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Aspiring Zanu PF MP facing charges of stealing US$40k Land Cruiser

By Garikai Mafirakureva | Masvingo Mirror |

HARARE- A Zanu PF apologist who is reportedly eyeing the Chirumanzu South seat as MP, Regis Maburutse, is set to appear in court next week for allegedly stealing a car.

Maburutse is alleged to have connived with Prolific Auctions to sell a Land Cruiser short base worth US$40 000 and a spray booth worth US$15 000 belonging to Tony Renato Sarpo, a non-executive director of Matebeleland Engineering.

The matter was reported at Rhodesville Police station CR26/12/12.

Prolific Auctions which is being run by Livingstone Mavunga was engaged by the Sheriff of the High Court to dispose property belonging to Matebeleland Engineering trading as Yagden Engineering (PVT) LTD after it was successfully sued for US186 924 plus 12% interest per annum by Hothfield Enterprises (PVT) LTD.

The items on the list of the writ of execution against movable property (Case No. H/C 12773/16), however, did not include the Land Cruiser and the spray booth.

However, it is alleged that on July 4, 2019, the same day other items on the writ were sold, Prolific Auctions allegedly went on to sell the vehicle and listed it as scrap vehicle although the vehicle is said to have been in perfect condition.

Allegations are that Maburutse engaged Prolific Auctions who sold the vehicle and a spray booth for a song to one Donald Mangenje. According to invoice number 16091 issued by Prolific Auctions both the vehicle and the spray booth were sold at US$ 2 000 each.

This was despite the fact that the auction had generated in excess of the amount demanded by Hothfield from the sale of the items listed on the writ.

Maburutse went on to write to the Sheriff of the High Court asking him to transfer the said surplus of money to his Ecobank account 0141107609499201 in Msasa.

Sarpo of 39 Court Road, Greendale in Harare left the vehicle in 2016 after a dispute with his partner, Wayne Williams, over the running of the company, but agreed that the dispute can only be resolved by the courts (H/C 1324/17).

Sarpo who is the applicant in the matter which is still pending at the High Court submitted a list of personal items which he brought to the company and those he acquired during his time with the company. The vehicle was among the items listed.

It is however, alleged that Wayne Williams and Maburutse later connived and hired the services of a locksmith to open up the car and started using the vehicle without Sarpo’s consent. Wayne is alleged to have used the vehicle before Maburutse took the car away.