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Mutami brings Mnangagwa down?

I wrote a while back that chances of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s name appearing on the ballot paper in the next harmonised elections in 2023 are very slim.

Well, the first victim of his unbridled abuse of office and power, Susan Mutami has spoken. With courage and conviction Mutami explains how she was raped by Mnangagwa, then a minor under his care – just 15 years old.

A chilling narration, that left Zimbabweans and the world shell-shocked. But, apparently there are more to come.

This case is important for us because it implicates our number one citizen, a man who yields much authority and power, one who should be leading by example.

With the obvious response Mnangagwa’s propaganda machinery has thrown shade at Mutami, with the usual ‘whore’ slurs and other attacks against her character. The claims remain until proven otherwise and there are many options for this to happen.

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Now, the matter has to be concluded in one way or other, the most realistic being that the Parliament of Zimbabwe starts an impeachment process against Mnangagwa. It is demonstrably foolhardy in a Parliamentary democracy, as ours pretends to be, that such allegations are made against a member of the Executive and he is not brought to account.

Noting that the executive derives its authority and legitimacy from the legislature, silence by the latter would be undermining the very institution they serve.

For the opposition it is even more preposterous to jump to a conclusion, that Mutami based on her previous alignment to Zanu-PF does not deserve its empathy, listening ears – or justice. This selective application of justice is wrong, self-defeating, smacks of double standards – dangerous to a new Zimbabwe.

We are in tears, still mourning Moreblessing Ali who was cruelly murdered, just weeks ago. Zanu PF denies her justice because she is an opposition member. You see how sick this thinking is?

We are demanding justice for Ali, it will bring closure and allow her family to heal.

At the same time, energy is lost, dissipated in the courts where Hon. Job Sikhala and others are being persecuted, in another senseless ‘lawfare’ meant to deflect attention from the ruling party’s policy failures.

Opposition MPs have been missing on the scene, not even one could mobilise 50 of their constituents to go and stand with Sikhala, yet all are present when they are invited to Mnangagwa’s useless workshops, even accepting diplomatic passports.

2023 is going to be won now, not next year. Voters have a long memory, their blows will be felt on the ballot paper.

Impeaching Mnangagwa is the beginning of a democratic process to bring our leaders to account, it is not about him but our institutions. If indeed he is innocent of these and other allegations being made, then good, life goes on, but, our Parliamentarians would have shown us the metal they are made out of.

Furthermore, another MP Fortune Charumbira was recently elected as President of the Pan African Parliament. One key objective of the PAP, is “Promoting human rights and consolidating democratic institutions and culture, good governance transparency and the rule of law by all AU organs, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and Member States.”

Meaning that Zimbabwe as a country that is in the Presidency, is put on the spot, in following the set objectives in letter and spirit, by ending Sikhala and Sithole’s persecution, and demanding that Mnangagwa accounts for his actions.

Charumbira is now an ambassador for democratic principles as enshrined, not just in the PAP documents, but, the African Union too. Indeed, these are African institutions, dealing with African issues – human rights and democracy being key.

There is always a history. We all remember how in 2017, how the motion for impeachment was moved and seconded by both Zanu-PF and the opposition, against the late President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe would later step-down and endorse the opposition in the 2018 elections.

Next door in South-Africa, former President Jacob Zuma was forced to resign, under the threat of impeachment.

Our parliamentary democracy is now on scrutiny in the public eye, will the MPs continue with business as usual? Ignore the claims by Mutami?

For Zimbabweans, we are very clear, as a people united, and our collective conviction, that only we can end this pain and suffering. Only we can put an end to Zanu PF’s arrogance, we have done it before, this time round we will do it again, even more thunderously.

Mnangagwa’s persecution of the opposition, are only the last kicks of a dying horse. Aluta-Continua.

Grace Kwinjeh is a journalist, she can be reached on [email protected]