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Makandiwa’s pastor was great in bed: Ex

A woman suing the Mutare-based United Family International Church pastor, Jacob Tembo says he was not much of a Man of God but was great in bed.

Cynthia Shungu Tapera has taken the married pastor to court and the illicit affair is now the talk in Makandiwa's church
Cynthia Shungu Tapera has taken the married pastor to court and the illicit affair is now the talk in Makandiwa’s church

Cynthia Shungu Tapera has taken the married pastor to court and the illicit affair is now the talk in Makandiwa’s church. Some church members were even more titillated when pictures of the pair began circulating via smart phones.

Pastor Tembo refused to comment on the matter saying that the dispute between him and Cynthia was still sub-judice. “Go ahead and do your job, I can’t comment on that because the matter is before the courts,” he said.

But his ex-lover Cynthia denied leaking the pictures.

“I have no idea as to how the pictures leaked but it is true that I am the one in those pictures. I came across the pictures after some of my friends informed me about their circulation. The other guy on the picture is my former boyfriend, Jacob Tembo. He is a pastor with UFI Church. I think one of the pictures was taken some two weeks ago before we broke up,” she said.

Pastor Tembo kneels in prayer with a beer in his hands
Pastor Tembo kneels in prayer with a beer in his hands

Cynthia added: “I used to hear people calling him a great man of god. I would laugh at them. To tell you the truth, to me he was just a great man in bed. He is a close friend of Prophet Makandiwa and each time Makandiwa called him when we were enjoying our quality time, he would order me to keep quiet. He was afraid that Makandiwa would hear my voice and sometimes he would lie that he was in Mutare while we were in fact enjoying in Harare.

“Jacob needs more deliverance than most UFI members because he is just misleading people. Most people in UFI don’t even know that he drinks (alcohol) but I know he does. He drinks expensive stuff and in one of the pictures he is holding a Smirnoff beer,” she said.

The woman said Pastor Tembo was still stalking her asking for sex.

“We first met in 2006 in Kadoma and he lied to me that he was not married. I believed him because he never put on his ring and generally he looks younger than his actual age because of his blings. I only discovered that he has a wife when his wife called me.

His wife told me that she heard that I was going out with him by one of his ex- girlfriends. But there was nothing I could do about it because I was already having his child,” said Cynthia.

“If he really didn’t want to have a child with me he should have just used a condom but he decided to have unprotected sex. So he has to look after his child,” said Cynthia who also claimed that she is still in possession of Pastor Tembo’s underwear. H Metro

  • Michael Mapani

    Yes he waz gud in bed so wat ? Mahure munonetsa.tine zvinhu zvirikutinetsa munyika zvakawanda zvirikuda kugadziriswa imi makuti udza zvekunyengana kwevanhu tineinazvo.

  • Kupakwashe RastaBabes M

    Makandiwa dis Makandiwa dat leave him alone

    • They are cut from the same cloth, vese ma self appointed ‘men of God’. Ma ghevha vese, true conmen. Hanzi hey sow your seed (i.e. give me money) and you shall be rich, and the crowds fall for that nonsense, they all use the same playbook chero kuno dziriko mbavha dzakadaro vana Chikosi anozviti Bishop yet no one knows how he came by that title.

      • Andy

        @Matibili, your ignorance is devilish. In your pinhead mind how are men of God to be appointed? No point asking because you dont know. God appoints pastors and bishops. Not another human being. Read Eph 4, if you can find it. No man ordains another man. Man can only recognise what God has already ordained, you nitwit. Your ignorance is only exceeded by your hatred for men of God

        • seezy

          That is true.Pastors are ordained only by God.Thank you for xplaining tht…

      • Ladychidor

        Matibili, do you HAVE to know how anyone and everyone came by their title.? Who are you? Are u deity ?
        Rid yourself of this “controlling spirit ” , the world doesnt revolve around you!!!

        • Fayafaya

          Matibili u creepy. Back off the Bishop. He is not accountable to you. How he came to be bishop is none of your business. U keep acting like a playground bully demanding things from people that you have no right to demand from. The people who the Bishop shepherds worldwide are quite satisfied and dont need your opinions. What we need to know is if u yourself r Christian. When were u born again and what church r u a member of? (I think my initial post on this got deleted again)

          • Rambo001

            I personally don’t have problems with Makandiwa but I have problems with his followers who are foul mouthed, idol worshippers and downright ignorant of bible teachings. What most of his follower do is what is called idolatry. You may give me names but we will see you in hell. Confess and repent and follow Jesus Christ the only way to God.

      • Fayafaya

        Matibili u r starting to get real creepy. Back off man. If a person doesnt want to share personal details with u, dont try to bully the info out of them. U r acting like a playground bully again. just buzz off. U demand that bishops tell u details of their calling as if they r accountable to u or owe u explanations. Who do u fancy yourself to be-the archbishop of Zim? U have an exaggerated sense of your own importance, typical of bullies. When a man says no to your pestering inquiries, what part of no do u not understand? Those whom this Bishop shepherds all over the world know how he came by his title. Why is that not enough for you? U dont think they have enough brains to verify the authenticity of their leadership and need your help? why dont you tell us when u were born again and what church u belong to? Will u answer that? Probably not, just as u continue to refuse to post a pic of yourself as previously requested. Just back off man cause u starting to sound real creepy.

