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‘Worry over morale of CIO, military and police as Govt neglects them’

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration against neglecting the military, police and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), citing that “it damages the morale of the workforce which is dangerous in a security sector”.

The independent MP claims that the government is neglecting junior security officers while pampering their bosses with huge salaries and latest phones among other benefits.

“Government should be careful how it handles the welfare of personnel in the security sector. It should be done in a uniform manner that satisfies all involved to avoid creating a security risk as is currently happening,” he said.

“When providing payments it should be the same across the sector for the military, CIO, Police etc. The most effective method is to start salary increments with the juniors first before the bosses. You can’t satisfy the bosses first while the rest of the juniors are grumbling.

“It damages the morale of the workforce which is dangerous in a security sector. How can they remain loyal when they are aggrieved? In any company the people you satisfy first are those on the ground before those in offices.

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The outspoken legislator urged authorities to consider junior security officers first in so far as benefits are concerned.

“We do the same on farms when we don’t have money. Bosses have many alternatives which pay them unlike the labourers. Now we have noise over the RTGS 3 million given to DIOs which however translates to just about US$3000. That should have been paid to junior officers!

“Instead, the junior officers only got US$100. Seriously, what improvement is that in this economy? In contrast, the senior officers also received iPhones at the expense of junior officers who did not get substantial financial increments. It’s a dangerous mish-mash.

“Directors also got around US$250. This preference for the top echelons of power is creating a dangerous situation in the security sector. Their health insurance at PSMAS is no longer functioning and yet their money is being taken and their salaries are not increasing.

“Uniformity is important even on the dates when they get salaries. Soldiers, Police and CIO are all the same and should be treated the same. You would expect the security to be a well-paying sector considering the importance of their duties.

“Currently, there is the mistaken perception that the military is more important than other arms of security. That is wrong! Just look holistically at the whole security sector so that it doesn’t get compromised.”

Interestingly, the current regime is a product of a military coup that ousted former leader Robert Mugabe in November 2017 and installed Mnangagwa as President.