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Zimbabwean man arrested in SA after missing Limpopo girl found

A 40-year-old Zimbabwean national has been arrested and will be charged with child stealing after a 10-year-old girl was allegedly taken from her home in Louis Trichardt on Saturday and found in Musina in the man’s company, Limpopo police said.

The girl managed to slip away from her alleged abductor at about 2pm on Sunday and alerted members of the community who apprehended the man and called police, police said in a statement.

The child was taken to hospital for medical attention and had since been discharged.

“The motive for the incident is not known at this stage but all possibilities are being investigated.

“Meanwhile, the seven-year-old child who was reported missing in Waterval has since returned home unharmed,” the statement said.

African News Agency

  • These dogs will spoil things for those who want to work for their families. Better hang thm or lock thm for good

    • Mwanawevhu

      The motive is not yet known. Let’s not judge until we get the full story. Might have been his child with his estranged wife or girlfriend.

  • Amana İm very Worried By The “BEHAVİOUR” Of our Brothers and Sistaz when they Are in South Africa…………..

    They start Acting Weird……..

  • Ko kana ari mwana wake.

  • Serious these idiots who don’t to live a straight life they are spoiling everything for those who want to live decent life through working legally. ……they must be hanged or banned for life,very stupid uneducated people nxa

  • Wat if ngu babakhe do u knw south africans lie alot?

    • Doc

      Yes I agree with you….The guy might even be the father of the girl or the alleged father anyway….Some years back a guy was arrested when he brought 2 boys to Zimbabwe from SA….The papers just said he abbuducted …Later it came out he was the dad and they had a misunderstanding…But the damage was done to country and person

  • This is a lie, xenophobic stories. I bet there’s a true story behind these lies. Maybe he is the father of the child, divorced from SA woman.

  • “..child stealing. .” ??..hmmm

  • Is there no connection between the child and the man

  • Kutsvaka nothing wrong but kubatwa ndokwaipa

  • Its quiet likely the guy is the father to that child

  • Mai vemwana ngavatende mwari

  • Was it not his daughter? That age can not be stolen.

  • sungwa shaa haunzwirike tsitsi pane kuti ube mari iwe

  • He silly man,Most of us we want to work for our families.HE MUST GIVEN 100 000Yrs in PRISON.

  • The truth is the father of the girl SA women a crazy

  • Kkk yur dnt hve order my frnd

  • Really???anikajoli eMzansi bafana,obviously he is the father and the mother doesnt want to to let him take the child across,awu sukaaa!!!

  • Murume Mukuru

    Does anyone have more info on this story….its half baked

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