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‘Vincent Tsvangirai abusing father’s name in fight against Chamisa’

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Vincent Tsvangirai, son to late opposition MDC founding president Morgan is abusing his father’s name in his ongoing fight against MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, UK based law expert Dr Alex Magaisa and political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya have said.

Vincent Tsvangirai
Vincent Tsvangirai

This comes after Vincent wrote an article accusing Magaisa and Ruhanya of working with G-40 members, former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo in particular, to denounce the smaller MDC-T and its leader Douglas Mwonzora.

After analysing Vincent’s article, Ruhanya and Magaisa alleged that the article was written by Tapiwa Mashakada who defected to the Mwonzora camp together with Vincent, after the MDC-T started recalling MDC Alliance MPs, senators and councillors last year.

Using a March Supreme Court ruling that declared illegitimate Chamisa’s leadership of the party left by Morgan Tsvangirai who died in 2018 after losing a battle against cancer, Mwonzora and former MDC-T interim president Thokozani Khupe recalled more than 35 MDC Alliance MPs, senators and councillors accusing them of supporting Chamisa.

In his article, Vincent blasted Magaisa’s Big Saturday Read (BSR) of supporting; “Chamisa’s violent and unconstitutional take-over of the party”. He also labeled Paddington Japajapa, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Dzikamai Mavhaire, Jeppy Jaboon, Shadreck Mashayamombe and Jim Kunaka as G-40 officials in the MDC Alliance.

“His (Magaisa) writings were very clear. After the death of Tsvangirai, there was a rush by G40 to try to influence his succession within the party.

“It clearly sided and sponsored Nelson Chamisa’s violent and unconstitutional take-over of the party. It went on to sponsor Chamisa’s presidential bid in 2018. After Chamisa failed to get the national presidency, the G40 group sought to control the party.

“It seconded its members and officials to occupy strategic posts within the MDC-Alliance. Notable G40 elements in the MDC-Alliance are Paddington Japajapa, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Dzikamai Mavhaire, Jeppy Jaboon, Shadreck Mashayamombe and Jim Kunaka.

“The G40 group also helped Chamisa purge senior members of the party who included Douglas Mwonzora, Elias Mudzuri and Morgen Komichi,” Vincent said.

Meanwhile, Magaisa took to his microblogging Twitter account to respond to Vincent’s allegations and accused the young MP of abusing his father’s name.

“It’s most unfortunate that a young lad whose only qualification to office is his father’s name has taken to desecrating the same name by dragging and abusing his late father’s name and shamelessly lying about him to prop up a limping & politically bankrupt entity,” he said.

“But what is more unfortunate is that he is a front for Senator @DMwonzora who lacks the cojones to publicly respond to the BSR in his name. He will do so by abusing the name of Morgan Tsvangirai, whom they won’t let rest in peace or writing diatribes under pseudonyms.

“But what is worse is the duplicity of writing private communications pleading peace and brotherhood on the one hand, while writing public diatribes, through surrogates like the young lad or pseudonyms. But that is the kind of duplicity that is now a trademark.”

‘But the people of Glen View, who out of respect, followed the name now know it was a stray. They will revise their opinion and read the last rites for what is set to be a short-lived parliamentary career which was earned by dint of name, not by deed, substance or quality,” Magaisa said.

Ruhanya also accused Mashakada of writing the article on behalf of Vincent. He said Vincent was a” Matric drop out in South Africa” who had no capacity for writing such an article.

“Dear @DMwonzora: Please don’t abuse MP Vincent Tsvangirai to pick wars with @PedzisaiRuhanya, @Wamagaisa, @ProfJNMoyo in that BS written by Mashakanda on his behalf. If you love him, advise him to go back to SA and complete his matric exams he failed before I post the results

“Have read somewhere where @DMwonzora is now using discredited Mashakada to write opinions in Vincent Tsvangirai’s name attacking @Wamagaisa, @nelsonchamisa and the Zaka man. We know that Vincent Tsvangirai, a Matric drop out in South Africa can hardly write his name under pressure,” Ruhanya said.

Meanwhile, Vincent is now an opponent of Chamisa regardless of the fact that he was helped by the MDC Alliance leader to win the Glen View South seat during the 2019 by-election.

“Thank you Zimbabwe, residents of Glen View for continuing to vote for your party, MDC. Congratulations to Hon Vincent Tsvangirai for being elected MP for Glen View South.The electoral system is still fundamentally flawed. We need urgent electoral reforms & a credible ZEC!” Chamisa said before Vincent’s win.

After the victory Chamisa said; “Great campaign rally in Glen View today. Thank you Glen View South for supporting our party candidate Vincent Tsvangirai.Victory is certain!” Nehanda Radio