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The Wrath of death Part 4: (Loosely based on Ginimbi) – Realities of Hell

The angel of death uttered words in a diabolical language. In an instant, the wings of the raven started flapping at a furious deafening velocity. In a blink of an eye, they were swirling in a violent whirlwind. Aroused in terror, wonder and shock, Gini couldn’t keep up or keep track, he lost consciousness. Time stopped. He was suddenly brought back to consciousness by the death angel’s spiteful chuckles.

“Welcome to the Pandemonium, my guy,” The death angel uttered proudly pointing down at an aerial view of the valley of death.

The whirlwind had stopped and Gini noticed that the ancient raven had turned into a lean white pale flying horse. Beneath them, was a stagnant blood river that was as bloody as blood. Crimson!

A greater dread of an invincible impending evil inundated him.

Pandemonium world, the kingdom of lucifer.

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Fogged arid cursed land of dark shadows. As arid as Mars and as temperamental as Mercury.

The eerie atmosphere was filled with a wicked intoxicating stench of damned souls, damned for their carnal sins, committed when they let their passions rule their reason.

There was no air, no light, only darkness of light, swirls of tempest tormented whirlwinds and a bewilderment of cursed dust.

The death angel took Gini on a brief tour. His senses were extremely heightened beyond comprehension. He could see, smell and hear things as far as the east is from the west.

‘On the borders of hell, are twelve openings, which are the entries to the twelve tunnels, leading to the three hundred and fifty one chambers of Hell, also known as the prisons of Hell, divided into continents. There is a volcanic region where there is fire everywhere. The continents are divided into territories similar to countries on Earth in terms of their size.

Hell is shaped like the structure of a human body, with a face of a serpent.

The right leg of hell, designed to keep souls of those who die in sin, tormented and tortured by demons. The souls long for death but death refuses to sting.

The left leg of hell, designed to imprison souls of those that are still physically alive on earth whose lives are in shambles. These are people in chains of bondages, including , bondage of sickness, hardship, addiction, limitations, stagnation, poverty, family curses, generational curses and many other bondages. Also included in that section of hell are those who consult witch doctors, spirit mediums, fake prophets, fortune tellers and those who are bewitched.

One could still be living but their soul bound in hell, resulting in difficult earthly life. Such kind of prisoners can only escape hell through deliverance by the help of the Holy Spirit through prayer, repentance, fasting and sanctification.

In that section of hell, there are also people who can walk in and out of hell at free will. These are people who sign pacts with the devil, world leaders, business men, corporate leaders, sports champions, celebrities, witch doctors, wizards, witches, politicians, warlocks and low level servants of the devil who source spiritual help to get promotions, marriage, love, fame, power, money, luck and jobs.

The head of hell is the altar, shaped like a serpent with a pyramid in its mouth. On top of the pyramid is the throne of satan. The tongue of the serpent, representing deception, ruling the government of the kingdom of darkness.

In the eye, is where the headquarters of artificial intelligence is situated, the world of fallen angels where most fashion and technology is invented then taken to earth, introduced by occult elites as cutting edge technological innovations. Body parts of human bodies are magically and diabolically mixed with technology to create need and addiction.

Many leading companies on Earth are wealth at the expense of the souls of men, taking lives to enrich their corporations. The companies include food companies, beverage companies, manufacturers of cars, high tech companies, media organizations, telecommunication companies, charity organizations and global organizations.

The kingdom of darkness operates in seven strongholds, which represent satan the seven headed beast. The strongholds are named households, media, arts, religion, entertainment, government and business’.

Gini faced imprisonment at the right leg of hell, where souls long for death but death eludes.

Gini noticed that, in the Pandemonium world, souls had bodies just like on earth. In the reception of Hell, he noticed other people who were presumed dead on earth just like him waiting to be ushered into the Hell chambers. Their bodies were skeletal and some had worms all over them. There was no love, no mercy no compassion and no turning back.

The air was filled with a prismatic menacing aura, that could be measured in infinite spectrums.

