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‘Pupurai Togarepi has habit of womanising female parliamentarians’

Zanu-PF Parliamentary chief whip Pupurai Togarepi and Norton legislator Temba Mliswa threw verbal grenades at each other in a quarrel that saw Mliswa accusing Togarepi of “womanising female parliamentarians”.

The verbal fight came after Togarepi tried to interject Mliswa from complaining about Ministers who had a tendency of absconding Parliamentary business.

When Togarepi stood up, Mliswa started blasting him for causing interruptions and called him a “traitor, disaster” among other things.

“May you allow Hon. Togarepi to sit down? I have the floor. He must respect. He is also a disaster. He is the worst Government Chief Whip ever. I do not know where they found you but I am telling you, you have destroyed this institution, you have destroyed Zanu-PF, and you have destroyed the President.

“You are somebody who vacillates. You are the very same person who brought Grace Mugabe. I do not know how the President could choose you when he knows you are a traitor, the biggest traitor ever. Be careful. You have destroyed our welfare,” Mliswa said.

The independent MP further said: “You have destroyed our welfare. People are suffering because of you.

“Madam Speaker, he disrupts issues and you cannot have him dictating this House. He has failed to do good for his own people. He is a fake war collaborator. He did not even pass the vetting test. Who does Togarepi think he is? Not in this House.

“Why do you always listen to him? He is a disaster. He has failed to stand up for the welfare of Members of Parliament who are suffering.

“All he does is go out with the women in Parliament because he has the resources now, he is like a Minister. He has the package of a Minister. Kuswera uchinyenga vakadzi muParliament nekuti unotora mari yakawanda kupfuura isusu”.

Mliswa was, however, asked by the Speaker to withdraw his words.

He responded: “Madam Speaker, I withdraw the words but the truth remains. I have withdrawn the words but I cannot withdraw the truth.”

Togarepi responded by defending the government Ministers who were absent.

“Madam Speaker, I understand that in this House we have privileges but I do not think we have privileges to abuse each other.

“The issue of ministers coming to this House is in the Standing Orders and Rules and to tell us that there is a Deputy Minister, in the Standing Rules, there is no Deputy Minister, there are ministers

But Mliswa interjected: “You cannot defend the Government, he is out of order, haasi Minister uyu, you are not the Leader of Government Business. I cannot allow you to mislead us.”