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Bra throwing Ellen Tsaura’s smitten Burna Boy tribute headlines in Nigeria

South Africa based Zimbabwean socialite Ellen Tsaura’s social media post crowning Nigerian afrobeats sensation Burna Boy as the most “handsome black man in the whole world” went viral in Nigerian social media circles and made headlines on Music Base Africa.

Tsaura made headlines last June for throwing her black bra to the “Last Last” hitmaker during his performance in Zimbabwe at Belgravia Sports Club in Harare, prior to her recent love smitten Burna boy tribute.

Burna Boy, real name Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, continued his hypnotic performance while holding Tsaura’s bra, continuing his notoriety for dancing while carrying bras thrown at him by girls.

Burna Boy’s gesture to continue singing while holding the infatuated Tsaura’s bra had a butterfly effect that the latter immortalized the image of Burna Boy dancing while clutching her bra by pinning it to her Twitter account.

Bra throwing Ellen Tsaura’s smitten Burna Boy tribute headlines Nigeria
Bra throwing Ellen Tsaura’s smitten Burna Boy tribute headlines Nigeria

In an interview Tsaura said that she was thrilled to be recognized by Nigerian mainstream media and social media for her Burna Boy social comment because she was a huge fan of the afrobeats prodigy.

“Honestly, I feel honored, loved, and admired.

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“I know they are doing their job creating entertainment and providing content through social media platforms.

“Nonetheless to me, they are building my brand and creating my portfolio, and I am so grateful,” she said.

Music Base Africa mistook Tsaura for a South African national, which the socialite bragged she was a proud Zimbabwean and it was a common error to mistake her nationality she had grown accustomed to because she was “beautiful” thats why people mistook her for a “South African” yellow bone.

Tsaura, when asked what led her to toss her bra to Burna Boy during his concert last winter, said it was her “love” for the Nigerian superstar that prompted her abrupt impulse.

“In his shows and concept Burna Boy is well known for catching bras from ladies’ audiences, it’s his habit and he enjoys it too.

“So yeah throwing my Bra to him was a sign of love, and appreciating him as he is my Best Artist Worldwide,” she said.

Tsaura went on to say given the opportunity to date Burna Boy she would “100%” do it “given a chance to go on date with him” and “would love to go.”

“I also have some personal questions to ask him on that date too, so please I would like to meet him in person.

“Get to know how he is doing it, maintaining his Number one position as an African artist,” concluded Tsaura.