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Mugabe exhumation: ‘ED wants spiritual powers to violently win 2023 election’ – Zhuwao

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is allegedly behind renewed efforts to exhume the remains of the late former president Robert Mugabe in order to extract a mystic scepter, or “tsvimbo yaMambo” believed to have been buried with the country’s founding father, claims Mugabe’s exiled nephew Patrick Zhuwao.

President Mugabe seen here with his nephew Patrick Zhuwao
Mugabe seen here with his nephew Patrick Zhuwao

Speaking to the SABC on Wednesday from South Africa, Zhuwao said Mnangagwa was doubting his capacity to win the upcoming 2023 elections, hence he wants to use violence in order to force victory by all means.

He added that the ‘cultic’ Mnangagwa thinks that Mugabe’s “non-existent” scepter would help protect the perpetrators of violence ahead of elections.

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“He is very uncomfortable about the prospects of the 2023 elections, and he believes that he will need to secure those elections through violence,” he said.

The former Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare added that the violence, “will have to be perpetrated by individuals and he would like to be able to say to those individuals that they are protected spiritually. And this is the perspective that he has, this is why he is pushing this.”

Two weeks ago, Chief Zvimba sent a letter to Mugabe’s rural home, summoning former First Lady, Grace Mugabe, to appear before a village court to face charges of inappropriately burying his husband. The letter was reportedly delivered by one of Mnangagwa’s aide.

He ordered her to attend a village court next week on Thursday at Gonzo Guzha Hall in Murombedzi Growth Point at 9:30 am where she is being charged for wrongly burying Mugabe whose remains have been laid to rest for over 1 year, 8 months so far.

“Charges are that you buried your late husband former President Robert Mugabe in his house and according to our culture, this is taboo.

“You are therefore being ordered to surrender all his belongings to his clan as per traditional ethos and values of the clan and re-bury the man according to Zvimba culture.

“You can bring your witnesses but be informed that if you fail to attend the hearing, judgement will be passed in your absence,” read part of the charge sheet.

According to Zhuwao, this is despite the fact that Mnangagwa knows Grace is sick outside the country and she might not be able to attend the village court.

“He knows very well that Amai Mugabe is not well, she is out of the country, he knows that she is receiving treatment. He knows very well that she will not be able to attend and yet he sent one of his officers to be the head of the delegation that went to deliver the summons to someone that they know very, very well, will not be available,” Zhuwao said.

On attending the village court, Zhuwao said: “We are not going to dignify such an insult by even attending. We do know that Chief Zvimba was promised cars during the funeral of president Mugabe and he was very, very vocal about wanting to disregard president Mugabe’s wishes.”

The late Mugabe who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years before his inglorious exit following a military coup in November 2017, died aged 95 in a Singaporean hospital from prostate cancer. Mugabe’s family said he refused the National Heroes Acre during the period post his exit.

Mnangagwa’s government attempts to have the remains of Mugabe interred at the national shrine where a mausoleum was being built for him were in vain as Grace remained adamant on her husband being buried in his rural home. Nehanda Radio