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LEAKED AUDIO: Deputy Minister calls police officer ‘stupid idiot’ for arresting Zanu PF member

In a move that appears to confirm that Zanu-PF enjoys impunity from crimes its members commit against the opposition, Tourism and Hospitality Deputy Minister Barbara Rwodzi has been exposed for threatening an assistant inspector who was investigating a Zanu-PF supporter arrested for removing opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) campaign posters.

Observers say that, under normal circumstances, Rwodzi would be charged for obstruction of justice.

In an audio clip circulating on social media, Rwodzi is heard demanding evidence from the police officer handling the matter while shouting and accusing him of failing to do his job.

The officer is reportedly investigating one Fidelis “Danger” a well known supporter of the Minister who is accused of tearing CCC posters in the area.

The soft spoken police officer in turn tells the Minister not to be personal against him adding that any defense the accused has, could be presented in the court of law.

“Danger is accused of tearing CCC posters. I am working on this document so that I present it in court and do not know why I would give you all this information,” responds the officer.

“We have a witness and that he was not there on the day can be used as a defence in court. I do not understand stand what you say by ‘sitting down with my superiors before passing the matter to law and order.’

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“I do not know why you are insulting me because I do not know how I am failing to do my job. You have to understand my mandate as a police officer.”

But Rwodzi, a legislator for Chirumanzu South constituency, whose independent candidate husband died a few weeks ago, went on to disrespect the law enforcement officer calling him a “dog” and an “idiot” and threatened to corruptly use her proximity to Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga to deal with him.

Asked by the officer if she knew his mandate, Rwodzi said: “I know your mandate. I’m the one who creates laws. You’re a stupid idiot. I will deal with you in front of Matanga. You’re a dog. Go and report where you want and say I was insulted by the MP.

“You think CCC will win?”

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) meanwhile has issued a statement responding to the audio clip.

“The ZRP has taken note of an audio circulating on social media concerning the incident involving some ZRP Charundura members allegedly with the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Hospitality, Honourable Barbra Rwodzi. The case is now under investigations.”

The audio has sent shockwaves in the political society with some corners praising the policeman for being courageous.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union (ARTUZ) called on authorities to charge Rwodzi for criminal conduct.

“This dishonourable conduct from a Member of Parliament calls for an urgent intervention from relevant State Institutions to protect our police service. The motor mouth Rwodzi must be charged for criminal conduct and sued for Civil liabilities,” ARTUZ said.

Political and social commentator Thandekile Moyo said: “If indeed this is Barbara Rwodzi. This is an indication of how Zanu-PF can never reform itself.

“If even the young leaders in the party behave and think like this, then there’s no hope at all. Arrogance and corruption on steroids. Sis thinks she’s invincible!!”