        • wuto

          fayaya uri m….a chete usavhundutsire munhu m…a yako.

          • Andy

            Wuto hapana kuvhundutsira apa. Its a fair comment to leave people alone if they dont want to deal with you. Iwe ndiwe urikuda kuvhundutsira. Uribenzi risingazivi zvariri kutaura. Just crawl back into the hole u came out of

          • Fayafaya

            Wuto we knew that a foul mouthed low-life was bound to surface from the sewer sooner or later. U eventually did, but on the wrong forum. This one is for civilised human beings.

      • Matapi Boy

        Makandiwa is a fake pastor. Full of crap and lies. Vanu kunyanya kuterera junk yake mhani. These are the so calle dprophets who claim to heal but are just liars and crooks. Unotenga Brabus ye Euro250 000 but vanhu vanouya ku church yako vanofa nenzara. Abuse ye gift chaiyo sa Hitler

  • Anonymous

    Man of cloth vakuru

    • Chabwino Chauruka

      Vakuru nhai? Vachaninipiswa neDenga vakasareurura! Chasara apa kuita resign. Zvanyadza!

  • why talking about Makandiwa then? Bad

  • Precious Nyasha Mubvumbi

    Pasi nevanotamba nezita raMwari nxa fake prophets judgement day will come

    • Anonymous

      Makandiwa has nothing to do wit this this is Tembo story leave him alone

      • nto

        isu Tembo hatim’zivi toziva Makandiwa,saka vakati Makandiwa’s pastor ndo kuti tinzwisise zvirikutaurwa.of which i think all of them are just the same

        • www.

          nto ,has answered rightly

    • pets

      will it not come for u too>or u r olready in heaven!!

  • Nedson phiri

    Dai akasotwa

  • ngux

    zvakaoma nhai

  • Rumbidzai Rumbi Mu

    Nhai Amai hwee zvangu kaani….

    • anty12

      handiti muporofita akadini kuzviona pamweya————heya

      • CashTalk

        Anty12 your rationale really intrigues me. Remember there is a higher order also involved here whose name has been abused and He is God himself. At times some of these things God just let’s it be, for best reasons known to Him. Hezvo zvazongo buda zvega wani, God has exposed the man.

  • So if he was gud in bed then does that warrant her to parade that? Y was she left? Nxaaaa leave the people of God alone. Every1 has his/her past and that can’t stop sm1 to move on with life.

    • Tindoldo

      This is not past its very recent. He did it while he was already a Pastor. MaPastor enyu aya mahure takambokudzai. Endayi munonamatirwa tigoona kwazvinoperera

      • seezy

        Mate,no one is perfect.We all run short of the glory of God.He sinned,so what??Who are you to judge someone as if you are perfect.Face your own sins and repent.Instead,you should be praying for his salvation.Dude,you dnt even know this man’s relationship with God so you need to shut up and pray for wisdom and your own salvation…

    • Gidza

      Who are we to judge other people? Let’s leave it to God. None of us is qualified to judge other people because in God’s eyes we are all the same and no one is better than another.

  • Woolf in sheep skin.

  • evry1 hs a past,Pastor Tembo u are a man of,let nt any of ths nonsence move u 4rm wt u blv in,God is wth and as 4 e grt man of God prophet Makandiwa,w thnk God 4 giving u divine wisdom,may ur continue 2 bless us

    • Wallace

      Man will be deceived and stil follow because weak will he be in spirit;be prayerfull and the lord wil open your spiritual eyes cause now u are still blind

    • nto

      brother pliz read 2 Thessalonians 2 the whole Chapter but special emphasis on verses 8-12 and pliz pray before opening your Bible. Mat 24 vs 24,hanzi they shall deceive even the elect saka mupangwarire futi ipapo. Inclosing read Mat 7 vs 15-20,may God help us to search the scriptures and allow the Bible to speak for God because its His word

  • Nelson Muzvuzvu

    So wat?????? kana mashaya zvekutaura jus kip zii coz ths z silly

  • evry1 hs a past,Pastor Tembo u are a man of,let nt any of ths nonsence move u 4rm wt u blv in,God is wth and as 4 e grt man of God prophet Makandiwa,w thnk God 4 giving u divine wisdom,may ur continue 2 bless us

  • Musatambe ne zita remuzodziwa wamwari prophet vapinda papi apa

  • Saka Makandiwa apinda papi apa .. Inga dzimwe nyaya munongoti a Bulawayo pastor did this n tht ko madii mangodaro.. Sis’ on yu

  • Is he not Makandiwa’s pastor? That is the story. Its also the reason why you read it.

