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Makandiwa ‘Miracle money’ backfires

By Fungai Lupande

A 38-year-old man bought airtime worth more than $1 000 since 2013 after Standard Chartered Bank erroneously linked his mobile number to a client’s account.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa at the launch of his brand
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa at the launch of his brand

James Saunyama, who believed the funds to be “miracle money”, pleaded guilty to theft charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate, Mr Arnold Maburo.

He was sentenced to six months in prison. However, Mr Maburo suspended three months for five years on condition of good behaviour.

The remaining three months were suspended on condition that he restitutes $1 075, 82 on or before November 21 this year.

In mitigation, Saunyama said he was attending a church service at United Family International Church led by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa in 2013 when they asked for his phone number.

“I gave them my number and they asked me to check my balance,” said Saunyama.

“I saw that my mobile number had an enormous amount of money and I believed it was miracle money. Since then, I used the money to top up my airtime and those of my friends and relatives.”

The complainant was Standard Chartered Bank represented by its fraud manager, Mr Kudzai Mujaji.

Prosecuting, Ms Yeukai Musengi told the court that between January and October 2013 the bank’s Msasa branch in Harare made a mobile bank registration error.

The accountant linked Saunyama’s mobile number to Ranganai Muguti’s bank account, giving him access to banking services offered on the bank’s mobile banking platform.

Muguti’s password was sent to Saunyama’s mobile phone and he changed it to his desired password fully aware that the bank account was not his.

From October 18, 2013 to May 29 this year Saunyama topped various amounts of airtime into his mobile number.

The offence came to light when Muguti visited the bank and discovered that someone else’s mobile number was linked to his account.

He then realised that money was being withdrawn in airtime purchases from his account.

The bank reported the matter to police leading to Saunyama’s arrest. The Herald

  • Tazvinzwa, but how on earth can you spend a $US1000 specifically on airtime only.

    • Tarisa madates

    • Kkkkk zvimwe anonyara kuzvitaura ungaudza vanhu kuti imwe ndakacatcher here kkkk

    • Dude do u even ask such a qsn ? They jus said he bought for his friend relatives as and beside $1000 is not much really if the money is not yours

    • Muwoni

      my question is “Where does prophet Makandiwa’s name come in?”

    • kkkkkkk. Hanzi imwe aka Catcher nayo mahure

    • Kkkkkkk pakaipa. Makandiwa haabvume zvakadaro.

  • zvogobatsirei kuti mweya vako uende kudenga,ko iye Mwari vacho akawanei pakupanana kwenyu mari yemashiripiti iwayo?

    • Kwakunginamatira kupfuma zvedenga tsvee paside kkkkk vaudzei muparidzi

  • Kkkk

  • Sorry how can it be miracle money 💵 wen u gave wen u gave up ur contact

  • saka urikuti udzirei pawakaiwana wakamboudza ani ?????

  • Ure thinking about your bad publicly to e prophet what a abt e course ure talking to your life. U dnt play wth a prophet my dear. Remember prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is not financed by u. U found him loaded already. My brother I feel for u. If a prophet can heal people then it means he can also kill. Ufic is nt what u think m dear. Prophet makandiwa is not what u want people to believe. Zimbabwe Zimbabwe why always trying to pull down your own prophets.?

    • Kushamisira kwamunozoita nenhau yekuuraya tinobva tasara nemibvunzo yakawanda kudarika mhinduro maringe neyamunoti church yenyu nemutungamiriri wayo. Irwo rufu rwacho rwamunochikidzira narwo rwakambounzwa nani??????

      • Muwoni

        Kana usingaurayi hausati watanga kunamata

    • Don’t play with the gunship Prophet E Makandiwa is a friend of God ,if you want to understand him better get spiritual or even kunotsvaga n’anga chaiyo yechokwadi uibvunze kuti Makandiwa ndiani inokuudza kuti murume iyo haatambwe naye hatidi kumuona he is Light unondikuvadzisa…..

      • Godfearing

        So he kills, who is he representing, Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of the Living God, born of a virgin or I understand there is also Jesus under the marine world, who kills and curses people who cross his path!!!

        • Dr Gucci

          The same Jesus is on one side the Lamb of God and on the other the lion of Judah. Hapana zvekutamba pana lion apo.

