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Chivayo’s new Rolls Royce gets ‘spiritual cleansing’ from Madzibaba

Controversial and flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo on Tuesday shared a video of his new Rolls Royce being cleansed by an unnamed Apostolic Sect official (Madzibaba) in the UK before its shipment to Zimbabwe.

Chivayo who was once charged for allegedly duping government of millions in the Gwanda Solar Project before being acquitted, is a fan of flamboyant cars and expensive shoes.

He recently bought a new Mercedes Benz Maybach before splashing more than US$100 000 buying luxurious vehicles for his church leaders.

In the latest video he shared, a Madzibaba is seen at Heathrow, London praying for the vehicle while declaring it official for use.

Wicknell Chivayo's new Rolls Royce
Wicknell Chivayo’s new Rolls Royce
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He captioned the video: “Vaive varombo vacha pfuma ne ku namata….🙏🙏🙏”

Wicknell Chivayo's new Rolls Royce
Wicknell Chivayo’s new Rolls Royce

It’s not clear when the car is going to arrive in Zimbabwe. But Madzibaba is also hinting that he would commission another car this coming Thursday.

Two weeks ago, Chivayo splashed out over USD$100 000 to buy his church leader Lawrence Lavious Katsiru and wife Violet Katsiru two brand new 4×4 vehicles, a 2023 Toyota Hilux and a 2023 Toyota Fortuner VX.

Taking to his social media accounts, Chivayo wrote;

“CHINO TANGA ITSITSI NE RUDO KOZOUYA KU NAMATA…As a small way of celebrating EASTER i decided to buy my CHURCH LEADER and his beautiful wife brand new cars…A 2023 TOYOTA HILUX & 2023 TOYOTA FORTUNER VX…

“Never be fooled or misled by anyone who tells you CHURCH IS FREE or ZVA MWARI NDEZVE MAHARA… In our Church the HOLY SPIRIT always speaks about loving one another and the power of giving , even in the HOLY BIBLE scripture speaks about love , forgiveness and sharing…

“All you can see in this video is sincere celebration with love and HAPPINESS… Our Churches are a success because they are led and run by committed and devoted leaders. No harm in doing your best where you can to always look after them.

“Ukaona iwe uine MUNDA we MOTOKARI mutungamiri weku Church kwako kana PASTOR vachifamba ne MOUNTAIN BIKE kana ne tsoka ziva kuti iwewe hausati waziva chinonzi KU NAMATA…

“From the bottom of my heart I say Congratulations to you MR LAWRENCE LAVIOUS KATSIRU and MRS VIOLET KATSIRU… Mwari akuchengetei murambe muchiti tungamirira ku JOHANE MASOWE MARONDERA BRANCH muzita rake Baba nere mwana komana nere mweya mutsvene…AMEN…”