    • piki

      Yea you can say that again Man, actualy I think there is more than what meets an eye in this whole makandiwa shit. The big question is, is this tembo not makandiwa’s pastor and if he is the makandiwa was supossed to teach him to keep his anaconda behind closed zip.

      • Andy

        @Fortune, no he is not Makandiwa’s pastor. Makandiwa did not call anyone into ministry. Jesus, who is the Chief Shepherd calls men into ministry. This man is a pastor at UFIC. Period

    • Me

      Bravo Fortune Tazvida

    • General Pancho Villa

      Point iyo.

  • Your past may try to follow u.But if u have been converted by Jesus de link just cant afect u anymore.That past will only haunt those who cant forget yo past.Whatever voice is frm de past sinful nature is not to be revered.Shame on u FILTHY STORYWRITERS

    • Rugare

      Iwe, past kuita seiko, past ye two weeks ago? Uyu Tembo uyu takambomuregerera abuda futi muma Newspaper aba fuel worth more than US$300 000.00, nyaya yacho iri mumatare edzimhosva izvozvi. Then this, iwe woramba uchingoti touch not the annointed of God. Musatambe nezita raMwari protecting sinners imi.

    • kunta kinte

      it is not the past it is the present. If he is a pastor he must just confess and ask for forgiveness. He got lost !!!

  • chimmu

    It’s a shame,vanhu ivava vawanda manje varikuti vanhu vamwari nyambisirwa ma satanists epower.Shame on this bastard,shame,and to hell with you,bloody bastard.Kunyangadza UFIC indeed.But I also guess kuti mari yavari kupiwa yakawanda vanhu ava.Stop messing the name of UFIC.

  • osca hute

    Makandiwa ndiye akaratidzwa kuti munhu uyu ngewamwari akakodzera kuita mufundisi. as a prophet aifanira kuonawo kuti zvaarikugadza zvakamira sei? at the end of the day he is answerable. munhu andapfugame achinamatira doro here veduwee?

    • Prince Mataz

      Iwe Osca usataura zvaunsingazive, were you there when Makandiwa received a revelation? You might as well accuse Jesus for choosing Judas Iscariot!

      Do you know that Jesus said, “I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak”? Speak what you know please! Some of these people are kept in church because is God is using them to fulfill certain scriptures. Look he has been exposed!!

      • wuto

        Pfutseke iwe revelation yekupi stupid,munongotevera ma motivational speakers chete dzese imbahva even ivo vanaMakndiwa vacho man of God wupi wacho,even iwe you are a man of god or a woman of God.but kutibata kumeso muchiti mbavha mutumwa wamwari taneta nazvo isu,ndiyo gospel of prosperity yacho ye ku driver ma Bentley ne bodyguards,muchiita ma auction ne mbasha tsaru pamusoropazvo moita basa rekukwiri vakadzi but come Sunday you tell kuti vasaite cheupombwe,this guy belongs to that same church UFI yana Makandiwa saka vese vakafanana shiri dzakafanana dzino bhururuka pamwe.

        • Andy

          Wuto uri benzi advertising your stupidity

        • pets

          Kuisa tsumo nemadimikira pashoko raMwari hazvishande baba,tipeiwo maverse nemascripture !!!!!

    • Fire

      Apo akawanza asi

  • ashton madawu

    Deal wit yo man not vamakandiwa he was not in bed wit u , u a such hhytpocrite

    • Anonymous

      Of course people who claim to be men of God should lead by example, remember the Bible forbids us to cause other people to stumble. However, Tembo’s behaviour has nothing to do with Prophet Makandiwa, to speak for myself, he has transformed my life, I understand the Bible better than I did before I went to his Church, and you know what, I am not even a regular, but the man knows his Bible. If he is fake, let him be, he will answer to God. If he is the one who was making those Tembo moves, then we have something talk about, do you expect those over 30 000 ufic people to be perfect????

      • pets

        u r right in a way,this issue of perfection should be well understood by christians everywer.remember the five-fold minstry -the bible clearly defines its function,FOR THE PERFECTING OF THE SAINTS!!!

  • Anonymous

    ko Makandiwa apinda papi apa musatambe nezita remunhu wamwari veduwe

  • vanhu munondishamisa hanzi leave him alone, vhunzai isu tinogara mukwekwe takaziva Jacob kudhara, anotonzi Jack muma circles, this man is my neighbour, akabva kunokuKwekwe pamusana pekuba KuBP distribution. He is at thst church to make money and rip you off stupid fools who believe stupid things.

    • Prince Mataz

      Withdraw your words. Never call people created in God’s image as “FOOLS”.

      • vanhu ngavaudzwe chokwadi

        iwe Prince siya munhu ataure chokwadi vakuru ivavo vane muchunu ndotonzwira tsitsi mukadzi wake.kuAFM akamboiswa pasi peshamu nekuda zvinhu ikoko

    • General Pancho Villa

      Unenge une info, tell us more dear so that we can comment.