    • 2 hell

    • 2 hell

    • hanzi he can kill also eish,

    • Haiwawo munotaura twenhando

    • Mumuudze andiuraye

    • Fuck Makandiwa let him kill me if he wants, giving people false hope and brainwashing people like u…he said diamonds will rain in zim but bond notes are about to rain..nhamo inoita mufunge nemukosho

      • Muwoni

        Your language and choice of words shows us your pervese state of mind that actually need cleaning by the washing of water through the word that is even preached by the same man you think you attacked

        • Jazzy E

          Haiwawo ibva apa iwe mboko ye munhu, musoro uzere matuzvi

          • Dr Gucci

            Whose agenda are your words defending? Your language and its purpose are absolute conjugates.

      • sam

        i am sorry my friend you are still in that level of ignorance. relationship with God is what you need to beginning to working with.

    • Dominic T Mupariwa izvozvo munotonoudza vasati vaziva Mwari semi

    • Eredha Madimutsa mamuka sei, kikkkkkkkkk

    • Absolute bullshit!


    • Kkkkkkk hanzi anoponesa anogona muuraya. Mwari ndiye ega anoponesa. Satan muurayi.

      • Godfearing

        Thas true. the devil is a liar and a killer

    • Vamwe avo vakadyiswa

    • Anouraya mwana wake. Let your prophet try me.

    • Yebo yes

      You need special prayers coz ur lost

      • Muwoni

        If Elisha could kill, if Elijah could kill, Moses, Joshua etc what would stop a Christian who believes in the same God as they did from doing so? Jesus is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. If he did it with those guys why would he stop now?

        • Godfearing

          Paul was killing for God. Jesus stopped it. We are under the new covenant, Jesus told us to pray for our enemies, that is the reason GOD himself came down as a man. We are under instruction to pray for those who persecute us. The New covenant my brother!! is full of Grace and Mercy, not revenge. Even when He was on the Cross, He said “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” New covenant!!

          • Muwoni

            Jesus didnt specify the kindl of prayer. You can pray to God to grant you relief from a person causing problems in your life and God can choose to take away the person. Just like Nigerians prayed to God to get rid of BoKo Haram now the dissidents are getting killed and captured mysteriously everday. Forgive those who dont know what they are doing thats what it says, but what about those who know exactly what they are doing what should we do to them? There are many kinds of prayers you can do. Elijah prayed and there was drought for 3 and a half years in the nation and many died due to hunger. Jesus did not specify the kind of prayers.

        • Yebo yes

          Why do base your argument on Old Testament. Didn’t Jesus teach about forgiveness?

    • If he can kill then that power os not frm God its frm satan.you are so brainwashed read the true word of God.

    • If he can kill then that power is not frm God its frm satan.you are so brainwashed read the true word of God.

    • Vaporofita venhema vese

    • tibvirei apa he can kill a mwari iye futi unoziva here anofa?

    • Iyi mhata inonzi Romeo iyi yadarirei kuzvinyadza pane vanhu

    • Really now?? Good to know he can kill too lol!

    • @Romeo Tinashe ,so the prophets can kill using their magical powers!I have wondered about their source of power.Now I know its definitely not from God.

    • Romeo Tinashe hakuna munhu wa Mwari anouraya kana prophet venyu vari vechokwadi sekutaura kwako haaurayi cz Satan ega ndiye muurayi pasi pano……Let’s seek the true God before it’s too late

    • N’anga can heal and kill futi hapana chinoshamisira musade kuchisidzira vanhu

    • True my brother Zimbabwe needs deliverance.The spirit of fighting prophets its toomuch.Look at prophet Angel they said a lot bt nw he is most celebrated outside.

    • Godfearing

      Really.?? He can kill, when the bible clearly states that death came by through the devil. My Lord Jesus Christ clearly stated in John 10:10 that “The enemy does not come EXCEPT to steal,(which is what happened with the miracle money) and to KILL and to DESTROY, I have come that they might have life in abundance” Even if you love your prophet, don’t tell the world that he is there to kill as well. You are giving the impression that he is a Sangoma, those people are well known for curing and killing. Is Makandiwa like that!!

    • Joji

      Fuykk you and fukk your prophet Shinirayi Chirume aka Emmanuel Makandiwa, idiot bomboclat !

    • Mwanawevhu


    • Bento

      Loaded with money he takes from stupid and idiotic fools like you Romeo nonsense. Kill who, you always want to rush to defend him something you never do to defend your own father or even God himself. Idiotic foolish lunatics from these fake prophets

    • Mushabi

      Why did Jesus not kill the Pharisees when they told He was casting demons through the power of Beelzbub?.

