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Kikky Badass sparks controversy… says she’s the most paid hip hop artist

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Outspoken female rapper Kikky Badass real name Christabell Stembeni Mahlungwa has sparked controversy on social media after claiming she is the most paid hip hop artist in Zimbabwe.

Kikky Badass
Kikky Badass

This comes after she was snubbed from the top 5 hip hop artists list by fellow rapper Takura.

On Sunday Takura posted on his Instagram stories that his top five hip hop artists includes, Volts JT, Tanto Wavie, JNR Brown, Hillzy and Holy Ten.

Kikky who was obviously not pleased with the list indirectly fired her shots saying she wasn’t all about lists because she was making more money that all the artists mentioned on the list and in the industry at large.

“I am making more money than all of you monthly. Plus who is really messing with my pen game?,” she wrote.

Kikky Badass
Kikky Badass

She added, “I am number 1 to five. Now write a list with the most laid and the most booked, only Holy, Crooger and Probeatz will be there. Everyone else please wait.”

The Simudza Gumbo rapper has always sparked controversy on social media by claiming she is the Queen of Zim Hip Hop.

Recently she found herself trending as people questioned her body structure accusing her of using breast and bum enhancing medication.

She hit back saying ‘It’s all natural.’

“Please stop harassing me because of my body, I am as natural as they come. I’m tired of being harassed with the ‘akamwa mapiritsi’ or ‘it’s fake’ or ‘akaitwa surgery’.

“I’ve never taken anything to enhance my body, never even inquired on what enhances bums or boobs,” she wrote. Nehanda Radio