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Drug dealing lands Harare City striker Jerry Chipangura in hot soup

Troubled Harare City striker Jerry Chipangura has found himself in hot soup after being arrested by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) allegedly for drug dealing.

According to the tabloid newspaper, H-Metro, Chipangura was nabbed by the police in Mabvuka, Harare following a tip off that the footballer was dealing in crystal meth.

In street lingo, crystal meth is commonly known as mutoriro, dombo or guka but its scientifically known as methamphetamine, a highly addictive dangerous drug derived from methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

Meanwhile, it is reported when the police approached Chipangura in regard to the drug dealing issue along John Tapedza Road in Old Mabvuku they requested to search a small bag and a satchel he was carrying and found crystal meth.

They then apparently arrested him after being found in possession of the dangerous drug allegedly weighing 40 grams and worth an estimated street value of US$200 000.

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The police further headed to Chipangura’s house where they reportedly conducted another search but recovered nothing.

It is reported by H-Metro that Chipangura who appeared before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje was not asked to plead but remanded in custody until next week.

This comes at a time when the abuse of mutoriro by youths in Zimbabwe has reached alarming levels. The youths claim they find solace in the dangerous drug due to the high unemployment levels.