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Olinda issues public apology to Stunner for “over-reacting”

It is with a heavy heart I need to apologise to my husband. After spending the whole night talking things through and going through “evidence”. I was mistaken.

I had one of his very close friends approach me and feed me the wrong information that seemed to have coincidental evidence. It truly seemed like he was in the wrong but he wasn’t. Hence why he found the whole thing funny.

As a woman akaroorwa, I’d like to apologise for the things I said yesterday. The day we got married it was no longer mine but ours. I should know better.

I hope he forgives me. But true lesson learnt is that friends come in sheep clothing. Des and I are now working on our marriage and we hope God sees us through. I am sorry to everyone who had their time and emotions wasted.

I overreacted, it wasn’t a publicity stunt but a woman who acted as judge , jury and prosecutor and just wanted to hurt him the way I felt hurt. And him being the man that he is he came home still laughing drinking his moet and snap chatting my angry face.

Des murume wangu I am sorry and you are right I should be banned off social media.

  • attension seeking!

  • Nxaaaa

  • ladies are like that…next dont.go public with bedroom.issues.

  • ladies are like that…next dont.go public with bedroom.issues.

  • Zvazara mhani izvi

  • Wajajaja😂😂 who does that

  • one word. ‘dzungu’.

  • Hakuchina vatete vanogadzirisa vazukuru motovatsvaga paFacebook kkkkkkk

  • Fox

    Ooh please !!!. They always say when you are angry don’t speak. Now you can never take back what you said. Now we know your husband is a loser who owns nothing, who cant pay his rent and who has his child school fees paid by you and that you are not the mother of stunner’s child. Mhuri yenyu yafumuka and i bet it won’t last. It will last so long stunner is poor. Once he gets on his feet he will leave you zvichakurwadza. A lesson to other women who washes dirty linen in public.

    • Chitova62

      A very valid point indeed matey☝️!

    • take the test.llol

  • Ok ma3000

  • Good sex can make some weak woman apologize even if she was wronged.

  • Ziyabheda

    Idiotic woman! Nxaaa!!!

  • Mune chifuva mai imi.munomakisa wena

  • Ndozvazvinoita ukaroora njapisi inongofugura hapwa pese pese

    • Wabaya dede ne mukanwa, Bertha. Vese murume ne mkadzi wacho hapana hapana.

  • muchinyanya kuchengetwa nevakadzi vana stuner..maakunyadziswa manje..imi amai mune dzungu!!!

  • Kikikik attention seeking now kambo kaari kuda kuburitsa kaakumhanyirwa vanhu vachida kunzwa kuti kakamira sei .Kuita sezviya zvakamboita mufana uyu anoimba dzeku chechi

  • It’s clear that you’re desperate for a Husband my sister’ dream Queen open your eyes and see that Stunner is useing you “wake up money can’t buy love

  • Let’s intercede for this family. I note that the family needs to be lead to Christ our Lord and Saviour. The family needs Jesus. Someone Pray like you have never prayed before.

  • Lost people

  • So pathetic, to go to such extremes to pull such a publicity stunt. They say no publicity is bad publicity.

  • Chitova62

    What the bleating hell was all that kerfuffle for you shameless, rotund f#€kin’ whore..you’re a bloody disgrace to all discerning women..😤!??

  • Bottom line is , you still pay the bills

  • Perfect Pat

    Give us a break mhani who needs to know all your dirty laundry now u look like a fool .urrrgh so annoying .

  • Manu

    WTF???? SMH!

  • Im sure Stunner anogadzirisa heavy pama settings aye ekudai dai

  • Nkoko365

    mabasa emhata taajaira isu vana nkoko

  • these guys are just seeking attention looks like their plan is working

  • Nkoko365

    iro rajembere zvaro rapera basa, mambavha akati huya dhuze

  • Ichembere iyo ndosaka achichengeta murume. Isugar mummy ka iyo. Rega ambonyengawo vezera

  • Good for them.Next time keep your drama in your bedroom #Olinda.You are not the first one to be cheated on.

  • Hmmmm she is really big, that hand 😑,if he said she should lose some weight, he was right coz from ‘size 2’ Pokello to this haa unocheatwa chete!

  • Buy him a Discovery this time

  • A family of idiots, Olinda being the biggest!!

  • mama zula

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  • Mukwende wehure nxaa! indawa uchitambisa tsitsi dzedu iwe

  • mxim a little too late.

  • She looks older that Des

  • Dhunda power

  • makangofanana murume nemkadzi,mofunga kuisa matambudziko enyu pasocial media ndokuti zvinhu zvinake kumba kwenyu,hamuno hama dzogona kukugadzirisai kwamuri ikoko,isu kuverenga nekutaura zvatoda hatiregi asi anocracker musoro nestress ndiwe coz unozoona kuti chawakaita hapana,hezvo nhasi vadzoka vakutizve sorry,mnje mnje tichakuverenga futi,kwanai muzive vekuudza maissues enyu,bt ukasachinja maitiro ako uchagara vakawacha coz udesperate hwako hunenge huri pamberi

  • intresting

  • Some people are very good actors, and attention seekers

  • Mkaranga

    Stupid and foolish woman……if Stunner does not dispense himself of this nonsense soon, it will happen again or have more serious consequences….

  • We dont care about yor affairs .giv us a break please

  • This is inspiring ,🤐shit on each other and make up again .ohh sweet that should make u guys stronger .may ‘SATAN ‘leave you guys alone ,what happened was the works of lucifer ,satan manifests himself in different ways ,

  • your marriage is juss as public cant u talk issues and keep them private somethings need to think befor you act

  • Olinda kana uchishandiswa nastunner kudai what about mubedroom #sexslave twima publicity stunt twacho twiri childish

  • Vasauye nenyaya dxisina culture kkkkkkkkkkkkkk mune gwirikwiti hre kana kuty mune sugar kwanai nyaya kumba kwenyu nxaa

  • Mdara dziva

  • attention seeker

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