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Mapfumo condemns UK for inviting Mnangagwa to King Charles coronation

Hello British Government:

My name is Thomas Mapfumo, a great musician, and political activist from Zimbabwe. I noticed with shock to learn through the media this week that President ED Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe is part of your guest list. Of all the delegates in the world!!

Let me say this for the record. That invitation throws the interests of all struggling and suffering people of Zimbabwe into the dust bin.

After so much suffering through the hands of such a dictator, I am sure something better could be done to align with democratic values of this new world. Is this the way the people of Zimbabwe get rewarded by the British government?

The upcoming visit of President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe to attend the coronation of Charles III and his wife Camilla as King and Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth on May 6th 2023 at Westminster Abbey should be outrightly condemned.

That extension of an invitation to the Zimbabwean dictator sends mixed signals to global peace.

This is the time when the most corrupt head of state in the world has been exposed as part of a scandal for sending gold and wealth of Zimbabwe to foreign countries as underhand deals. This is the time when Zimbabwean security agents are abducting people because they belong to the opposition party. This is the time when Job Sikhala, a chief critic of the Zimbabwe government has been jailed for more than six months without trial just because he condemned the murder by state agents of an apposition member named Blessing Ali whose body parts were found dismembered in sewer.

Dining with the devil by the British system only works for the world to see who they are. They are not with the struggling masses of the people of Zimbabwe. They are not about democracy. They are about their own political interests. We are not surprised that the British government is now interested with Zimbabwe because China is busy looting resources from Zimbabwe. This is a gold rush moment. The UK feels it’s about time to reconnect with the colonial empire and harvest more gold and diamonds. No one wants to be left behind.

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As this gold rush moves on, the people of Zimbabwe have been thrown under the bus. Many are now refugees in Southern Africa. Some are in Australia as some are in America and Europe. Canada has a good number as well. Zimbabwe is not a democratic nation. People get abducted. The Constitution is not followed. People love in so much fear of the CIO (the secret intelligence agency).

We have elections coming in Zimbabwe this year. People are being denied the right to even register to vote. People are being threatened, abducted or beaten for supporting the opposition. The rule of law is not working in Zimbabwe. The courts are corrupt. The President’s twin boys are taking over many business empires. People have no property rights. Nothing is working in Zimbabwe.

The rule of law went through the window. The uniformed forces just wait to beat up people for no reason. People are suffering in poverty and the hospitals are no longer working. People are in poverty and they need fresh water and food to live. Nothing is working.

Zimbabwe is a wealthy nation. There are lots of resources and minerals that could be sold to other nations to save Zimbabwe. When these get sold, the profits are going into the President’s pockets as the nation suffers. The hospitals have no medications or equipment. At Parirenyatwa Hospitals, a roof collapsed recently. Burst sewer is another issue. The drainage system is dead, and the pipes are clogged. The plumbing is terrible, and the medical staff is demoralized.

This is a desperate situation that needs urgent attention. We have a President who doesn’t care. We have a government on paper that does nothing to improve the welfare of the people. Now the only focus by this government is on how to retain power and to oppress and suppress citizens. We have a huge problem at hand because corruption is rife and the government is neglecting the suffering masses. We have no cancer machines in the hospitals and no fresh air or clean water. The system is dying.

In that whole crisis, the Head of State has no action to take except to gather more wealth for his family.

It is with much shock that the UK government opts to dine with such a cruel man who is at the peak of nationally mismanaging his own country.

People continue to suffer. As the people turn to the West for rescue and possible solutions, the West has decided to open the doors for a dictator so that they can dine together. That means in this world, Black people have nothing for them. We are bound to suffer into eternity. No one cares about Black people. The West only cares about its own interests and nothing else. We are on our won as dictators feast on our heads.

Our wealth gets drained. Our people get killed, tortured, and maimed. No one cares in this whole world. Thank you UK government for inviting such a dictator to come and dine with you. This is unfair and the invitation is strongly condemned as inconsiderate, ill-timed, corrupt, and selfish.