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“Stop telling me I’m drunk” – Emtee hits back at alcoholism allegations

Troubled South African rapper Emtee has hit back at suggestions that he is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, castigating social media critics that have been alleging that his behaviour showed signs of substance abuse.

The rapper, real name Mthembeni Ndevu, has found himself in the headlines for the wrong reasons over the last few years, as allegations of a debilitating dependence on addictive substances tarnish what used to be a promising career.

Hitting back at a follower that suggested that he was intoxicated during an Instagram Live video, an incensed Emtee hit back at claims that he was an alcohol abuser.

“I don’t drink liquor mother f**ker. I don’t like liquor. Get it through your thick skull. Stop telling me I’m drunk. Did you give me the drinks?” he said.

In an interview on fellow rapper L-Tito’s podcast, the rapper claimed that he had been sober for a decade.

“One of the reasons I stopped drinking alcohol, I came to the realisation that alcohol is actually the devil himself inside the bottle. I see how people behave when they’re drunk. I see what it does to people.

“The nicest n*gga might turn out to be the toughest n*gga because he is drunk … my dad used to be heavy on it, and I used to see what it does to him. I don’t want to be a statistic, so please give me the ganja only.”