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Tanzania negotiates safe passage for citizens with Russia

Tanzania has said it has negotiated a safe passage with Russia for its students studying in a Ukrainian university near Kharkiv, local media outlets have reported.

The Tanzanian embassy in Moscow had now asked its nationals studying at the Sumy State University in eastern Ukraine to head to the Russian border, the private Mwananchi newspaper.

“A statement from the Tanzanian embassy… called on the students to head to Sudja where they will be received by the Russian army,” the report said.

“From Sudja, they will be transported by the army to Belgorod [in Russia] where they will be welcomed by officials from the Tanzanian embassy based in Moscow for processing before heading back home to Tanzania,” the report said, citing the statement.

“The embassy has also advised the students to leave the university in groups and carry the Tanzanian flag for identification while passing through the safe corridor,” the report said.

The announcement of the safe corridor came after diplomatic talks with Russia, the report said. The private ITV Television published the statement from the Tanzanian embassy in Moscow.

It was not immediately clear how many Tanzanian students are in Sumy.

Mwananchi newspaper has reported that more than 400 Tanzanian students in Odesa and 200 in Kyik had already left Ukraine. BBC News