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‘Larry Mavhima responsible for Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube sacking’

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa claims the Minister of State for Midlands Province Larry Mavhima is the one who tipped President Emmerson Mnangagwa about sacked Security Minister Owen “Mudha” Ncube’s rogue activities.

Mnangagwa fired Ncube as state security minister on Monday for “conduct inappropriate for a minister of government”.

It was reported that, Mudha, last Saturday, mobilised members of his notorious Al Shabaab militia to intimidate Zanu PF officials during a provincial meeting called to confirm winners of the internal elections held two weeks ago, and to elect their deputies.

It is further alleged that two minibuses reportedly disgorged dozens of youths armed with machetes who were menacingly milling outside the Zanu PF Winery Conference Centre in Gweru, ready to attack Ncube’s opponents.

ZimLive sources noted that, although Mudha has no party role in the province, he reportedly sat at the top table after giving himself the title of “overseer”.

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During the meeting, he is reported to have suppressed discussions by rudely interrupting speakers before going on to impose his loyalists as deputies to the newly-elected party officials.

On Wednesday, Mliswa tweeted that Mnangagwa was advised by Mavhima about Mudha’s irregularities.

“The move to say the truth about Mudha to the President by Larry Mavhima was bold and courageous. Such kinds of people are important to avoid corrupt people prevailing. Peace was not going to be attainable with Mudha around. Ndokuva Minister of State ikoko,” Mliswa said.

“However there is still a need to deal with July Moyo. He is said to be the strategist and kingmaker of Midlands. However, as of now, people in Midlands are celebrating Mudha’s exit, it’s like independence day.”

Ncube was extremely close to Mnangagwa before and after his ascension.

He is, however, implicated in the often violent illegal mining activities that have seen youth gangs popularly known as MaShurugwi, engage in machete wars over gold that have seen many people killed or injured. Nehanda Radio