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UK based Lil Jam’s mother seeks donations to help fight brain tumours

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Natasha Sadiq-Muchemwa, mother of U.K based young song bird Lil Jam is seeking donations to help with treatment for her brain tumors.

Lil Jam and father Jah Hanief, Natasha Sadiq-Muchemwa, mother of Lil Jam (right)
Lil Jam and father Jah Hanief, Natasha Sadiq-Muchemwa, mother of Lil Jam (right)

Posting on her Facebook page the 9-year-old singer whose real name is Jamelia Sadiq, shared a GoFundMe link and pleaded with her fans to help by donating.

“Please help my mum fight cancer. I love my mum. It’s first for most you to see her on here. She is the strongest woman in the world. Supports and love me even in her condition,” she said.

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Her father a U.K based DJ, Jah Hanief also posted the GoFundMe link appealing to his followers to donate saying they had kept the situation in the family for the past 7 years because they could manage it.

“People always asking where is Lil Jam’s mum?? OK here she is. We kept this in the family, NHS can do so much for us for the past 7 years we managed … That’s why we are reaching out. Please help my wife fight cancer.”

The GoFundMe target goal is to raise £150 000 (US$208 308) and they have raised £2222 (US$ 2009) so far. They did not reveal which stage the cancer is on.

Lil Jam has been making giant strides in the music scenes. Last years she was invited to audition on The Voice UK and has been interviewed on live TV in the UK. She appeared on BBC TV, CBBC Channel and her music been played on various radio stations. Some of her songs include Fresh on Scene which aired on a number of TV Channels, Beep Beep, and Limbo.

The young Hip Hop sensation is set to share the stage with globally celebrated South African singer Master KG and Nox during their UK tour in August this year. Nehanda Radio