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Uebert Angel produces miracle money

By Mugove Tafirenyika

HARARE – Renowned Zimbabwean prophet and Spirit Embassy founder — Uebert Angel — left parishioners dumbfounded when he raised more than P2,4 million during a “miracle money” crusade in Botswana.

Uebert Angel and wife Beverly
Uebert Angel and wife Beverly

In a broadcast carried on his television — Miracle TV — the Zimbabwean performed miracle acts which rewarded part of the bumper congregants with “miracle money” ranging from loans, airtime and cash multiplication.

The miracle money crusade was attended by people drawn from South Africa, Angola, Namibia and Zambia.

“Father confound them, every skeptic, add money into their pockets, in phones, in accounts as a sign and a wonder that you have sent me. To prove that you have sent me…if I be a Prophet of God, let money appear to prove you have sent me…in the name of Jesus,” prayed Angel.

Prophet Angel told the congregants that God would work more miracles on them despite the sick having been healed.

“I know, the sick have been healed and God has spoken through miracles, and yet still God wants to deal with you in a new fashion today. I declare miracle money into your pockets, hand bags and bank accounts. Right now check your balances,” he said.

As ridiculous as it sounded, many fumbled for their pockets and in a few seconds, a woman came out of the crowd hands filled with multiple notes of 100 Pula.

“I only had P10 in coins in my pocket and now it’s P650,” she screamed as she rolled over the notes with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Count it again!” Angel instructed. Kneeling, she picked the notes back into her hands and before she could finish the count she was back on the ground, face facing upwards now, “ahhhhh… haaa it’s now P1 000,” she yelled into the microphone. Angel explained that everything was possible with God.

“Jesus multiplied bread from nowhere. He multiplied fish from nowhere and to add mystery, did it in the desert where there is no water for the fish to be found.

“The Lord also instructed Peter to go catch a fish and from its mouth collect money, only if and when you can only tell me where the fish in the Bible got its money, where Jesus’ bread came from and where the fish he multiplied came from, only then can I tell you where this money is coming from.

“How do you expect me to explain the chemical composition of a miracle, how? You said I came to take your money now the Lord decided to give you money miraculously. It’s all Jesus and less of me.”

Angel has had several miracle crusades that have been dubbed miracle nights. To date two hugely successful Miracle Nights have been hosted in Zambia and Botswana with bumper crowds of over 60 000.

In Zambia, the congregants at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in October was the biggest crowd ever recorded in that country’s history for a Christian gathering. He has promised a miraculous night on New Year’s Eve during the evening service dubbed The Cross Over. -Daily News


  • Is it capable of buying from the shops?

  • Laas Dee Mbetsa

    Miracle cash

  • Kana adaro akora. Zvinhu zvaoma ngaatoshanda nagono paiswe mari mucirculation.

  • S’phe Moyo Dewah

    mmmmmmmm! Zvakaoma

  • ehe babie

    kuda mari kwevanhu uku….shame shame

  • Anonymous

    what a load shite!

  • Anonymous

    …what a load OF shite!

  • Ki ki ki thanks for e lullaby i can sleep soundly now!

  • Anonymous

    the Egyptian magicians also turned rods into snakes. Coincidence? I think not…!

  • Maivako

    haiwawo tibvirepo, ngaabhadhare ka zvikwereti zvenyika tione

  • chadzo

    hameno mwari wega ndiye anoziva

  • ndoo mari inozochinja kuita mashizha. Gullible greed followers

  • ndoo mari inozochinja kuita mashizha. Gullible greedy followers

  • thats a sign of god s power…he is the first prophet in the world to do such a miracle.

  • Simon Mtetwa

    Guyz what a mighty god he saves and respond to him.What about your God.How awesome is he.

  • Vanhu we-e wake up! The bible says in the last days they will do great things and the power will not be from God! how readest thou?

  • Miracle money

  • Aha……….

  • Prophets of doom

  • People will perish due to lack of knowledge……..

  • Whether it makes sense or it doesn’t make any sense I do believe my God can do more than this.

  • Garikai Felix Sibanda

    Your caption is misleading….surely goodness and mercy is following him give him praise instead!!

  • Juliana Madhiri

    u can say that again MacGerald i wonder kuti vanopfungaidzirwa ere vanu ava kuti vapuse zvakadaro

  • amazuva ekupedzisira shuwa vanhu muchirasika makatarisa shuwa.makaita.seiko imi?ngatinamatei mwari wechokwadi kwete zvemashura izvi.