      • UFIC for Life

        I really do not understand some people. At my work place there was a guy who loathed Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophet Angel to the bone. I asked him whether he knew them or just that he read from newspapers. At one moment he was gleefully commenting on the Gringo issue. He said all sorts of obscenities. I gave him three months to retract his statements or become either a son of Prophet Makandiwa or Prophet Angel. He was obstinate. Later he lost his job mysteriously. I looked at this article and realised that it just wants to ride on the popularity of Prophet Makandiwa.Is the person in the article a member of the church? Was he directly told by Prophet Makandiwa that the transaction in question was miracle money? Wasn’t he trying to smear Prophet Makandiwa or hoodwink the magistrate? It is like some learned Professor who wants to justify abusing National resources by blowing the tribalistic trumpet. I have always said if you yourself has the true word of God, form your own church so that you emancipate the brainwashed people who throng their churches. Why do you want to comment on a stolen Ipad or phone? Stand up show us the true Jesus and we will follow you. At the moment these Prophets have shown us what their God and Jesus is capable of doing and we are in it so much that we cannot move out.

        • Mushabi

          The love of God the father, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The GRACE repeat GRACE.The bible says it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance. It’s not judgment it’s love.Love will change even the hardest of criminals. Had you shown that guy love he would have repented I believe.Even now my brother if you loved the guy you talk about you wouldn’t even share it here. Oh my brother Thomas doubted, the Lord in love asked him to touch Him. I believe he is the only one who did before he ascended.Amen.

  • Satanic agent.

  • Lolest

  • Nekuti wazosungwa manje wakuda kt tizive usanyepere mupofita iwe

    • Victor Kusi Boateng

      To hell with Makandiwa nä’nga yemunhu chechi yemahure macondom hobho pa judgement night ,Makandiwa go rot in Hell,Lucifa.Beta utsvage mumwe spiritual father wandinyadzisa.

      • Muwoni

        Take it easy. Dont let Chihuri mislead you. Get your facts right and stock being absorbed by politicking from small people who think they are big. Prophet Makandiwa is a very great example of what Jesus can produce in a man of God. Too bad you cant see

      • Godfearing

        What wrong with his Spiritual father. I see you also go by his name

  • Our money, our water zvamakaenda kikariba muchibveko sare mbvura hakuchina, zvamakaita minana yekumisa bvura yaizvinaira zvakabva zvaramba zvakadzaro ah imi mwari nevadzimu .edu vamakati ndezvetsvina vane hasha nemabasa enyu

  • Dai wakabvisa chegumi pamari iyoyo pasina dambudziko

  • Hakuna chinonzi bad publicity

  • Kikikiki there is nothing called miracle money on this earth, one has to work for money period

    • Exactly

    • True!!

    • Godfearing

      Even when Jesus paid Taxes, Peter had to GO to the fish and fish the money out!! We are not told how long it took, but it was some form of work although a miracle was involved

  • haiwawo ko kunyarara unobvei y spending it on airtym and not withdrawing it

  • Muchinyanya kuda minana!! Work for ur money, hapana chinouya wakarara!!!!

  • a thousand dollars sure yoperera pa aIrtiMe My guy your service Provider should give you something

  • vhurai maziso muone

  • KKK

  • The secret is between God and Prophet Makandiwa stop telling us stupid stories you tell us but he still who he is.

  • Jesus Christ did not say follow Makandiwa. He said follow me. Most Zim prophets esp in pentecostal field are satanic agents. Thus you hear them talking of killing their critics.

    • Muwoni

      1 Corinthians 11:1 Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

      • Pastor

        Who are you BLASPHEMER, you hypocrite.

        How dare you insult my FATHER IN HEAVEN.

        May his wrath rest upon your life and destiny. How dare you preach your own gospel and even quoting the bible in creating confusion.


        • Muwoni

          Are you referring to Apostle Paul who gave that scripture (1 Corinthians 11:1) under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost or someone else? Your words cant land rather your ignorance on the word of God and the principles of his kingdom automatically causes those words to pursue you back

    • when you say satanic where is your evidance to prov ur alegations, are you not just the devils advocate here , these penrecostal prophets fights the demons than the main line churches were their is no healing or demonic deliverance , thats why they dnt rub shoulders with the devil.

