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Mazembe fans assault Chitembwe

By Paul Mundandi

CAPS United coach Lloyd Chitembwe, who made history yesterday by becoming the first Green Machine coach to guide the side to the CAF Champions League group stages, was assaulted by a TP Mazembe supporter before kick-off.

Lloyd Chitembwe
Lloyd Chitembwe (centre)

Chitembwe was moving in the tunnel when a TP Mazembe fan rushed towards him and slapped him on the head. He got hold of the guy and a number of officials and two players came to his rescue.

Some of the TP Mazembe fans had evaded the security and then quickly ran away from the scene.

On Saturday, a man believed to be a TP Mazembe sangoma was filmed digging parts of the giant stadium pitch and planting some substances.

“I was walking in the tunnel and I just heard somebody saying that ‘this is the CAPS United coach.’ I was then slapped on the head and I reacted by holding the guy.

“One of the bouncers came to my rescue as he took over the situation.

“I did not make a police report as I wanted to concentrate on the job at hand but I feel he was given a few lessons by our bouncers.

“It’s very primitive to fight at soccer matches and if one has to fight it must be players who must do it on the field in a battle of their skills and not with fists,” said Chitembwe.

About 200 TP Mazembe fans watched the match. The Herald

  • are they not dienaloss fans in mazembe kit

  • nxaa thats hectic

  • Akavharirwa here muCongolese iyeye?

  • chitembwe might be shocked with their behavior but he must remember that DRC is a war zone country. so thoz assaults are their way of greetings .

  • Vakange vajaidzwa naHayatou kumusoro ikoko apa even ref aitozama kutamba necaps zvisati zvamboitika mukapu iyoyi

  • All the way from DRC kuzoita madire ajojina muZimbabwe, vakomana vanga varipi😃

  • Welldone

  • Mark of maturity.

  • Uyu ndiye munhu akafarisa manje .Vakatadza here kuzvivharira two months no trial?

  • How did the match ended Mr reporter??

  • ii jealous

  • results

  • in our own land?

  • Well done guys.don’t forget to ask abt tht money he promised u?promise is a credit plz pay boss

  • These are tactics to derail the players hazvi chashanda high five for u guys .

  • I dont believe this? Munonyatsomuziva mushe here Chitembwe? ask vanomuziva vanokutaurirai kuti haatirwe mahumbwe

  • Well done madzetse masimudza mureza wenyika

  • muCongolese wacho akazoitwei naMpository,akakiyiwa bad, mapurisa kuita seasina kuona Chitembwe achirohwa

  • Did they qualify for the group stage yet? Or they still have another round of knock out games to play?

    • They have qualified.

    • Usually group stages have 8 teams, bt so far 16 teams have gone through, so how many groups of hw many teams per group will be there?

    • Hilal Omdurman
      Caps Utd Fc Makepekepe
      Kedus Giorgis/Leopards
      ES Sahel
      Mounana/Wydad AC
      USM Alger/RCK
      Fus Rabat
      BYC/Ferro Beira

      All these teams above have gone through, so can you enlighten me as to how they gonna be grouped,?

    • The format has since changed. Starting this year there will be 4 groups of 4 teams each. The top 2 in each grp qualifies to the quarter finals. The quarter finals will follow the UEFA Champs league format of two teams knocking each other out right to the final

    • Thanks very much for giving me a clear picture

    • Tatopinda mudhara takutorowa mari temaGroup stage

  • Lodza haarohwi zvekumhanya. Kunyepa uku

  • clement moyo

    Chitembwe is a couch who couches a team with a public following and he knows that what was done by that thug who slapped him was wrong and yet he brags about his thugs beating him up. This guy must be far away from civilization if he is not lying that is. They couldn’t beat him up at the DRC but here and there is no police report??? NONSENSE. By the way congratulations Caps United – thats a first and a good one too.

  • ZRP yaiva iri kure kani

  • Ane pamuromo Chitembwe iyeye last time zvainzi hee assaulted by Murape C Murape.pane munhu angangotangwa asina zvaaita

  • Makorokoto Caps. Iyo yangovewo nyaya yekunyepa iyo titaurire zvimwe. Waifanira kurohwa kuLubumbashi asi hauna woda kunyepera vanhu kuti wakarohwa mutunnel yeNSS kkk. iwe blaz usafarise nejob weldone uchidaro

  • Nokuti ibharanzi.

  • Ndokupusa mungabvuma kurohwa maoko pahome penyu

  • MaLodzaaa . Legend

  • Well done Caps,Zanaco,Ferroviario da Beira and Mamelodi sundowns (Zimbabwe,Zambia,Mozambique and South Africa).SADC,this time we made it.

  • Vakatadza nei kumurova kuDRC

  • Assaulted on homeground dai pakaitwa operation chimbangambanga. Discipline the arrogant bastard.

  • Proud to share the the same birthday with my team coach,yes yes yes yes yeees,vangojaira maCongolese awa

  • As long as we qualified, we take that assault as our luck charm for our team. Well-done Caps United. We are with u all the way to the top

  • Hakuna fan yeMazembe yakadaro ndewe imwe iya iya yakange yakapfeka hembe dzemazembe. Tomaziva madzvinyumos

  • We also need to improve our security on the Team,

  • lot chitakasha

    Respect to Chitembwe,he is our hero but he should not put himself on a pedestal..a slap on the head is bad but remember this is the man who once turned into a cobra during one match at Rufaro..the spitting cobra! Football is like that,it raises emotions,people stray from the narrow and straight. Further article says TP Mazembe fans yet only one guy slapped Chitembwe..our reporters can be very sensational sometimes.

  • tata

    we know kuti ma suporters e dynamos ndimi moga musina kufarira zvakaitwa ne caps united yaimiririra nyika ye zimbabwe itaiwo sevanhu vakuru