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UK based Zim actress Tanya Fear opens up on mental health struggles

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

United Kingdom based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear who was reported missing in Los Angeles, has spoken out for the first time after she was found on the 13th of September.

UK based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear
UK based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear

The actress was reported missing for days and her whereabouts were unknown until a family member reported that she had been found and was being assessed at a local hospital.

On Monday Tanya full name Tanyaradzwa Fear took to twitter expressing gratitude to everyone who showed her support and took part in making sure that she was safe.

Posting on her twitter timeline she revealed that she was going through some mental health struggles.

The statement seen by Nehanda Radio reads: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, care and concern a few weeks ago. It really means so much to me.”

UK based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear
UK based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear

She continued, “I’ve been dealing with mental health struggles and now I’m focused on my health, well being and going back to being a creative.

“I am so unbelievably fortunate that when I was in a tough spot some guardian angels went out of their way, saw my vulnerability and protected me.”

US based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear has also joined the chariot reclaiming her full name as Tanyaradzwa saying she’s been inspired by Thandiwe Newton
UK based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear

She added that people should not fear being open about their mental health struggles and other life challenges.

“So many of us have had challenges over the last couple of years and I’m unbelievably grateful to my support system for walking with me through it all.

“Let’s not fear being honest about our mental health challenges.”

Last month Tanya was reported missing in the U.S where she was set to pursue her newly found career in Stand Up Comedy. She was found after a few days and was hospitalized. Nehanda Radio