    • Shallow minded you need to be delivered

    • OMG… You need deliverance.. Then follow Jesus, leave the Prophets

    • Chokwadi chinotukisa hona kkkkkkkkk Mafirakureva

    • That same Bible says DO NO JUDGE AS U SHALL BE JUDGED TOO

  • Makandiwa anoita nezveyiko futi
    Muzukuru wamagaya here. Mukoma wa jah prazah here. I hama ya kereke here. Anopinda church ya gumbura here. Ane vana vangani iye jandiwa wacho

    • usataura kwausina kuswera wangu uchatakura kutukwa kwamwari , ukatamba nevatumwa vake usafadza nyika nekuseka vashandi vamwari reserve ur comments for the gud of ur life

    • Dzidzai kunyarara kana musina zvekutaura

    • Musatanyoko wako na jandiwa wako

  • Saunyama you create your own poverty nekuda kwenhema dzako.

  • thank yu Prophet E Makandiwa fo Allowing God to use yu in such an unbelieving and heartless generation, we will always appreciate yo charity PLUS we will always live under the grace that operates in yu

    • We live under the blood of Jesus who died for us on the cross and he dweleth in us.

      • Godfearing

        Yes, Its all about Jesus Christ. No wonder many people can’t maintain their deliverance. They don’t have a relationship with Our Lord Jesus, but with prophets etc. I wonder when was the last time these people ever thanked Jesus for shading His precious and perfect blood on the cross, or all they do is thank these “Prophets” Prophets are just tools used by God, its Jesus Christ doing the miracles. Imagine when someone cooks food for you, and then you thank the wooded spoon for cooking the food and then thank the spoon for dishing, without thanking the person who bought the food, actually did the cooking the food etc. Imagine a mechanic comes to fix your car, and before yu drive off, you thank the spanner he used. I am sure the mechanic would be offended. That is whats happening in this World. God has to work through people, He is the one who is doing the Work THROUGH the blood of Jesus Christ. Prophets never and will never die for you!!! Put Jesus Christ first. He is the 1st and the last. Its all about HIM, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Messiah, The Word, The Redeemer, The Rose of Sharon, The Lion of Judah, The Great I AM I can go on and on and on. He is worthy to be praised. HIM Alone

        • Muwoni

          1) I will never die for anybody here. Only Jesus died for us all. He is the ultimate sacrifice……quote from Prophet Makandiwa
          2) When you pray talk to Jesus tell him your issues and he will talk to me and i will come to you and talk to you..quote from Prophet Makandiwa
          3) I dont know any other God except Jesus

    • Shame some pipo are following Makandiwa

    • His “charity” landed a man in jail ☺

  • Nyaya dze n’anga dzema suit taneta nadzo manje.

  • Sei minana yacho mizhinji inonetsa ndeyemari

  • Heya

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Ma church aya 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • No miracle money on earth even bible says you eat your sweat .

  • Mbavha ya shaya zvekutaura mu court. Very stupid story.

  • Chokwadi

    I don’t really understand how the man was held accountable for an error that was not of his own doing, but that of the bank. The man didn’t hack the bank system, nor was it ever his intention to do so, the bank made available to him funds due to their own error/negligence. Think about it : The man didn’t supply the bank with any false or misleading information, it was the bank which supplied him with the wrong information.

    Was he obligated to be aware that the bank had made an error ? Only the bank should be held accountable for the error and consequences. The man was passively incriminated by the bank, he didn’t illegally gain access to another account, he was freely given access by an entity ‘the bank’, an entity fully authorised and trusted to do so.

    It’s synonymous to a house owner inviting you into his home. And later making a police report of ‘unlawful entry’ claiming that he had mistakenly assumed that you were somebody else.Then I am found responsible and guilty because of the man’s wrong assumption of my identity.

    The Zimbabwean justice system is extremely flawed. The verdict would have being different in an American court.

    • Muwoni

      You speak the truth. The same can also be said of this Fungai Lupande person. The original story from the herald doesnt mention Pr Makandiwa and these nehanda spirit medium reprobates go on to drag the Prophet’s name into it trying to mislead the nation. Gone are the days when journalists were the voice of the nation. They are now a mere drop in the ocean. The majority who support these so called journalists are a few scattered sheep trying to make ends meet in the diaspora. Those in Zim who are on the ground know better. They know Pr Makandiwa is really called by God whether diasporans who live a lie everyday claiming if they came back or if they are deported they will be killed believe it or not.

      • chimuti vakuru

        Herald said he was at UFIC and they asked him his number and they asked him to check his balance

        • Muwoni

          Who said he wasnt? I said why should they insinuate that prophet Makandiwa is the source of the problem? There should be mandatory legal studies for every zimbabwean. That national youth service should be replaced by such a course. There is no intent in the matter. He never signed any paper or approached anybody. The bank sent him a password so the bank is at fault. That error they did should not lead to that guy’s imprisonment he should just have been told to restitute

  • why did they ask for your number ??

