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Celscius accuses Boss Torro of using political connections in dispute

Zim Dancehall artist Celscius (real name Tafadzwa Mwandira) has accused UK based Jacaranda Media Group (JMG) co-founder Charles ‘Boss Torro’ Guvamatanga of using his political connections to manipulate the courts into trivialising his claims for USD$10 000 in unpaid royalties.

Torro is the young brother of Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga.

Torro this week scoffed at allegations of owing money to Celscius citing that the matter was resolved by the courts two years ago.

But the chanter still now claims the case was managed corruptly in favour of JMG, a record label and music distribution company based in the UK.

“It’s been 2 years since I have been hooked by the trending Jacaranda media group and I have engaged lawyers with a case at the High courts but they still managed to manipulate my case from my own Lawyers and made my case their case to control,” Celsius said in a statement on Instagram.

“They are very corrupt and they use political connections to shut artists down. I have since made contact with Baba Harare from Last year when I began my case with the same Lawyer that he used on his case and have been carrying him in every office that have visited reporting this case including Zimura that have failed to get the grips and the criminal act of my case.”

He added: “That fake contract that they have produced, they forged my signature, the signature they forged is not even mine neither does it look like but completely not mine and I have all the evidence.

“Looking at that contract no sane person will ever sign away everything they are working hard for to just give fellow men who are intern not helping you with anything.

“Their contract is a 2019 contract and they stay in the Uk and I haven’t been in Uk since 2017 so I wonder how signed it even if I was drunk, but I never made contact with these guys and I have no contract with them.

“They are exploiting artists, the contract is just pure modern day slavery. Like I mentioned above, this case has taken a legal way. I only came into contact with the so called contract when they produced it as their defense,l had never seen that document before.

“Just as @babaharare said, Vanhu ava varoyi chaivo, because how can you claim the artist, his brand and all his music he has ever worked hard for and intern they get nothing, yet in the first place there was never an agreement with them.

They strip you off everything and Blacklist the Zim dancehall name making us look like a bunch of ghetto youths who don’t read,” he said.

Torro who has previously worked with Tocky Vibes, Baba Harare and is currently working with rising Zim dancehall star Mbida scoffed at the allegations this week.

“Well, that issue was before the courts and justice prevailed.

“Infact it’s demotivating how some of these youngsters behave when you want to uplift them.

“We bankrolled his album launch on Nash TV and paid a lot of money for his album.

“His claims that we forged his signature are frivolous, we have all the paperwork to prove otherwise and he actually called me saying he had sent the signed papers.

“That conduct is not healthy for the industry,” Torro said.