    • pets

      stupid people who beleive stupid things-really?,may the lord God forgive you and give you the spirit of love,joy and kindness.

  • what u are is what u let out of your mouth.developmental news is what we want no masocial lives evanhu.report something better

    • mataks

      iwe rega vareporte news tizive mbavha dzatinogara nadzo ah. developmental news dzipi dzacho, ndekupi kune dvpnt yacho nxaaaaa

  • Promise Chitsidzo

    There is a saying which goes …’you can judge a man by the company he keeps’. These are tell-tell signs… there is more to come… there has already been in any case! Watch this space! You are not going to hear a big voice from the skies saying ‘this one is not one of mine. He is a sheep in wolf’s clothing’. Mwari anotaura nezviratidzo. Ignore these ‘little’things at your peril!

    • Andy

      @Promise, so how do you judge Jesus who had Judas Iscariot as staff member and spent more time with publicans and sinners than he did with religious people? U see how dumb and ignorant your comments are?

  • Idiot Makandiwa mbavha

    • Andy

      manje the bigger idiot ndiwe. Uri mbavha gororo futi, muvengi wevhangeri.

      • wuto

        vhangeri ripi stupid munongotevera kunoenda mhepo mapenzi evanhu chakurwadza chii kuna anzi imbavha,ko haisi here? majaira kushandira vamwe varume,wake up and smell the coffee shandira mhuri yako bedzi.

        • Andy

          Muhedeni chaunoziva nezvevhangeri chii? Tendeuka usiyane neurombe hwako hunokunetsa

          • pets

            andy dont worry about these,even paul says ‘their gods shall be their stomachs,wat did he mean?they dont know they are fullfilling the scripture!lol

      • jojo

        @Andy…ko munhu waMwari munotukireiko vanhu!! What type of a Christian are you??

  • Munhumutema

    Why didn’t Prophet Makandiwa not see this in his visions as he is claimed to be?.

    • Andy

      Why didnt Jesus see beforehand that Judas Iscariot was a murderer?

      • justice

        Andy hauverenge shoko. Jesus is God and he knew all things and he knows all things kunze kwe return date yake chete. Judas akatomuudza kare wani kuti pakati penyu pane nhubu!!!

        • Andy

          Your theology needs panel beating. Jesus did not operate on earth as God. he ministered as a man or prophet under the Abrahamic Covenant. Which means as a man he did not know all things. This is why He did not know His return date. But if you want to tell me that God does not know Jesus’ return date then you definitely got issues bro

      • dan

        Any you should read the bible more before commenting .how can you compare Makandiwa to Jesus Christ???
        Its ignorant Illiterate people like you who are easily brain washed by false prophets .It says so in the bible that you should beware of false prophets . Imi Ma Zimba Muno nyadzisa S.M.H

        • pets

          that same bible also in John says “as He is so are we!!”bro its actually your religiosity that has brainwashed you!christianity is not a religion its a revelation,Judaism is religion!that same bible also says man shall deny the spirit and the power thereof,dont just say false prophets false prophets tell us all about the issue ,even the jews said Jesus was demon possessed-the devil always despises God from the begining!!!

          • Andy

            @Dan first of all my name is Andy, not Any.
            Secondly if u had not dropped out of primary school u would know that Jesus the Man was the pattern for humanity. You would know that “as He is so are we in this world.” You would also know that He said “greater works than these shall ye do.” But you dont know these things because you are a primary skool dropout

  • Anonymous

    Sei vanhu muchida kurevera chakaipa,saka kana mombe ikdya mumunda memumwe munhu wamunoziva moramba muchiti yataurirwei muridzi wayo.Kana iye chidhakwa ichi chihinyeba kuti mufundisi imi mochireverera nekuti papinzwa zita ra makandiwa ,kunamata kwacho kuri papi?Uyu munhu imhombwe haasi muporofita waMwari,ndova satani aya!Sei muchida kungoteverera kunge matrocks echitima imi muchiona kuti munhu uyu akarasika?Zva Mwari zvinooneka zvega!

    • Andy

      Vanhu hadzisi mombe kani sabhuku. Kwanai!

      • Dan

        @Andy it was a typo if you know wat that means.your I.Q is so low u have to dig for it.I asked you if you are placing Makandiwa and Jesus on the same level and you failed to give a straight answer.Its clear to me now u have already been BRAIN WASHED and are living in Denial
        Your comments say it all .You Need to go somewhere and have a seat.

        • Andy

          @Dan, talk abt IQ – do u even know u r posting under the wrong comments? No I dont think u know that.
          U also dont know that I in fact answered your question. I cant spoonfeed u and change your stinky diaper dear. U have to figure that yourself. U r a big boy now. Or r u now?

          • jojo

            @Andy…muri maChristians rudziiko anotukirira kudai vaAndy? Rurimi rwenyu rudzorei vakuru vangu kana muri muChristian!! Kuziva kwenyu Bhaibheri kunoshaya basa kana muine rurimi rusingaenderane nechinamato chenyu!!

