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Thabo Bester ‘forced me to flee South Africa’ claims teary Magudumana

A teary Dr Nandipha Magudumana claimed that she was forced to go to Tanzania against her will by her lover, convicted South African rapist and murderer, Thabo Bester, as she made an appeal for bail at the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

In an affidavit read to the court by her legal representative, advocate Frans Dlamini, Magudumana claimed that at the time of their purported escape in March this year, Bester had effectively forced her against her will.

“I was instructed and commanded by accused five to get into a vehicle and leave the premises to a destination unknown to me at the time.

She said as she was defenseless at the time, she felt she had no choice but to comply with his orders.

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“I refused and wanted an explanation, but he forced me into a vehicle. I succumbed to the pressure due to the threats he directed at me. “I was defenceless, helpless, with no one to report to at that time. I complied with his instructions and was taken out of the country against my will.”

Magudumana, who cried on the dock as the affidavit was read, claimed that she did not intend to leave South Africa despite her previous history of escape.

“I submit that I did not voluntarily depart from the Republic of South Africa. I had no reason to leave the Republic of South Africa,” she said.

Magudumana faces charges of aiding and abetting a fugitive, violating a body, and fraud and intends to plead not guilty to all charges against her.