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I’m happy for Marry, 2023 will be a better year for her – says Shingi Kawondera on ‘recovering’ ex wife

Former Warriors striker Shingi Kawondera has expressed his happiness following the ‘recovery’ of his ex-wife and former ‘Second Lady’ Marry Mubaiwa.

Kawondera’s sentiments come after Mubaiwa, whose health has been deteriorating due to a ‘life threatening condition’ appeared in court last week looking ‘lively and fit’.

Mubaiwa’s condition resulted in the amputation of her right hand in September.

She had been appearing at the Harare magistrates court in an ambulance and on several occasions had to be wheeled into the court room.

However, the former model appeared in good health when she appeared in court this week. For the first time in years Mubaiwa was walking without any aids.

Kawondera, who was allegedly divorced by Mubaiwa fraudulently told Nehanda Radio: “Her (Mary) recovery is all l have been praying for, to see her healthy, so l am very happy for her.”

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Kawondera, a well-travelled former athlete who once plied his trade in South Africa, Cyprus, Turkey and Poland ruled out a possible re-union with the mother of his 13-year-old daughter, Destiny.

He also revealed they both don’t communicate often before predicting that 2023 will be a better year for Mubaiwa.

“No, there is no possibility of us reuniting. We do not really communicate often. Our relationship has always been like that. If she wants to find me she finds me and if l want to find her l do.”

Speaking on Mubaiwa’s continued trials in court despite her recent acquittal of assault charges, the 40-year-old said he wished his ex-lover all the best.

“I just wish her luck and to always keep her head up. l don’t doubt her strength, she is a strong woman.

“She once was married to a Rasta, Jah will see her through, 2023 will be a better year for her.”

Mubaiwa has been appearing in court since 2020 on allegations of money laundering, trying to upgrade her marriage with Chiwenga before they divorced in 2020 when he felt sick as well as attempted murder on the vice president.