  • bere buru

    prosperity gospel….not gud at all, plz stop being carried by thse pple

    • pets

      saka toti poverty gospel ka!!!kikikikiki,you think all men of faith were poor?Go and read your bible well-look at abraham,isaac,job etc etc the bible declares he had in excess of three hundred servants!!!n thus a poor man for u?lol,,,why do u want us to believe christians have to be poor read 2Cor8;9 n come back with ur arguement-again Jesus said I came that they might have life and have it in abundance!!!!

      • pets

        eee avo vari kuti machurch eprosperity do u really know the richest church in the world?where did they get their wealth?u think u know u dont know nything,do ur research u see for urself!!!

  • Foxy1

    Ma Pastor enyu aya hameno

  • W T Mutezo

    its a sin to start a church if you were not called to do so by God.Its is also a big sin to mislead people.Pastors,mind there is a lot more after the present life.Its ok to do in hiding as of now,but time will come when all things will be made open to all.Will you stand that

    • pets

      And thank you for helping God in judging right now!!!

      • ntoe

        its a fact,zviripo muBible zvataurwa naMutezo, its different from judging. y dont u stop being defensive and think 4 a while. munhu wese achamira ega pajudgement no matter how much u defend ur ‘man of god’

  • chifamba kudzai

    inini zvinondikona. iwewe unoona zvaiita umwe iwewe hauoni kuti waidanana nemurume wemunhu? imimi munongotsvaga zvakashata pamunhu? zvakanaka hamutsvagi. tangai mataura kuti aita ichi chakanaka asi ane ichi chakanaka. hamuna kumbosiyana nevanhu vakanzi najesu hamuna chamunoziva. makataura kuti jesu anoda kupunza temple oivaka in 3 days. hamuna kumbotaura kuti vairwara vakapora. taurai zvese musatipe zvinoita tifunge kuti haasi wamwari. tipei zvese zvehupenyi hwake. just recently akamutsa munhu anga afa asi hamuna kuzvitaura. vandikaona vachipora vakawanda asi hamuna kutaura. aimbonwa. ndo zvamunoda kutaura izvozvo. kana musina nyaya zviya munorara kudzimba dzenyu nevakadzi venyu

  • Makandiwa arikupinda pakuti ishamwari yaJacob and ane phone number dzake!saka vese varikuti he-heee Makandiwa apinda papi rangarirai kuti “ukatamba nemusoja, hausi musoja asi ukatamba nembavha, uri mbavha”

    • Andy

      Ko inga Jesu akatamba na Judas aive mbavha. Saka unoti Jesu chii? Rotomoka tinzwe

  • chrispen madede

    va tembo mwana we muporofta

    • justice

      Ha ha ha ha kwakakwaka kikiki fake profet!!!

  • Gtt

    True lies . Look closely at e beer. That was computer graphics. Who cud have photographed a pastor holding a beer and again pastor wud not expose himself like that

    • jojo

      saka vakashandisa GRAPHICS kuita hupombwe here?? Is he denying that the child is his?? You guys need to wake up. The Paster was taken to Court by his employers for stealing from them when he was still with The AFM….munamatirei murume uyu musamupembedze…imbava he should never be a Pastor at all

  • Slow

    kana arimuprofita chaiye haoneswe sei kuti vanhu vake ndozvavanoita inga Jesu akaudza Judas kuti ndiwe uchanditengesa wani.MUPROFiTA WEPROSPERITY GOSPEL CHETE

    • Andy

      Yes, but Jesus kept Judas at his job right until the end. Or maybe you dont know that part of the story?

      • jojo

        Jesus had a mission of salvation…your prophet’s mission is money, money money!! Shame on you Andy!!

        • pets

          andy you r right!these guys talk about prosperity gospel to suit wat they want people to believe-they think we dont know,they think they r the ones who know but u can tell thier hatred against against certain brethren-read 2COR 8vs 9 n come back with ur waffling lol!

        • Andy

          Jojo, mission has nothing to do with the original point raised by “Slow.” The point was how come Makandiwa has a guy on satff who is not living right. My response was how come Jesus also had a guy on staff who wasnt living right? So can you see Jojo that your reference to mission is off topic? If you cant see that then I cant help you

          • jojo

            @Andy…original point yekuita seiko vakuru…We must confront all those who tarnish The Church…we must NEVER defend them. This guy has a list of things that need adressing…All the issues he got involved in when he was already a snr member of The Church…he is a liability to the good that The Church stands for….as a Pastor, what is he going to preach if his reputation is questionable!! Is he going to preach what he practices??

  • Pets

    Imi siyanayi naMakandiwa na Tembo!

    Mumwe nemumwe achanomira nezvake kudenga kana mwari vauya kuzotora vanhu vayo saka mhosva dzamakandiwa na Tembo ndedzawo hamusi imi muchadzitongerwa siyanai navo!

