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Zim Christian leaders UK to hold conference

Press Release­­

London, 10 September, 2009, -Zimbabwean Christian and Lay Leaders in the UK are meeting in London on the Ist of October 2009 to facilitate how migrants in the Diaspora can best contribute towards their country’s socio-economic and political development.

This inaugural conference entitled, ‘Locating The Role of The Diaspora in
Zimbabwe’s transitional process’, is being organised by the Council of
Zimbabwean Christian Leaders UK (CZCL UK).

The conference comes at a time when Zimbabwe experiences a political test
during which many in the Diaspora have been reduced to mere commentators and Cynics of the current goings on.

 CZCL UK is convening this consultation to create a credible yet effective
platform that will steer significant involvement of Zimbabwean Christians in
the UK who are currently leaders or studying to be the same in different
sectors of life. This platform will serve as a bridge and overcome obstacles
posed by class, gender, color, ethnic orientation or political affiliation
in this exercise.

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The conference is a significant step in providing an apolitical yet morally
credible movement of Zimbabweans living abroad in fostering intelligent yet constructive debate, engagement and discourse that will give a definite voice to those in the Diaspora.

Speakers at the London Conference will include Hon. Minister of State – Mr.
Gorden Moyo, Professor Ken Mufuka – Lander University (USA), Dr. Sabelo
Gatsheni Ndlovu – Open University (UK), Reverend Mucharutya Chisvo, Dr.
Julius Mugwagwa – Open University (UK), Reverend Ray Motsi – Zimbabwe
Christian Alliance and Dr. John Makumbe – Political Analyst.

One of the Key issues to be discussed during the conference is how best to involve the Diaspora in the current constitutional reform process. The UK hosts the second largest Zimbabwean population outside Zimbabwe and it is important to find ways of involving this constituency in such an important exercise.

CZCL is therefore inviting to this conference skilled professionals, students who have since migrated to the UK, Churches, Community Leaders, Academics, Aid organizations and institutions as well as individuals who are working on issues related to Zimbabwe or the Diaspora.