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Mapfumo ‘fears for his life’, won’t come to burial of his brother Lancelot

Chimurenga musician Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo said he will not be able to travel to Zimbabwe for the burial of his late brother Lancelot as he fears for his life.

Lancelot, a percussionist, one of the first members to join the Blacks Unlimited Band when Thomas Mapfumo first formed it, died in the United States two weeks ago.

Mapfumo was forced to exile after rebuking the late President Robert Mugabe’s regime over mismanagement.

He has been living in exile in the United States for two decades before he came back to Zimbabwe in April 2018 for the first time since 2005 to perform at a concert.

Mukanya has also rebuked President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime, which ascended to power through a military assisted coup in 2017.

The percussionist and brother of Thomas Mapfumo, Lancelot succumbed to cancer on Sunday. He was 68.
The percussionist and brother of Thomas Mapfumo, Lancelot succumbed to cancer on Sunday. He was 68.

In an interview with the Standard Style, the Chimurenga musician said they were making arrangements to bring the remains of Lancelot to Zimbabwe.

But he will not come to his home country as he fears for his life.

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“Lancelot was my brother, workmate and friend. I and the band have lost someone we worked with throughout our lives. It won’t be possible to fill his gap,” Mapfumo said.

“Lancelot will be buried in Zimbabwe, his homeland. We are making arrangements to bring his body from here.

“Unfortunately, I won’t make the trip to Zimbabwe because of political reasons, as you know I am not a favourite of the government.

“I fear for my life and safety if I come to Zimbabwe.”

Mapfumo further stated that the country (Zimbabwe) “is not moving forward” and urged Zimbabweans to unite and remove Mnangagwa

“The country is not moving forward. It’s evident that the current government has failed the people and the gains of liberation have been wiped off,” he said.

“I am totally against the Mnangagwa regime. People, the young people should take to the streets and remove Mnangagwa.

“I hate an oppressor, that’s why I am in exile. If it was me I would be living large in Zimbabwe with farms and stealing money like they do, but I decided to stand with the people.

“I stand with the oppressed. I am for the freedoms of the people and freeing the black man.”

The date for the burial of Lancelot is not yet announced.