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‘It’s Luciferan to betray others’- Chamisa rebukes Mwonzora

MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has told MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora that “it’s luciferan to betray others” following the latter’s systematic onslaught of the main opposition’s members and assets.

Zimbabwe is preparing for by-elections which are scheduled for the 26th of March to fill the vacant seats in the National Assembly and local government following the mass recall of Chamisa’s members by Mwonzora.

Research has established that more than 754 000 people in 26 constituencies were left without leaders after Mwonzora’s controversial recall of legislators and councilors who participated in the last plebiscite under the MDC Alliance ticket.

Mwonzora got the powers from a controversial March 2020 Supreme Court ruling that declared illegitimate, Chamisa’s leadership of the party left by late founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Chamisa posted on his official Twitter handle on Tuesday saying: “PRINCIPLE,HUMILITY & INTEGRITY. Fortune favours the principled. The principled refuse to be compromised or bought to get it the easy way.

“Reason why I supported Dr MT to the hilt and up-to the end. Sideshows and theatrics delay victory. It’s Luciferan to betray others! #LoyaltyisRoyalty.”

Mwonzora, through the assistance of the police, has already grabbed MDC Alliance properties in Harare. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has also channeled MDC Alliance funds that Chamisa’s party used to receive under Political Finances Act to Mwonzora.

Earlier this month, Mwonzora wrote to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) indicating that the MDC Alliance name belonged to his party.

“We are the owners of the Movement for Democratic Change name, over the years there have been so many derivatives put on it. However, the leadership of this party was defined by the Supreme Court,” read the letter by Mwonzora to Zec chairperson, Justice Priscilla Chigumba dated January 3.

“I was elected substantive president of the party, by virtue of the composite political agreement signed on August 5, 2018 and subsequent meetings of the MDC Alliance, I assumed leadership of the MDC Alliance.

“We advise that no one else is allowed to sign for, and present candidates for, and on behalf of the MDC, any of its derivatives and the MDC Alliance.”

Despite anticipation of the name controversies, Chamisa has not indicated the name that his party is going to use in future elections. Nehanda Radio