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I haven’t written any letter to be readmitted by Zanu PF: Killer Zivhu

Expelled former Zanu-PF Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu says he has not written any letter to his former party to be readmitted despite him pledging his support to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This comes after the controversial politician was last week seen campaigning for a ruling party candidate in Chivi South ahead of the March 26 by-elections.

Zivhu was expelled from Zanu-PF after his continued push for dialogue between Mnangagwa and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa who then was leading the MDC Alliance.

He would post on social media that discussions between the leaders of Zimbabwe’s two main political parties was key in resolving the economic crisis the country is facing.

Zivhu told NewsDay that he had not rejoined Zanu-PF but still supported Mnangagwa.

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“I have not joined Zanu PF. I am helping my former party to win back the constituency. I haven’t written any letter to be readmitted. This is my former party just like if a former church is having a crusade, there is no need for one not to attend.

“I offered myself to assist not that l have been recalled or rejoined Zanu PF,” Zivhu said.

“I want to categorically state that personally, I support (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa as an individual. I have been supporting him for years and I will continue to support him.

“By doing so, I pledged to him that I would not campaign as an independent to divide the vote during by-elections and I will help any Zanu PF candidate out of respect for Mnangagwa.

“It does not worry me a lot. I have my own reasons for supporting Mnangagwa. You can pledge to forgive someone who has killed your daughter or your mother. It is your choice to forgive.”

Last month, Norton legislator Temba Mliswa advised Zanu-PF to readmit Zivhu citing that the latter was “a force to reckon with”.

“Overall I think some tried to sneak in but it didn’t work. In Mash West Paradza tried to rig but it didn’t work. All Provinces must now unite. Masvingo must get people like Killer Zivhu back. Of late I have understood him,” Mliswa said.

“Our Norton differences were me trying to represent my people over title deeds issues and it’s not much of an issue to have friction over. He is a force to reckon with,” Mliswa added. Nehanda Radio