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There is no big issue in ZINASU, just ego's

By Itai Zimunya 

Fellow colleagues 

This note introduces the issue of the beloved student’s union-ZINASU which is currently undergoing exfoliation and cracking due to several reasons which many cadres articulate well. It seems- though debatable that the students union has split into two strategic entities. One -the take part side-supporting the government led constitutional making process, and the other- the take charge side- arguing for an independent led constitutional making process. 

The fall-out helps neither of these constitutional making poles, i.e. taking part or taking charge. It does not even help any of the current ZINASU executive secretariat members- both now or in the future. 

It is quite unfortunate that the interests of the union, the students union has been and continues to be relegated to a second class status as political egos take centre stage. 

It is important to note that disagreements on strategy are not new at the student’s union level. And after taking time listening to all sides make presentations, one realizes that there is no big material issue at hand, save for the egos of saying who should say sorry to who….egos at this time of the struggle? 

The challenge is to the Board and the current executive members of ZINASU that they protect the union and hand-it-over to the next generation so that (we) celebrate that institution to do what it has done over time- i.e., produce leaders for Zimbabwe. 

It is also important for comrades to realize that neither Mr. Tsunga nor Mr. Zhangazha shall continue to Chair the Zinasu Board for the next 20 years. Neither shall Miss Dube nor Mr. Bere remain the student’s union president after February 2010.

My encouragement is for both sides to facilitate the genuine students of Zimbabwe as represented by four students per college to converge for three days to make positions of the students union on issues including, but not limited to the state of education, the economy, the constitution etc. The students union is smart enough to elect its own leadership that will drive it for the next two years. That is the tradition- unless if there are extenuating circumstances. 

The current debate and contest of who is a general councilor can simply be resolved by the 4 by 4 demand that even out of so many reps per college; those reps must talk until the bona-fide 4 members get accredited to attend the union’s congress. The rest of the cadres must not be dismissed from the congress as they form the critical revolutionary observation council. 

A contemporary history of the union seems to reflect a trend that the UZ students union brings more than 12 comrades to a student’s union congress, but within two or so hours of hard negotiations, the four UZ reps would emerge. The icing of the cake is that those that observe the congress will become key wheels of the struggle on which the union move. 

I am alive to the fact that the union can go on splitting into many factions along fictitious “constitutional strategy” lines. The winners shall not be the students, but certain old men who are fighting false 2013 battles. 

The responsibility for leadership lies with the current leadership, whichever side they fall. They have our birthright in their hands….and we will observe how they either build or destroy (temporarily) the great students union of the republic of Zimbabwe. 

ZINASU- Struggle is our birthright! 

Itai Zimunya is a former student leader.