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Mutoko couple in double suicide

By Victor Maphosa

A Mutoko couple committed suicide following a misunderstanding over an extra marital affair, with the wife hanging herself first and then the husband after her body was discovered.

suicideThe two, who were at their place in Kumbure 1 Village, engaged in an ugly dispute after the husband Peter Muhamba (50) accused his wife, Nyasha Chinake (44), of dating his cousin.

Chinake then bolted out of the house and never returned, but her body was found the following day, hanging from a tree near their house.

Sources say on hearing that his wife had died, Muhamba went to their bedroom, took a rope and hanged himself.

His body was discovered later by the same neighbours who had helped him to search for his wife.

Giving details, Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Simon Chazovachii, said on Thursday last week at around 4pm, Chinake was at home with her husband who accused her of having an extra marital affair with his cousin Matambanadzo Mhuru (39).

“The wife ran out of the house, but the husband did not follow her,” he said.

“Later, the husband alerted his neighbours that he had a misunderstanding and his wife ran out of the house and never returned.

“The neighbours assisted him in a search in the neighbourhood, but they could not find her. The following day, Mandaza Muhamba (58) found the body of the wife hanging on a tree, about a kilometre from her home.”

Insp Chazovachii said together with the neighbours, Muhamba went home.

While others were planning to make a report to the police, he went into his bedroom where he hanged himself from a roof beam with a rope.

“The matter was reported by the village head at Makosa Police Station who attended the scene,” said Insp Chazovachii.

He appealed to the public to always solve their misunderstandings peacefully, and value the sanctity of life.

“Whenever they (people) have a difference in opinion, we urge them to seek counselling from police’s victim friendly unit, professional counsellors, church leaders, community leaders or trusted relatives,” said Insp Chazovachii. “This can assist.” H-Metro