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‘Lloyd Chitembwe stole my wife of 17 yrs’

By Nyore Madzianike

Former Caps United coach Lloyd Chitembwe has been accused of wrecking a 17-year-old marriage of a Chitungwiza couple! Patson Menela (45) has no love for Chitembwe whom he accuses of destroying his marriage of 17 years to Joyce Muchairi (38).

Love triangle: Patson Menela, Joyce Muchairi and Lloyd Chitembwe
Love triangle: Patson Menela, Joyce Muchairi and Lloyd Chitembwe

But Chitembwe denies romping with Joyce despite her admitting to an adulterous affair. “It is not true. There was a time when a friend of mine told me about that rumour. Its some two years ago and to tell the truth, there was absolutely nothing of that sort. I was actually disappointed to learn that people were creating stories to tarnish my name. I never went out with her at any given time,” he said.

People around Patson, who reside in Zengeza 2, Chitungwiza claim that he is still breathing fire even though the marriage collapsed two years ago. It is claimed that Chitembwe started seeing Menela’s wife in 2007 when he used to stay along Jerenyenje Street in the same neighbourhood, where the couple was staying.

“It started when he (Chitembwe) was staying in Zengeza. They stayed in the same street. Menela’s wife was working at Avenues Clinic back then and the two used to see each other on her way to and from work.

“The relationship blossomed to the extent that it became the talk of the neighbourhood. Everyone knew about it,” said the source. The source also revealed that Menela then confronted Chitembwe over the matter. After this confrontation, the nomadic coach is said to have moved out and relocated to Seke Unit A.

“I am not sure what the two agreed on but Chitembwe changed his place of residence and moved to Unit A, probably as a way of avoiding Menela,” said the source. When contacted for comment, Menela said he misses his two children, whom he hasn’t had much access to after his marriage collapsed.

“It is sad that I was forced to leave my marriage of 17 years after Chitembwe took my wife. “The two dated for more than two years behind my back. I then caught them red handed on two occasions and I had to confront him. “I even approached his wife who also told me that she was aware of my wife’s relationship with her husband.

“But because she had no tangible evidence at hand, she couldn’t take her husband to task. I then separated with my wife for a while before we reconciled some months later,” he said. However, the Menelas’ separation appeared to have been a blessing in disguise to Chitembwe and Joyce. They were free like birds and were reported to have gone on a “honeymoon”, spending quality time and were regularly spotted roving around Chitungwiza together.

Interestingly, Menela was forced to accept Joyce back “out of the love of his wife and children”. “I took her back after some talks with her parents and we agreed. Everything seemed to have gone on well until Chitembwe returned from Germany,” he said.

Chitembwe is said to have bounced back into action upon his return from abroad! “He started seeing my wife again and at that time I could not afford to stomach it. “By then we were staying in Dzivarasekwa Extension. Chitembwe followed and I saw him with my own eyes.

“That is when I packed my bags and went back to stay in Chitungwiza,” he added. Joyce admitted to cheating on her former husband with Chitembwe. “It is true that I was having an affair with him (Chitembwe) while I was still married to Baba Victor. We started seeing each other in 2005,” she said.

Joyce said that she was forced into the adulterous relationship by her “shaky marriage” that was being characterised by endless disputes. “Things were not okay in my marriage. I decided to take another man into my life because things were not moving the way I liked them to go,” she said. She could not however, elaborate on what “things”, she was referring to.

Joyce, a staunch Dynamos supporter, said that she has since stopped seeing Chitembwe and is dating another man. Recently she was allegedly spotted in the company of Chitembwe in the city centre , a situation she was quick to defend, “If you end a relationship with someone it doesn’t mean that you no longer talk to that person when you bump into each other. You are allowed to say hello,” she said.

Asked why she had parted ways with the once celebrated footie, she said: “There are many reasons as to why people split. Are you still in love with all the people you have fallen in love with before?” she asked rhetorically.

Quizzed on whether Joyce’s husband had confronted him over the matter, Chitembwe replied: “I know her since we once stayed in the same neighbourhood. “Of course, her husband asked me about our alleged relationship but I frankly told him that there was nothing going on. “I also tried to make my own investigations as to where the rumour might have come from but my efforts were in vain,” he said. H Metro