  • Prophet come magician.
    And how Godly is this,someone please explain

  • Not a prophet a magician during Moses ,s, time those people were there is being used by Satan to misled people

  • Money e root of all evil.ndoana tsika mutanda

  • I think we now need the difference between a miracle and magic?? I think its more of superstision than holliness! Nwae the tym shall come!

  • Angel of death

  • Paita bhegi hahahaha, ndotomhanya ipapo kikikiki. Munofunga kuti church nemari hazvifambirani? Ko vakuru veiya church vaizoramba kusiya sei, kusvika pakuda kupfura journalist. Imi munoendako kuchurch ndimi vatadzi chaivo bcoz munotadza muchiziva bible. Regai zvedu isu zvidhakwa tihuputse takamirira 2013, hatina mhosva.

  • Tafadzwa Sandi

    vakomana kah vakomana kah hehehe ah uuh hooo hey hey mari mari chaiyo hoooo ingah rather….

  • Tafadzwa Sandi

    vakomana kah vakomana kah hehehe ah uuh hooo hey hey mari mari chaiyo hoooo ingah rather….

  • Tafadzwa Sandi

    vakomana kah vakomana kah hehehe ah uuh hooo hey hey mari mari chaiyo hoooo ingah rather….

  • I wonder whether this is the same Gospel that Jesus and the Apostles preached. Today the world seeks riches and lavish lifestyles and indeed the so called christian founders of this age have realized the need and preach a gospel that is tailored to the congregants need. Paul in his letter to Timothy warns us of such a time and indeed it is this time, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2Timothy 4:3,4)

    • graying sekuru Wa Tina

      Chii chimwe uchada futi nhaiwe

  • wyswyg

    “As ridiculous as it sounded, many fumbled for their pockets and in a few seconds, a woman came out of the crowd hands filled with multiple notes of 100 Pula” What about the other many?

    What will multiple of pula notes do? What is the purpose of this type of gospel?

    I (2Timothy 4:3,4)

  • nyasha

    the human race needs divine intervention God help us all this is hopeless

    • mafikezolo

      Maranatha! dai ishe vachidzoka zvino

  • ››› Fungai ›››

    Haaa yah ndabvuma hangu, this world is surely coming to an end

  • Thabathani

    Surely there is nothing that God can not do, but people need to realise that miracles are not a guarantee that one is saved, one preacher asked a question on what do we think about those that Jesus perfomed miracles on, where they saved after that??? and the anwer is we do not know. in my own opinion God can nor be limited on miracles he can do whatever he pleases but the main thing is he has not said it in his word that his miracles will guarantee our salvation.

  • Miracle yemari? Come on guys. Preaching about money/ Whatever happened to preaching about the word? You really thin that God makes a man of the cloth so that you double someone’s pocket? FFS!!!! Get real people!

  • mujoza

    mwari wandinoziva anoropafadza basa remaoko ako. peter paaka tumwa kunotora mari mukanwa mehove ,aifanira kutanga araura hove yacho. zvichireva kuti hapana chinouya usina kushanda.

  • zisoup

    hanzi god z new fashion of doing things-mwari haachinji

  • zisoup

    mwari kwakut handina kuvatuma-altho vakangoita dzungu vachipararira nenyika = hanzi vanotaura zvenyika ndosaka vachidiwa

  • Petros lovedaty daniel

    l greet u all, in jesus name.
    I’ve no intention of argue wit any1 of u, bt of geting answers.

    2.who is greater & more powerfull btwn GOD & devil(satan)?

    3.does it mean dat God has 2 do wat we cn believe & approve?

    4.A u saying these prophets- Angel & Makandiwa’s miracles a nt of God?

    5.If so then its satan… WHICH 1 OF U CAN GET DAT DEMON DAT IS IN THEM OUT OF THEM?






  • my name is

    people understand that every power comes from God you man of little faith you believe that evil has more power than God .Zimbabwe must belive and focus and thier debts God will make a way .until you people of zimbabwe you loosen your hearts and reiceve Jesus thenthe impossible become possible to you and zimbabwe will be alive again .people of zimbabwe its in your hands for zimbabwe situation to be resolve .remember the jews how they denied Jesus are you not doing the same stop judging do not take God’s job .i can not judge