovah.

Archbishop Ernest Paul Mwazha
Archbishop Ernest Paul Mwazha

As her entire being shook in the joy of the Holy Spirit, reaching the end of her prophetic discourse, she told the congregation of the African Apostolic Church gathered at that place, at whose head was the Archbishop Ernest Paul Mwazha of Africa, “Thus saith the LORD of Hosts, ‘AFRICA FORWARD NEVER BACKWARD.’”

These words marked the end of her prophetic discourse which previewed the future growth of the African Apostolic Church through those tumultuous years of political and racial repression characterised by Ian Smith’s UDI Rhodesia Front government. The year was 1970.

In other words, this African Apostolic dispensation unfolding at the agency of the divine commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa would be unstoppable hence the prophetic charge, “AFRICA FORWARD NEVER BACKWARD.” We are talking of a simple village prophetess who had not gone to school but was given this message to relay it to the chief protagonist and Apostle of this divine commission, Paul Mwazha.

In my previous instalment a few weeks ago, I related to you how the Lord Jesus revealed Himself to Paul Mwazha in 1934 and how God’s divine office is now in Africa. I recounted to you how in 1951 the Lord Jesus sent out a divine calling to apostolic service to Paul Mwazha at a place called Chideme (in Zimbabwe) with these words, “Whom shall we send. Who will go on our behalf?” Isaiah 6:8. Paul Mwazha accepted this divine calling to apostolic work and was duly equipped with all the requisite spiritual arsenal fit for this role.

This would not be a “give me a J – give me an E – give me an S –  give a U –  give me an S; what do you have? Jesus! Up Up Jesus! Down Down Satan!” kind of western themed prosperity gospel revival crusade endowed with all the material trappings of a rock star lifestyle synonymous with the majority of today’s so-called  Christian ministries.

This would be something more fundamental, the return to the apostolic ancestry of the first century Christian church at Jerusalem. It had its roots in the ancient vaults of the secret place of the Most High Jehovah. It returned the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers in fulfilment of the prophecy of Malachi. Malachi 4:6.

God was returning once again to His people through His ancient repository of divine things, Africa. From this place, the divine truth of end time salvation would be telegraphed to all mankind before the conclusion of this decadent present system of things.

Africa, as epitomised by the divine commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa, would move forward, never backwards, with the role of bringing people of diverse nationalities, back to God’s ageless plan of salvation. Before I discuss with you the justification for the divine commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa in this end time Christo-centric universal apostolic dispensation, I would like you to understand the spiritual depravity, the shameless apostasy that has taken over our world today.

The days of Eschatological Apostasy

Never in the recent history of mankind have such apocalyptic times been witnessed. Over 260 000 people were killed in the Asian earthquake-induced Tsunami of 2003. Just two weeks ago, over 28 000 were killed (or are feared dead) by another tsunami, an aftermath of the massive earthquake to hit Japan on March 11 2011.

Many more are in the danger of developing long term illnesses as a result of the continuing exposure to nuclear radiation spillages caused by the same tsunami devastation. Myriads more are being swallowed through the wide gullet of death through diseases, wars, natural disasters and other unmentionable calamities which have never visited our planet until now.

Events in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia and many other places across the globe are evidence of the end of time. But it is the apostasy that has gripped the people of God today which is the most shocking evidence of mankind’s beckoning demise. (Luke 21 vs 10-11)

End Time Apostasy

End time apostasy or eschatological apostasy has effectively gripped the world, especially the church of today in an astonishing manner. Consider this routine scenario; every Christian man or woman needs to look good before they go to church on Sunday or Saturday. Nothing wrong with that, God loves cleanliness and as they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

A Christian sister sits before the mirror rubbing face cream into her face before she goes to church but does she know the ingredients that have been used to make some of these face creams or anti-ageing creams she picked off her supermarket shelf for use before leaving for church service?

Anti-Ageing face creams made from aborted foetuses

According to an article published by Paul Bracchi (an investigative journalist) in The Daily Mail of September 17 2005, certain cosmetic products are being manufactured using unethical practices. This includes the sale of human hair (in Hair Salons world wide), the use of skin cells harvested from dead bodies and aborted foetuses which are being used to produce certain beauty products which end up being sold in beauty salons and supermarkets all across the world.

During his research, Bracchi discovered that certain cosmetic companies in eastern Asian countries have made deals with prison authorities to obtain the skin of inmates after they have been executed. These harvested skin cells are then processed to make lip and anti-wrinkle creams which some of our Christian sisters and brothers go on to buy and rub into their faces before going to church on a Sunday.

When they respond to the pastor’s hallelujah, certainly some of them are doing so with the skin cells of a dead prisoner on their faces thereby making themselves immoral vessels of the devil. Of course, they do not know it themselves as most of these products look innocent on the supermarket shelves but they carry the devil’s hidden mark.

According to the investigation, after some of these prisoners have been shot dead at the end of their death-row sentences, their skin is then sold to make cosmetic products, writes Bracchi in The Daily Mail. He states that representatives working for America human tissue banks are always busy scavenging for human bodies which will provide tissue for the so-called reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.