  • Anonymous

    aaaah zvakaoma.vanhu ava vari kutsvaga mari not mwari.

    • jojo

      thats true…its MARI not MWARI!!Lol

  • jojo

    the point here is that this guy is a Pastor who preaches love…he must lead by example and look after HIS child. This is not his past following him he was already a Pastor when he made the woman pregnant and she says The Prophet used to call them when they were having a good time and the Pastor would instruct her to keep quiet. The question here is if the Prophet was really a PROPHET why didn’t he prophesy that he was talking to someone who was in the middle ADULTERY!!
    The same pastor was in the news in Kwekwe when he stole money from his employers whilst he was still with AFM together with the Prophet!! He had his items attached by the Messenger Of Court a few weeks ago…this is public knowledge.
    He also admitted in Court that some of the church money is deposited into his account…if this is not theft what then is is….does Makandiwa’s Church not have a Bank Acc??!!
    You Zimbos need to wake-up. Don’t be conned by these thieves.
    This is just the beginning. The Lord will expose ALL of them. Its just a pity some of you will continue to defend them. SHAME on you

    • Andy

      Prophets only know what is revealed to them by God. They dont know everything as you seem to think. Jesus only revealed His knowledge of Judas status at the end of His ministry. That doesnt take anything away from Jesus’ ministry as a Prophet. So can you see that your argument is dumb?

      • Rugare

        Andy answer the last part of Jojo’s comment. UFI haina bank account here?

        • Andy

          Obviouisly UFIC mst have an account. So whats the point of this?

          • pets

            andy look here ,these guys seem to have a personal vendatta with makandiwa,the issue began as pator great in bed but look wat this guy’s arguement is bank account!!!there are some pple who seem to be scrutinising other pple jus waiting for a chance like the pharisees were doing,on the day he healed on the sabath-the bible says they came to ask him “since they wer looking for an opportunity……”these guys in stead of spreading the gospel which they claim to have are on a hunting spree for certain minstries n their pastors-go for the gospel guys if u true tell the world the msg!!!shame on u too!!!

      • jojo

        so you mean “unonamata ne mhombwe nevaroi vachiroya muchurch iwe uri mu Profita ukasaziva kuti ava vanhu varoi ava imhombwe”??

        • pets

          bible says ALL PROPHECY IS GIVEN FOR COMFORT,EDIFICATION AND EXALTATION,not ‘spiritual detectives that you want us to beleive,thats not biblical!!!!

        • Andy

          Kudai usiri muhedeni waizoziva kuti even the churches that St Paul started had major moral and doctrinal problems. One guy was even dating his step-mother in the Corinthian church! Do you think that is a reflection on Paul’s character? Pagans, motivated by demonic spirits will answer yes.
          No, churches, as long as they are made up of people will have problems. There are no perfect churches, including yours -if you have any. And you, btw, aren’t perfect either. So just chill

          • pets

            u can say that Andy,wat pple in their wisdom or gross lack of tend to forget is that wen Paul was writing he was writing ,he was writing to congregations,not to people who were outside the church,they have to look at all the introductions of Paul’s letters-his references were to brethren who were going against scripture in these churches,but he was correcting them

          • jojo

            Andy,YOU ARE EXPOSING YOUR COVER… you are a FAKE man of the cloth yourself or one of their AGENTS…may The Lord rebuke you!!

      • jojo

        @Andy….are you insinuating that Jesus didnt know that he was going to be sold out by Judas until the end of His ministry? You cant be serious!!I agree with you that prophets only know what is revealed to them…but, another reason why some “prophets” cant detect the existance of sin in their midist is because they are either “fake prophets” or they themselves are living in sin as well!!

  • hovio(vigorony)makanya


    • pets

      thank you aneg of Gd ,you who r holier than thou?!you can do God’s job greater than Him!!!judge,u even have % of “true christians”!!lol

  • Lovemore Mutawu

    Hupombwe haudiwi muchurch pliz! Pastor ava vanoda kuvhiringa zvinhu zvavaMakandiwa!

  • Arlie Tymbrly Nongwanr

    musanamate vanhu.a man is bound to fall at anytime.haana kana basa Tembo uyo.let him drink his sminnoff and be good in bed watsoever but damage yaaita muchurch ma1.he just made the devil pop champayne.God judges asi nemabasa and your shadow recorded all.bling haiendese kudenga,haitombosvitse paceiling.

  • Anonymous

    Makandiwa anoona zvirikumberi ko akarega nei kuona makunakuna apastor ava?kuhwanda nezita ramwari hakusi kuchenjera shuwa iwe uchitungamira boka womwa muchiwande,kunamata wakabata doro musatambe na Mwari uyu,zuva rekutongwa muchamupindura.

    • Andy

      ko inga Jesu akafamba na Judas wani? Ko Paul na Demas? Muprofita haone zvaanoda. Anooneswa naMwari zvinoda Mwari kuti aone. Ko chiiko nhai?

