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Mambos Chicken warned about using sexually connotative adverts

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Business |

Local fast food outlet, Mambos Chicken has been warned about using sexually connotative adverts by the Zimbabwe Association of Accredited Practitioners in Advertising (ZAAPA).

Mambos Chicken
Mambos Chicken

ZAAPA President Barry Manandi said adverts by Mambos stood against widespread efforts to promote, elevate and empower girls and women.

The statement directed to Mambos Chicken reads, “We have noted with concern, that in recent times your business has been exclusively using sexualized content to promote your products.

“While it is your prerogative to create the brand that you desire, the introduction of lewd and course innuendo has come to the Association’s attention and members of the public hence raised concerns around this.

“Your latest piece of work has been of most concern, as not only does it center on your chosen sexual slant, but further, insinuates the violation of women, using your chicken. The inference is around your suggestion as a brand, that at the purchase of Mambos chicken for a woman, sex must be the immediate reward.

“In a society that has made it policy to promote, elevate and empower girls and women, this is not only against government policy, but flies in the face of womanhood.”

Mambos Chicken advert featuring Comic Pastor
Mambos Chicken advert featuring Comic Pastor

Manandi threatened to take action against the fast growing food outlet if they continue with sexualized content.

“While your material has been of concern generally, it is this latest piece of work that is most worrying. We now implore you, your marketing team and those handling your brand, from a creative perspective, to assess whether your desire is to promote great-tasting chicken or to tear the moral fabric of the nation, through advertising working that borders on pornography. As you are aware, and action will be taken by this Association.”

Mambos has become known for creating adverts that are full of humour and sexually connotative meanings.

Recently the company sparked controversy after posting an advert which read: “Kana akute gera Mambo’s Ngaapinde Hake amana” which is taken from “Ngaapinde mukomana” meaning Nelson Chamisa should get into office but was later turned sexual. Nehanda Radio