Different sections meant different levels of torment, souls were tormented according to the level they had committed sin. Liars were getting their tongues cut off, pierced, eaten by maggots and burnt repeatedly. Adulterous and fornicators were raped, sodomized by demons and sharp objects were shoved in to their private parts.

Thieves were getting their hands cut off, burnt, eaten by emoticons animals repeatedly. Whatever body part one used to sin with, would get tormented the most. In addition there was an intense heat of the raging inferno that repeatedly swept through the prisons.

Piercing tormenting screams were everywhere, some emerging from the deepest chasms of hell.

Gini couldn’t fathom the macabre level.

As soon as they landed, he was united with his body and spirit, demons celebrated his arrival, throwing dices betting on who would be the first to sodomize him.

He could hear the chaotic laughter of demons trailing behind me. They loomed around him, while licking and sniffing him. The terror they caused was minor, when compared to the searing inferno ahead of him.

A rising tied of panic soured inside him and merged into a cursed wave of despair. Enveloped by a menacing atmosphere, fear became a corporeal thing, a living iniquitous force that crept on him and nefariously held him captive.

The Angel of death escorted Gini to a ghostly temple that looked like an ancient dragon. The temple was punctuated with huge spider webs, dust, human size rats and spiders. Fierce demons stood on each corner, holding specters. The walls were partially covered with pitch black veils and creepy shadows roamed around the temple.

The floors were blood stained and fresh blood splatters were everywhere as if there was a blood bath battle.

In the far left of the temple was a human being in torment, he was crucified on the cross to mock the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Roaming around the crucifix was a thick black shadow multi-layered in shrewdness, craftiness, deviousness, pride, deception, manipulativeness, lies and cruelty.

Gini was greeted by the most formidable monster he had ever seen. The Temple Master, he had never seen anything as formidable. It had a reptilian head with three black eyes glittering with hostility, a savage with a berserk nature, as soulless as a burial chamber.

Hairy torso knotted and clotted with dry, human blood. It had reptilian features, human features and animal features. A bizarre autosexual, copulating itself for sexual satisfaction. It had both male and female organs, a huge horny penis and a malodorous haunted whispering vagina.

Damned it was!

Zaiko its name!

It ordered Gini to lift his arms and it sniffed every part of his body from head to toe. Each head took turns sniffing him, Gini trembled at its presence. He was paralyzed in one spot, the menacing aura held him captive.

With its long sharp dirty nail, it dipped its nail in Gini’s neck ripping his fresh and it gruesomely sucked blood. It spit some of the blood into a rustic ancient bowl and let out an odorous sulfuric loud burp. It was a melange of sin and condemnation. It stank.

Chanting in a diabolical language, it lifted up the bowl as if offering to the godless gods, within seconds the blood was sucked to the drop by a mysterious force.

Pleased, It ordered, “Take him to chasms of fire!”

At that point, Gini was trembling with raw terror.

The angel of death ushered him into the chambers of hell and handed him over to ‘Hell Commanders’. They bound him in chains and whipped him with red hot barbed wire, fresh fell off his body. Eyes poked in and out, his private parts cut by razor blades, balls pulled out, nails plucked off.

Black ravens biting and pecking his fresh, maggots, spiders and caterpillars creeping up his body, at the same time, a hot wave of inferno embalmed him.

He couldn’t even scream, all he could do was gasp, tremble and wrench in pain and terror.

Burnt, crushed, scratched, beaten and sexually harassed by the demons, was the order. A covey of spiders in his mouth, muffling his screams.

He had never experienced such agony. Pain made wicked love to him, it embodied and pervaded his inner being. Patched and deprived of water, he begged but hell is as arid as mars and as temperamental as mercury. The more he asked, the thirstier he became and the more he was tormented.

Sodomized by Twabam, the three headed demon, that had a three headed huge thorny penis, tearing and ripping his insides. Immersively drenched in pain, whizzing, trembling, grunting and quivering, Gini gasped hard and laid flat in blank terror.

In resignation, he convulsed and murmured,

“Hell thou art”.

Extracted from the Novel ‘Empty Tomb’ written by Rudo Muzondo.

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