      • jojo

        Andy you need to open your eyes….does a real Prophet use the “gift of prophesy” to enrich himself!! Jeso akanga asina kana dhongi zvaro!! These ppl are agents of the Devil!!Nda ana Baari maProfita akanyorwa $Dollar sign pamuromo!! Lol

        • Andy

          Jojo u have a knack of speaking off topic. What u r asking has nothing to do with what Anonymous wrote about. Man, can u read? he is asking why this man’s lifestyle was not detected earlier. Stay with the subtopic initiated or else initiate your own subtopic. Lets see you do better in your next posting

  • rody pa cape twn

    2 peter 2 v1 -3,,but they were also false prophets among the people,just as they will be false teachers among you.they will secretly introduce destructive heresies even denying the sovereign lord who brought them-bringing swift destruction on themselves.many will follow their shamefull ways&will bring the way ot the truth into disrepute.in their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories the have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them&their destruction has not been sleeping………….tibatsireiwo baba

    • pets

      true but look at the begining of your scripture it says they were also…..what about the other half?it means they will also true prophets!mayb u can tell us these,cause the bible didnt say they will ONLY be false prophets,it says they were also….dont mislead the people into believing that there wont be true prophets!!no ,not at all!!every one of you guys seems to know the false prophets only tell us the true prophets ,if u know the false ones then u might as well know the true ones!!!who are these ones?

      • Andy

        Pets, I’m liking your line of thought here bru. Where u been man? Shalom!

  • Alaina Moyo

    Woman and man ,worshipers of the devil ,cant u give some resspect to that innocent woman at home? Nyaraivo ,both of u

  • itai

    makandiwa is a conmen! like it or not..their gospel evolves around money..

    • jojo

      I agree with you bro!! A prophet of God never uses “the gift of prophesy” to enrich himself. Once upon a time they may have been prophets of God but now vapfekwa naSatan!!

      • pets

        five fold ministry baba musanyebere vanhu!!!

  • Mashura

    Ndiani aitora mifananidzo iyi? Achida kuzoitei nayo? Mai ava vanenge hama yaLocardia. Vanoshandisa pakati pemakumbo kutsvaga mari!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fayafaya

      Good observation. I smell a photoshop rat!

  • Vakomana???

  • Fayafaya

    Ko handichabvumidzwa ku commenta? Why are my comments getting deleted? R people that scared of alternative viewpoints? So much for fair press in Zim

    • pets

      even mine shaz

    • Fayafaya

      Mazotibvumira kuposta-aiwa tatenda. Musatye kunzwa maviews ari contrary to yours. Tsigisai hana. Media despotism is not helpful for a young democracy like Zimbabwe. Every voice must be heard. We must resist the tyrannical urge to silence dissenters, be it politics or theology. Let’s duke it out without any referees taking sides please. Tatenda

  • Tembi

    Mufunge vanhu vangataure vakashora bt Makandiwa munhu waMwari.Hatimborega kuzara.Chatoda kupona chete.

  • Tichatonga Magorira

    Uyo ati Makandiwa mbavha ndiro dusvura manje risina charinoziva. Go to school. Is there any vicarious responsiblity on Tembo’s case?. Hauzive chinhu iwe!.
    Muporofita apinda papi apa?. Hindava muchida kungo sensitiser zvinhu. Prophet Makandiwa shall remain a Prohet whether yo like it or not.

  • Busi Sly

    the greatest dissenment one can see if peple are real man of God is critism and attack..nway UFIC WILL NEVA FALL nometter wat they write….am givin u this for free….afta all who doesnt hev a past….and shame on every women who runs to the papers inorder to expose other people…PAST IS PAST……

    • pets

      thank you sista;there is no great man of God who is never criticized or attacked,look at Jesus,John,Paul,Peter etc etc and men of faith who have been sent by God thru generations upto present day-IF THESE MEN WERE FAILURES,NO ONE WOULD WRITE ABOUT THEM,HENCE NO-ONE WOULD ATTACK THEM!!!GLORY TO GOD!!!!!His word endureth forever!!!!

  • satanist

    makirisitu munozivei

    • pets


  • Mumiriri wechokwadi

    u know wat these pics are not from two weeks ago…i saw the pics before this woman even got pregnant..she just wants to drag the man of God mumadhaka chete..aida mari akanyimwa..if u wanna know more nditsvagei ndikuudzei..hell has nk fury like a woman scorned…this is all scorn iri kuitisa zvese izvi..believe me hapana zvakadai zvakaitika two weeks ago..yes she myt hev underwear yapastor bt ndezvakare 2/3 yrs ago..this man of God akakumbirana ruregerero naMwari wake akaregererwa saka lets not be judges lest we be judged apa…

    • pets

      again many thanks my bro,this is a personal attack against makandiwa n his ministry ,but lets look at it from this point,in the event that he did wat he is accused of-is he the first man in ministry to do it?do u remember archbishop pius ncube of the roman catholic,im not accusing him either,wen he faltered,it was him and him alone ,did anyone write about POPE and his “father”,did anyone write anything about roman catholic becoz of him-lets just open our minds and spirit a bit!!!!musatibhaize apa !!!!