  • Victor Kusi Boateng is to be mentioned here

  • Chelsea will be playing Liester City on Saturday afternoon

  • Ko mwana we miracle akaendepi

  • Takakuparidzirai kare kuti maprofita enhema muchaona pakupedzisa.nhasi wave kuchema naMakandiwa maiti ndi jesu

  • You will be a fool to believe such things do happen is life

  • Either u work for ur money, u ask or beg it or u steel it, no miracle money some1 somewhere is crying to God about his stollen money

    • Your limitation to the flesh doesn’t mean the supernatural doesn’t exist

  • The greatest calamity we face in the world results from fools who believe anything said by anyone without verifying the facts. So a lie can easily be used to taint the name of someone, and easily so when it is sold to dimwits.

  • Sorry boss makandiwa is a fake prophet look now he is after ur blood, you better come to Jesus b4 it is too late

    • Sir do you know how to discern a fake Prophet,read your Bible carefully that is if you got one

    • Yes boss i know from my experience and from the Bible aslo kkkkkkk during they preaching i can tell that its fake most of them they don’t use the word of God

  • Munomanikidzwa here kuenda ikoko?

  • Iko kuzoda zvemaharaa koiye Jesu zvaakaita minana pane here pamakambonzwa kuti akapfumisa munhu kana kuti yake minana yaive yekubatsira avovanorwara nevaripanhamo? Nhasi uno imi munomhanya kuchurch kunoitirwa mashura ekuti muverich oh hoo koiye mwari anomboti kudiniko nezveupfumi hwepanyika? Varume tichatongwa

  • I know now u pipo if u are not writing about Prophet’s hamuna zvimwe zvekunyora isikiri rebasa

  • You Romeo Tinashe if your prophets kill people then, there are Satanist rubish don’t worship prophets becoz mwari ndimwari vane good vakatsamwa vanorova dzinza kubva rokutanga kusvika rechina, don’t talk of killing people and I don’t think kuti even your prophet akaverenga zvawanyora will appreciate your support.

  • Uu zvakaoma, vamwe ndokuto siyana church dzavakakura nadzo ndokumhanya kune iyo minana. Ngatitsvake musiki guva ichigere, mufaro kwamuri.

  • Our beautiful Zimbabwe has reached a point of no return, millions of people brainwashed by greedy pastors and mind fucked by ZANU PF. People need to wake up and realise there’s more to life than corrupt ZANU or these cash driven pastors who are in it for 💰💰💰 only. I fear for our young generation who are born into this rubbish… Anywhere chisingaperi chinoshura inga slavery, apartheid, and so many wars zvakapera wani. I’m rooting for a new Zimbabwe where young man and women look forward to employment after high school or after graduation. Kwete kunyeperwa abt 2 million jobs, kwete kunyeperwa abt miracle money and kwete to look forward kuona ghoridhe richinaya muma streets hakuna zvakadaro… Zimbabweans let’s change our mentality mheni 😁😁😁❤️❤️😍.

    • The brainwash has been vicious. All the brains have been flushed out n their heads pumped with raw sewage n they can’t think, see or reason anymore.

      Cry my beloved Zimbabwe

  • Even the Media must stop telling lies

  • Kurumww netsikidzi rambira mumba. Mumwe akazorumwa mhuno ne bere saka vanga rarwadza nderipi retsikidzi kana rekurumwa nebere……. Taurwi tinzwe

  • Vatendi must learn to defend the name of God not prophet even the son of man did not allow his disciples to fight his battles remember what happened when Peter cutoff that men’s ear???? If I read this article correctly this man didn’t say anything bad about Makandiwa he merely described an incident which led him to this.

    I have seen these miracles being performed in your church and people being happy about it. The Bible says judge not……

    What kind of a church is this anyway full of judgmental people hooligans who always use their prophet’s name to threaten people’s lives. If the prophet agrees to this behavior take it from me ‘ he is indeed FAKE!

  • chana cha mambo

    miracle money = miracle spending kkkkk

  • I think Makandiwa is a very good teacher of the Word of God. I have listened to some of sermons and it is really powerful stuff.

    VaMakandiwa ngavasiyane nezveminana yakaita seiyi, ngavadzidzise vanhu shoko raMwari.