Bracchi writes, ‘Almost as soon as a signature is obtained, a loved one’s remains are whisked off in a freezer to a tissue bank facility.’ Bracchi reports further, ‘It costs $1 000 to handle and process one square foot of skin, $2 600 for two square feet and so on.’

Women who want to have “Full Lips” end up paying £450 for 6 injections of these dead peoples’ skin tissue. These injections are pumped into the womens’ lips, a process called “lip-enhancing.” For example, a growing number of British women, according to the research, are opting for these lip-enhancement procedures. Some of them inject Botox or “cadaver (corpses) collagen” into their faces in order to reverse the process of ageing and wrinkle formation.

We know of many Christian brothers and sisters who are into these fashion things and they may just be on a one way ticket to hell knowingly or unknowingly, they thus sell their souls to the deep deception of this end time apostasy. Of course many pastors will not speak against these things as they will send away most tithe-giving church goers and therefore dry up the church coffers.

Foreskins of circumcised babies are being used to make certain cosmetic gels and face creams as well, according to Bracchi’s newspaper report. The circumcised foreskins of these small baby boys are used because they are very rich in elastin, collagen, hyaluronic and protein all of which reverse the ageing process in skin. In the UK, the cream made from little babies’ foreskins costs £195, according to the research.

The report says even when told the contents of these creams, most British women continue to use them. Most of our Christian sisters and certain feminised brothers are known to compete every Sunday before and/or after or even during church service at showing off their latest face cream, perfume, lip-enhancing gel or human hair extensions.

But are they very sure where some of these things are coming from? Not to mention that they are swallowed already through the wide gullet of end time apostasy, even though the saved-by-grace-do-as-you-wish theological great soul robbery gives them a short-lived sense of false spiritual security.

Abortion as big business in the West

Do you now see why abortion is big business here in the West? Some of the aborted foetuses end up in face cream gel bottles, according to the report and our fashion obsessed Christian or so-called Christian sister ends up doing the devil’s bidding every hour as she sits before the mirror rubbing those apostate/cannibalistic cosmetics into her face.

Abortion is big business here because it feeds the increasingly cannibalistic cosmetic industry. In another report published Wednesday March 21 2007, in the same paper, Morag Turner, a journalist, states that according to research, one in every three women in the UK will have an abortion at some time in their lives.

These are startling statistics even by western standards. Having an abortion here is like spitting out an inflamed blood-stained gob and it is available on-demand, anytime, and Bracchi says those tissue bank representatives are well connected with the institutions that deal with the disposal of aborted foetuses (human beings) for harvesting which end up in some of these dark cosmetics.

These little aborted foetuses are in very high demand due to the richness of their very supple human tissue. Especially the aborted foetuse’s placenta, it is also in very high demand due to its richness in skin regenerating components which will transform the womens’ skins into wrinkle-free infant-like silky skins!

Anti-Ageing injections

Of course, in these very advanced societies where apostasy is rampant and subtle, many Christian women are also falling prey to the use of the so-called anti-ageing injections as they compete to look even younger and slim every Sunday/Saturday they go to church. But most of these anti-ageing injections, according to the research conducted by Bracchi, are “composed of cells taken from the nutrient-rich umbilical cords and placenta of aborted foetuses,” he writes.

These injections are then used to inject those women/men who want to look forever young. This of course explains the high rate of abortions in many countries of the West today. Abortion feeds the cosmetic industry with the limbs of the dead for making these dark cosmetics. Many of the foetuses have been deliberately left to grow in their mothers’ wombs until five months old – the point at which they are considered to be optimally potent in terms of their ability to promote regeneration and repair!

Regeneration of what, you may ask? Of the skin cells of the beneficiaries (men and women – among them certain apostate Christians) who buy these anti-ageing creams/injections of course! The problem is at times they are never told about the ingredients of these cosmetics and oft times when they are told they ignore and go on to use them all the same.

The women are not paid to have these abortions. They have already decided on this course of action. But in certain cases, they are scandalously encouraged to wait until five months, according to the report, in return for payment! The abortions themselves are performed at different centres. This practice is commonplace in various western countries including Russia.

For between £2 500 and £20 000, British and American women can get these anti-ageing treatments. A wide range of ‘placenta products’ are also available. Placenta shampoos, placenta face masks and many other products. According to the report, it is commonplace for many hospitals to sell placentas to cosmetic companies. One American cosmetic company told the paper that the foetal cells used in their products are collected from maternity wards after women have given birth. 

Human hair for sale/Hairstyles from hell

The most widespread or commonplace satanic cosmetological tool today is the sale of human hair. Large numbers of Christian women flock to beauty salons where they buy ‘human hair’ or ‘hair extensions.’ Most think of how their hairstyle will look at church on Sunday, thinking how to outdo the other lady sitting in the front row.

