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Alleged CIO operative assaults and robs lawyer over pool dispute

A notorious suspected CIO operative identified by the moniker Wale (Walter Nyamukova) allegedly assaulted and robbed a lawyer, Learnmore Kufinya, over a pool dispute at Asante Sana Shops in Mufakose, Harare.

Wale assaulted and robbed Kufinya after he could not stomach his comments mocking the defeat of his local team which played against the latter’s team during a pool tournament.

Kufinya, an avid supporter of the ball table sport, on Saturday evening commented and mocked the loss of Wale’s team which did not go well with the latter.

Wale reportedly had a violent outburst, approached Kufinya whom he assaulted and robbed of a wallet with US$260 cash.

Following the incident Wale issued a battered and traumatized Kufinya with death threats if he ever stepped foot in Mufakose.

Kufinya after the assault and robbery reported the incident at Marimba Police Station and the case number is RRB5031626.

Wale is likely to be charged with criminal abuse of office, theft, assault and intimidation over the incident.

A brave Kufinya vowed that he would pursue the matter and won’t back down until Wale faced the wrath of the law despite being given death threats.

He told Nehanda Radio, “being a CIO doesn’t mean that one has a licence to violate people’s rights and it further doesn’t mean immunity from criminal prosecution because the rule of law requires that all persons be equally subjected to the same law regardless of gender, race or position in a society.

“Wale or Walter the CIO has failed to conduct himself as a professional servant of the government.

“He is the one who might prompt people to scandalize the dignity and integrity of the CIO organization and he must be immediately removed from the force because the New Dispensation respects human rights and the rule of law,” said Kufinya.

Kufinya went on to state that Wale’s unwarranted actions if left unchecked would promote anarchy and lawlessness.

In a related incident Wale previously fired gunshots in the sky at Gwenyambira shops, threatening innocent civilians.

The matter was reported to the police. Wale was ordered to submit his pistol at Marimba police station.

In an interview, Kufinya further commented about the incident saying “to me it was like the return of the Biblical Goliath or the Hobbesian State of Nature in which any person could take the law into his or her own hands and do whatever he or she deem necessary.

“There is a great distinction between the Old Regime and this New Dispensation under his Excellency Cde E. D. Mnangagwa. The New Dispensation focuses on the strict observance of the Rule of Law and the entrenchment of democracy through the protection, promotion, respect and safeguarding of human rights and freedoms.

“Therefore we cannot allow security agents to go about terrorizing, vituperating or violating people’s rights merely because one is a CIO member thus offending and tarnishing both the Spirit and image of the New Dispensation.

“Security agents like our CIOs should remain professionals ready to protect the public for thus their Constitutional mandate. In my opinion, CIOs like Walter must be fired from the force because he seemed to be miles away from the spirit of the New Dispensation which is the spirit of the Rule of Law and Democracy.”

Kufinya lastly commented that, ” Now Law is like death; it spares no one. Being a CIO is not a licence to violate people’s rights and freedoms. Further, it doesn’t mean immunity from Criminal prosecution.” Nehanda Radio