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Chamisa left Gogo Chihera in ecstasy after buying her leather sofa

Main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa on Wednesday visited one of the party’s elderly supporters Gogo Chihera and left her in an ecstatic mood after he surprised her with a gift of a brand new leather sofa.

Chamisa also bought groceries for one of his staunchest supporters.

While sitting beside her in her house in Glenview 3, Chamisa said: “We heard your message and decided to pay you a visit. So Gogo, there are new sofas we have bought for you which are coming. Not these ones. They will be getting here soon. The boys [bringing them] are just running a bit late.”

The senior citizen was left singing “There is God in heaven. God is good for me. God bless Chamisa.”

Gogo Chihera is famous for declaring that she had voted for Chamisa as she left a polling station in 2018.

The woman who said she is 87 years old attended a CCC rally in Highfields in February and she was captured saying “I want change.”

Commenting on the development, the CCC party posted on Twitter: “Today, our Change Champion in Chief, President Nelson Chamisa visited our beloved Gogo Chihera. He wanted to check up on her, a CCC stalwart who has always championed our cause. He gifted her a leather sofa as a memento from the movement. Communities matter.” Nehanda Radio