Even the pastor’s wife goes out to buy this human hair too in order to “impress.” The research conducted by Paul Bracchi showed that in London, one top beauty shop made roaring business by selling for example ‘just one kilogram of 18 inch hair – sufficient for five peoples’ extensions – charging about £950 for a brunette and £1070 for blonde hair.’

Where does this human hair which most of our Christian sisters are fond of wearing to church every other Sunday/Saturday come from? The research says it is groomed from the heads of impoverished Russian as well as Indian children whose naturally healthy hair is highly prized. For example in Russia, these children are reduced to selling their hair for 70 Roubles a time (£1.40) just so their families can get some food to eat.

Bracchi says in his investigation, “virgin Russian hair is the thickest and most luxuriant on the market.” These practises are highly unethical, from a moral point of view. From my own assessment and observation, many African women like to buy these human hair extensions and they get the salon operative to attach this flowing European hair onto their heads, then you see them on the street and in the church, flicking back their heads haughtily, in a misguided show vain “beauty” and unbridled cosmetic cannibalism. Most are not even aware of where these human hair extensions come from!

Jesus Christ and cosmetic use

The use of cosmetics in the day to day lives of human beings is as old as human civilisation itself. It predates Christ and other icons of biblical antiquity. Luke 7:37-38 records a woman’s use of alabaster ointment to anoint Jesus. Jesus even encouraged the woman saying hers was an act of mercy or charity. We see therefore that the use of cosmetics is evident even in the Bible.

Visual cosmetics (those used to restore personal appearances) were in widespread use. They involved painting of the face and body to make it pleasing and more attractive. Odoriferous cosmetics (those used to produce pleasing fragrances) were also in common use. Royal perfumeries are known to have existed where various ointments and perfumes for kings were produced. 1 Samuel 8:13. These were pure cosmetics produced from pulverised vegetative matter.

However, the cosmetics in modern times no longer represent the innocence of those cosmetics of biblical antiquity. They have become immensely polluted, barbaric and down right satanic in the means of their production and usage. Satan is using these as an effective and subtle tool to further promote this great end time apostasy. Many Christians are not aware of this or they choose to conveniently ignore this evil in pursuit of a life of vanity and short term gratification.

The Angelic Man from Elber

It is for this kind of apostasy that the LORD God Jehovah has raised a divine commission which seeks to recreate and bring back mankind to the true worship of God through the Divine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa. In a prophetic vision in 1953, Archbishop Paul Mwazha of Africa found himself in a beautiful land in the east of the earth.

As he stood at an open clearing in this wonderful place, immediately, an angelic being, appeared and stood besides him. This angelic man held a large voluminous book in his right hand. Paul then asked him, “Where do you come from?” The man replied, “I come from Elber, I have come to teach you about the things which are to come.” As the man from Elber finished talking, a mighty angel with large powerful wings gently landed in front of them. This angel reiterated the words of the first man saying, “The teaching that this man (from Elber) is about to relate to you was taught before in the Third Heaven.”

Paul then looked west and he saw two men driving their cattle towards them in a deliberate effort to stampede the on-going discussion. At that moment he noticed a large pile of golden chains in front of them. The man from Elber, still clutching the voluminous book in his hands, ran to pick up the chains then tied them round one of the musasa trees on the south.

He ran to the north and tied the same chains to a similar tree,  thereby cordoning off the western side from which the disturbers and their beasts were coming. He then triumphantly proclaimed “I have sealed off the West!” The beasts and their drivers could not pass the golden chain and were diverted from interfering with the three who were conducting their discussion. The disturbers thus continued in the North-Eastern direction then disappeared out of sight. (Paraphrased – The Divine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa part 1)

Clearly, the importance of the vision is that the gospel which Paul Mwazha of Africa was sent to preach would not be a man-made gospel. It would overcome the corrupting influence of end time apostasy and recreate mankind anew. The corrupting influence of western Christianity as epitomised by those two cattle drivers would be sealed by the golden chain of a true gospel as taught in the African Apostolic Church in these end times.

In this vision the influence of false doctrine from the West intended to stampede the discussions taking place between Paul Mwazha of Africa and the two angelic beings but it would not prevail. This African Apostolic missionary enterprise would be a forward moving missionary gospel, not a backwards going apostolic dispensation. Forward ever, backwards never would be its apostolic clarion call! It would be a revealed gospel, one not learnt in theological colleges as some would expect. Revealed Galatians 1:1.

For this reason, a Nigerian woman who attended our Sabbath service at Southampton on the 5th of March 2011 was astonished to “see” an elder whose head was white as wool with a beard white as snow, who wore a white garment with a white cloth draped over his shoulders. This particular “man” was holding a shepherd’s staff and some books under his arm.

“I saw the man leaving this place of worship as I came in. He got into a white mini bus and drove off. He seemed so peaceful. But I wonder why I cannot see him here with the rest of the congregation!” she wondered. When she saw the picture of Paul Mwazha on one of the church books she recognised him instantly as the man she had seen on her arrival. She had seen the Angel of Africa, the one who patrols the sacred assemblies of God’s people at Zion in these end times.

Africa Forward Never Backward!

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