    • Just for the record, I don’t believe in miracle money. I believe that you work hard to earn money, and when you earn money you practice the principles of the Word of God (tithing, offerings, giving). That’s the way to be prosperous

  • we need preachers who preach about Sin and Repentance. we need preachers who can tell ppl that ‘verily , verily nobody will enter heaven unless they are born again. preachers who reminds us to return to our Lord and beg for forgiveness. but alas. that gospel is not coming from today’s prophets (makandiwa and magaya included) they preach a super hero Jesus who has to bless , bless and bless whenever we call His name even when it is called by plain wicked ppl. they preach a Jesus who has no commandments, because their Jesus has not told them to Honour the fourth commandment which says about honouring the seventhy day sabbath which according to the callender it falls on saturday. nop their Jesus is there to allocate them with earthly kingdoms and crooked wealth , they seem to ignore Luke chapter 4 when satan was quoted promising to give Jesus all wealth and kingdoms of the earth for they are his (satan’s) . they continue to seek for riches and gold (yes remember gold dust at makandiwa’s church some years ago at his so called Judgement night what so ever) they dont understand Jesus’ words to the rich young ruler , ‘ it is hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven than a camel to enter the eye of a needle. Their gospel is encouraging ppl to forsake God’s commandments starting their day of worship to idolation because we now have vana veva porofta other than vana vaMwari. Thank you all . Stay blessed.

    • U a lost braa

    • Evangelist C.TAbraham lost where

    • In our divergent religious takings we mus agree that all our religious lives should strive to take us closer, I mean CLOSER to God more so when you are a christian there is no substitute for Jesus and we ever pay absolute homage JEHOVAH through Christ. Now people are striving to get closer(physicaly and otherwise) to thier prophets. To them the image of God is in their omniportant prophet who helps them by-pass Jesus. After all their profets can do what Jesus and even better(money miracles, multitudes drawing, technological evangelism etc etc) . In short the world is nearly decieved. Evangelist C T Abraham, the devil is at work through these “Men of God”. The illuminate is advertising tthrough social media to help these Men Of God to grow in fame. Let us search for god this time that is right.

    • King Krayza Bee that’s so powerful ,u really need a proper platform to address this,cz most of our brethren are being misled,their focus being moved to things of th world

    • Wise words! God bless u!

    • The choice is yours to go to heaven poor as Lazarus or rich as Abraham. When you know who you are in Christ you will know what grace has provided for you.

  • kana munuu aakuenda kujeri anotaura zvese zvese. enda wakanyarara.

  • Never ever implicat the man of God its a curse to urself

  • mbavha ngaisungwe

  • Mukunetsana neiko? bank ndooo rakamamira basa period.

  • Can here somebody explain the story of BAR-JESUS,,,,,,, why pple are still brainwashed by false prophets….. Jesus said there will be false prophets who will use my name to heal with satanism and you must beware who to follow,,,,,,get this point,,,,,,,I think Jesus mean this prophets because we are now at the end of the world,.

  • Kurova thousand munhu achitenga etym chete. Hapana chimwe chaasina chaaigona kutenga here. Munhu uyu imbavha kana kuti anotopenga chete

  • Mwari huyai vanhu vaye vatanga fut

  • Simbe inotukwa enda unodzidza pamuwonde

  • Tell makandiwa wako iyeye to kill me Josiah change
    Makandiwa musatanist muudze izvozvo

  • Don’t play with a prophet even in the bible when elisha was moving around in city certain children started mocking him he looked at them suddenly hynas came from nowhere eat those children a prophet is mouthpiece of god

  • Shuwa ungati miracle money iri mu 4n not even bank account inobatsirei

  • Zim people you respect and praise the pastor more than God himself.if you guys see a pastor you shake like you are seeing God .guys you are bit lost that’s why today they are moving around with private jets with your money,

  • Father father don’t you have your own father what’s wrong with you.If you don’t God he is there for you change your childish ming

  • Romeo did you just say he can kill?????

  • This guy was trying to justify his theft. I doubt if he even goes to church. This was just a fallacious excuse.

  • Iyi haisi minana it’s magic, vanhu vaparara nekushaiwa zivo, nekusada kushanda kuda zvemahara kunge honye

  • he bought a lavish house in SA n a private jet but his followers are still miserably so poor

  • Prophet havadaro sha warasiswa nemweya wetsvina

  • Prophet E.Makandiwa is a great man of God

  • I we munhu chese chauya inyama muchashupika muita zvekutamba. Ungakohwe usina kurima azviiti dzakedziritsitsi dzei kukupamari usina chawamuitira vakawanda muchapenga nawo mafundisi aya muchingoti munhu wamwari