  • Anonymous

    anonzi The Great Man of Bed, not God. Musapinza Mwari apa.

    • pets

      saka David zvaakaita upombwe akabviswa huzodziwa hwaMwari here?rutsayi tinzwe!!!!lol

      • jojo

        @pets…maybe David is in Hell right now how do you know??

        • pets

          read your bible verywell,my brother,you will have knowledge of these things,not jus arguingfor arguement sake!

  • Proudly Zimbabwean!

    Ndashaya remuromo!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus is coming!mumwe nemumwe achano mira nezvake kudenga.

  • cde bvondo

    iwe jojo kwana.you nw knw kuti Andy shld nt insult him because they have ran out words.thank you andy call a spade a spade

  • oLA OLa

    Thats why they twitt and on facebook, they talk of prosperity, they do not talk of Jesus coming. All the time prosperity prosperity because they want people to forget that some day Jesus will come and earthly riches are not worthy. Like in the days of Noah people drank, had all wealth, married, did all sorts of evil. This is whats going on these days, preachers preach of earthly riches not heaven riches. The problem people are worried about their sicknesses, their wealthy, they little sins and if someone accepts all that then they flock to them same like Catholics, all come, all sins allowed. Makandiwa and company is a jackal in sheep skin

    • pets

      Firstly,i m not a member of UFI ministries,but what u r saying can not go unchallenged!u r lying wen u say they dont talk of Jesus coming,wen u say they talk of prosperity only,its true tt earthly riches will perish-but i havent seen anywer in the bible wer they say having riches on earth is a sin as u r trying to portray-yes the bible says we shd not put our hearts on earthly riches-tt becomes idolatry!!the riches that God blesses pple with are only for advancement of his gospel!how do u reach out to people who are in mongolia,bhutan,nepal,sri lanka,commoros,etc etc -u talk of facebook and tweeting as if its a crime,no my dear,look beyond your area of influence,look for advancement of the gospel to ALL CORNERS OF THE WORLD,as the master put it,ur vision shd not be limited to the church tt u r going only ,how about others who need to know jesus!!!u r talking of Jesus coming ,yes he is coming ,n how many souls would u haved reached out?u talk as if u r content with being sick,i bet u need to know who jesus is,not the name but his purpose in ur life,u think he was crucified so that we remain sick ,no ,no,no ways–the bible says BY HIS WOUNDS YE ARE HEALED!!!!thats Christ in u ,the hope of glory,u need to know WHY IN THE WORLD DID JESUS COME?HE WAS A TOTAL PACKAGE MY DEAR!!!U say all sins allowed!!!hhhhooo!!!which sins r u saying are allowed?is there any church in this world that would preach sins are allowed?anyway ,all being said n done u saying they talk this they talk that,will u be in every service at UFI,?And lastly u may tell us ur CHURCH were everything is perfect?!!1

  • Anonymous

    iwe memory wadyega ziva zvekuhura na patson pedros tembo ane styera muchamama

  • mombe

    iwe memory wadyega ziva zvapatson wekwa pedros tichaku sota nguva yema elections

  • pets


  • susan

    imi vanhu we cant condone chakaipa nenyaya yekutya vanhu vekwa Makandiwa. Makandiwa is guilty by association as the saying goes birds of a feather flock together

  • Susan

    asi wo apa Cynthia azvimakisa more than kunyadzisa kwaaita Pastor Tembo uyu. That was a dumb thing to do sies

  • Ludacris

    So he lies to Prophet. What a movement,.what else are they lying about.

  • Ben Shoko

    Vakadzi vese vemuchurch vavakutoda kumunzwawo Tembo iyeye. Mirai muone zvaachavaita .

  • wilbert chakoma

    makandiwa this makandiwa that taneta isu

  • nyoka

    iyo haisi face yokunamata, zviripachena kuti ikoko ndikokubasa kwake chaiko

  • Tafadzwa

    Munoziva kana munhu ashaya zvekuita ngaaende kumusha anogara. Uyu mkadzi anonzi Cynthia uyu isu vamwe tinomuziva and tinoziva sei arikuita zvese izvi. Akaona kuti Pastor Tembo vaigona kumuchengeta but nekuti ane hunhu hwakafumuka akatadza kuroorwa akachitanga kutsvaga nyaya to blackmail him. Kana vaidanana zvakanaka why did she go t o courts claiming maintenance of ridiculous amounts. Iye akamboishanda kupi mari yakadaro. Kana ashaya kwekugara ngaaende kuhama dzake kwaaigara achishanda kwaExpress. Hatidi hedu kutaura zvakawanda chete haisi mhosva yake mwana zvinobva kuvakuru tsvagai history yake you will understand her better momunzwira tsitsi.