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Makhadzi breaks down after meeting and receiving praise from Ramaphosa

South African musician Makhadzi has said she went home and broke down in tears after a meeting with South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who told her that he is a fan of her work after seeing her perform at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town.

Makhadzi went viral earlier this week after a video of her kneeling in front of the South African head of state started circulating on social media. Makhadzi met Ramaphosa backstage after a performance at the Netball World Cup.

After being lauded as respectful and down to earth by fans, Makhadzi on Wednesday took to Instagram to inform fans that she had broken down after the meeting with Ramaphosa, as she took stock of the achievements in her career.

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“Last night I cried so much guys I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who have shown me support all these years. Firstly, God is the greatest, for all his grace.

“Then my day 1 fans who have been with me through the hard and the nice times …thank you so much guys, I am here because of what you do for me,” she said.

Makhadzi also alluded to the fact that Ramaphosa had acknowledged her prowess on stage.

“I also just want to thank myself for being me. For being strong and never give up. Today I can shake hands with the President and he tells me straight in the face that I am a great performer. Thank you thank you thank you … I am happy, now I can work on my album with energy,” she wrote.