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Baba Harare on challenges surrounding album launches in Zimbabwe

Jiti music star Baba Harare has articulated several challenges that Zimbabwean artists are facing in launching their albums.

In a verification process with Nehanda Radio, the Generator hitmaker confirmed that he is the author of the content on @BabaHarare1 Twitter account.

“Historically in Zimbabwe once the album was ready for release your trusted record label released and marketed your album. Majority of signed artists were with the same label. So new releases were not simultaneous. E.g Dembo and Chimbetu would not release on the same day.

“Now we are in the independent artist era (majority not by choice ) all the unspoken rules of no simultaneous release etc are out of the window. It’s a jungle out here and one has to ensure their body of work stands out.

“So far the most replicated album launching model has been to hire a space, invite your industry colleagues and press, do a concert featuring the new songs then you are officially launched.”

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Baba Harare added: “I have done this. I will probably continue doing this despite having my own reservations about this model. One of my biggest issues being the logistics and planning of it all. Sound, venue and line up for the day has to be perfect.

“Given that the majority of album launches are self funded, our budget doesn’t usually stretch to afford state of the art venues. I personally have launched in dingy poorly lit venues where the sound was not that great,” he said.

“Post Covid-19, I am thinking very differently particularly on launches. My team and I want to take an eclectic approach to launching. I want to evolve from the bondage I had with this “concert launching “ approach.

“Watch this space as I walk you through the various models of launching my team and I are considering for the upcoming release of my 7th studio album.

This comes after Zimdancehall chanter Freeman launched his 13-track album over the weekend.

The event was graced by popular Jamaican Reggae star Christopher Martin who came to Zimbabwe.