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Remains of Dr Alex Magaisa to arrive in Zimbabwe on Saturday

The remains of the late academic Dr Alex Tawanda Magaisa, a one-time adviser to Zimbabwe’s late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai will arrive in Zimbabwe this coming Saturday.

Magaisa died two weeks ago after battling a heart ailment and succumbed to a heart attack at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Kent, the southeast of England. He was 46.

Prominent political activist and researcher Phillan Zamchiya announced the programme.

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“Mkoma Alex, Mkoma Tawanda. Musaigwa, Magaisa (Save, the Big River) knows it is time to go home. With God’s band of angels guiding, Mukoma Tawanda shall land at Harare International Airport on Saturday, 25 June.

“Zimbabwe, God willing and as per family’s wish, there shall be a church and Family led service but for us all at Eastend Hall, Showground, Harare on Sunday 11-3pm, 26 June to bid farewell to a unique Zimbabwe hero,” he said in a statement.

“Genuine party cadres understand better how to respect the Sunday service. They have seen it all. It’s not the outside that matters now but the inside. Mkoma Tawanda you are going home. Gandamasungo. This time in peace, Save. This time with the band of angels…singing swing low swing chariot, as you swing low & high from those far away British lands.

“Never mind they will make you sit far from the breathing, but more importantly is that you are swinging with your integrity intact to Gandamasungo, as you told me Mukoma, integrity to the very end. And you know what Mukoma? We love you still.” Zamchiya wrote in the statement.