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Zim man appears in Musina court for killing wife over alleged infidelity

By Ellen Mlambo | Masvingo Mirror |

MUSINA – A Zimbabwean citizen has appeared in a South African court in Musina for allegedly hitting and killing his wife with a stone after suspecting her of infidelity.

John Khabo appeared at the Musina Regional Magistrate Court before Peter Kellerman facing murder charges. He was remanded in custody to February 28, 2023.

Prosecutor Jan Krijt represented the State.

Allegations are that on or about January 12, 2021, round Matswale extension 9 in the Regional Division of Limpopo, Khabo allegedly killed Consolator Ndou who is also a Zimbabwean.

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Khabo suspected that his wife was having an extra marital affair after he overheard her being phoned by another man.

The deceased was allegedly hit at the back of her head with a stone and died on the scene.

After committing the crime, the accused attempted to return to Zimbabwe but had second thoughts and returned to Musina, confessed to the Police about what had transpired resulting in his arrest.

He also took the Police for indications to the scene of the crime.